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Misleading Information
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GEORGIA -- I was with a competitor of BellSouth when BellSouth called me to switch over. They offered me this great deal with DSL internet cable service and free long distance service bundle for a good price so I took it. The price went up so much that I had to drop some of the options that was supposed to be included. Well they never mentioned a two year contract with DirecTV. I was going to receive these incredible rebates. The cable person would be bringing me a check which DirecTV knew nothing about.

So I called BellSouth back and was informed you have to go online to enter for the rebates. So then I printed out copies of the forms thinking that I did everything that I was supposed to do. No there was still more to do evidently because the checks never came. I called and complained to anyone that would listen because you had to go through the chain of command, but you could never get operator numbers or last names to identify who you spoke to.

I am getting double bills from my old phone number that got changed from Comcast to BellSouth. I keep calling and they tell me not to worry, it takes time to come off the computer. I explained that I did not feel comfortable with that because it should show a 0 balance. Unfortunately they have lost their credibility with me. I am afraid this will come up later to haunt me or mess my credit up. Or down the line they will continue to bill me or ask for a deposit because of it showing a balance.

I can't switch back because of the 2 year contract, so I am at a point of disgust with how misleading a company can operate and get away with it. I don't believe it was the company itself but allowing the rep for the company to misrepresent is wrong!! When I ask to show me where I agreed to a 2 year contract all she could say was that was their policy. I thought the call was monitored which would have proved that I did not agree.

Soliciting With A PRIVATE phone number
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EDGEWATER, FLORIDA -- Hello... We are a business that already receives BellSouth services and can't understand how they have the right to call us soliciting ADDITIONAL services and promotions using a PRIVATE phone number (I guess because they already know that we have caller ID) and the rudest of representatives that just hang up in your ear when they hear a “no thanks”. We have been on the “No Call” list for quite some time and if it excludes calls from companies that we do business with then who do I contact to stop those calls?

Obviously none of us have the time out of our busy days to often make these complaints but I figured if I didn't use my downtime to write this one then I'm not making much of an effort to stop it!

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