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WEST SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- We purchased a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee in August 2008. Within the first week, water started leaking into the passenger area. No big deal, right? Brought vehicle back to Bertera [under warranty of course] to fix the leak, they said there was none. This continued for at least a year. The vehicle was in the shop at Bertera at least 6 times for the same problem, which constitutes a lemon, under Massachusetts law.

Well, the first visit was never put in their computer, and each subsequent visit was written up differently, even though the problem was a water leak. Their mechanics supposedly tried to fix the leak numerous times to no avail. Eventually the water leak was so bad that every time it rained there was a waterfall cascading down the windshield [on the inside]. The water was leaking from the sunroof, windshield, pillars, and back windows. It leaked so bad that the radio was shorting out from there being water on the wires. They still say nothing is wrong.

A big shot from the Chrysler corporation flew in from somewhere, had someone run a hose over the vehicle to spot leaks. We specified that it doesn't leak much while standing, only when moving does water gush in, they never even moved the vehicle from where it was dropped off. This higher up man said that we were lying and there was nothing more they could do. A few days later we received a certified letter to null and void the warranty, and instructions to never bring that vehicle back there for service ever again.

So now we are stuck with a rolling mold factory. Yes it drives, sometimes, if the wires stay dry. The leaking persists. Driving 5 miles to work in the rain requires 3 or more beach towels to sop up the water. It leaks onto the driver and passenger seats and floor, making it hard to drive actually. The interior is beginning to smell like mildew, there is mold under the rugs and so forth.

I truly believe that this truck is a lemon, but because Bertera Jeep of Riverdale Street, west Springfield, MA, has a way around everything, scheming and lying on work orders, we are stuck. Whatever happened to honesty and customer service? These people are making loads of money off of screwing anyone they possibly can. Oh, and when you call there to speak to anyone, they put you on hold and never come back, or transfer you to the wrong dept. And in 3 instances India. I have never heard anything good about this place but the owner is a neighbor so we decided to give him a chance. Never again!

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