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6 Scheduled Visits 2 No Shows. Worst Customer Service Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

BRADLEY, ILLINOIS -- On December 31, 2017, we purchased a range and a laptop computer from the Best Buy store in Bradley Illinois. The sale totaled $1349.81. That is where this journey begins. For the sake of time (mine not yours), I will outline the series of events leading up to this correspondence. After agreeing to the price of the stove we were told that a conversion kit for going from electric to gas was going to cost $250. We said we would have to think about it. As we turned to leave the store all of a sudden they could do a price comparison and knock that down to $70. We went ahead and purchased the stove and scheduled its delivery for Friday, January 5th.

My wife had to take the afternoon off to be there for the delivery and set-up. The stove was set-up and they left. When we went to use the oven it flared up and filled our house with smoke. We called the store and talked to a “manager” named Mike. He told us that we would have to talk to our propane provider. We talked with our propane provider and he said that this was something with Best Buy's installation. We called the store back and asked for Mike. Mike was not there so we asked for the manager on duty. We were told that there was no manager on duty. Remember I said we worked in retail; there is always a manager on duty.

There was no callback. When we called the store back a new date was scheduled for techs to come and look at the stove. This was Wednesday, January 17. Again my wife had to take the afternoon off to be there. After looking at the stove they told her that they could not repair the stove and it would have to be replaced. The replacement stove was scheduled for delivery on Friday, January 26th. After we called to confirm the date they did not show up. After we called late that afternoon we were told that it had been scheduled as a repair and they did not have the replacement stove with them.

Another date was scheduled for Monday, January 29th. Again we called to confirm and was told that they would be there. Again, they did not show up. Again we had to take off another half day and waste our available time off. When we called we were told that we had the wrong date. If that was the case then why wasn't that said when we called to confirm and why did we get a call that evening asking how the installation went? That is when we first talked with the customer service representative Eva who said she would look into it. She called back and asked if we could be there the next day and we agreed.

At this point we had already received our first invoice and paid it. This was also one month into our free financing agreement. Finally, Tuesday, January 30th, one month after the purchase the stove was finally installed. That evening Eva called and asked how it went. We told her it was finally completed but we were not happy about how everything happened. She said she would look into seeing if she could do something about that. She called later and offered us I think $50 gift card. I said that was not acceptable and she said that was all that she could do. I asked to speak to her manager and she said she would and get back to us.

About an hour later I received a call from Ed who said he was a manager of the agents. I was unable to take the call but he left me a message saying he could offer me $125. He called again the next day and left another message saying “I am documenting that I made this call.” Not a very customer friendly comment. Besides, the reason I could not take his call the night before and that day was because at the very moment he called, my wife was receiving a diagnosis from her doctor that she has acute leukemia.

On Saturday, February 3, a person from customer service called and said that the case manager for my case would be out until Monday and wanted to know what the best time and number would be to resolve this issue. I told her Monday and gave her my work number and personal number. Today, it is February 8, 2018 and I have still not received a call. I called Eva at about 10:45 and she put me through to Ed again. I received the standard scripted apology and that the $125 was the final offer.

I asked him if he thought that was fair and he said yes. I said that the company has sacrificed NOTHING and still making a profit off of me while I am out nearly 30 hours of my personal time off that I will not be able to spend with my wife now because of the incompetency of Best Buy. This has taken 40 days and numerous phone calls and no concern for the number of mistakes and lies by Best Buy and I told him that $125 was an insult. He asked what it was that I wanted. I told him that I wanted to be reimbursed for the stove and something for all of the inconvenience they have caused. He said that $125 was all that would be done.

I told him if that is the case I would be returning the whole $1349.81 for full refund and follow-up with my own public campaign to share this experience with anyone and everyone. If reporting this experience to the Better Business Bureau and sharing it on Facebook along with a number of consumer blogs is a better reward than resolving this with a fair and responsible manner, then so be it. I asked to speak to his manager and he said that they were not there. I asked for a name, phone number, email and he refused to give me anything.

He said that he would let his manager know and have them get back to me. I asked when? He said they would not be in until noon and I said that I want to speak to them today. He said that he would make sure they would call me by 1:00. That is the time I started to write this email. It is now 1:51 without any response. More time away from my wife because of the incompetency of Best Buy. So much for customer service. My final phone call was for a manager named James on February 10. I left a message at 10:22 am and I have yet to receive a call from him or anyone at Best Buy.

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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I am an elite member of Best Buys rewards program. That purchases all the technology for 3 of my families households, so obviously I am going to have more returns than a single family household. 2 weeks ago I returned a $25.00 Bluetooth speaker, so that I could purchase a $125.00 Bluetooth speaker. At that time I was told that in the future they may or may not accept a return from me, so of course I accepted the refund and told the clerk I would make the purchase of the $125.00 speaker from Target where I know I would not have an issue returning if I needed to, as I didn't want to chance getting a defective product that I couldn't return.

Today I went to Best Buy to purchase a micro SD card, but accidentally purchased a regular SD card. When I attempted to return the SD card with a receipt in an unopened package, for an exchange I was denied the exchange. After a half hour on the phone with Best Buy corporate office, and another half hour on the phone with the third party company that monitors their returns, I was still unable to exchange an unopened product with a receipt...

Long story short, Best Buy has lost 3 households business for a lifetime. I have never attempted to return a product without a receipt and most of the time they are in unopened packaging. I won't even step foot in a store to use my $20.00 rewards certificate I still have... CYA B.B. That was one big mistake you made over a $20.00 product that was never opened and I tried to return after only having it for 2 hours.

Bad/Dishonest Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

MENTOR, OHIO -- Recently purchase a TV from Best Buy, and scheduled delivery. I waited 4 hours and no one showed up, even though I received a call from the delivery man saying he would be there in 20 minutes. When no one showed, I called to ask why, and was told it had been rescheduled because the TV I chose was not even in stock. Either someone was lying or someone made a mistake in calling me to say they were on their way, or someone did not do their job.

On a previous occasion with a phone I purchased there, the sales associate lied about the warranty, saying it covered everything and anything. The phone died a year later, and when I took it back, the representative told me I had to pay $170. Horrible place to do business!!

Interest Charged on First Bill
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- You offer no interest due if balance is paid within time frame of account when opened. My first statement has interest accrued on second billing. False advertising to the customers. Will be filing a report with Better Business Bureau of Colorado today. For fraudulent claims.

Selling Defective Products and Not Honoring the Return Policy but Instead Enforce a Policy That Is Not Written.
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Rating: 1/51

ROSEVILLE, MINNESOTA -- Best Buy needs to own up to its return and exchange policy. My friend just purchased a TV from them last Friday 12/18/2015. On Saturday he set it up and turned it on. The screen was blurred out with dark circles and blotches of other stripes and cloud looking shapes of colors all over it. We took it to the Best Buy in Richfield, MN on Tues. 12/22/2015 and was told he had 3 days to return a damaged item to the store after he had called twice already to confirm it would be exchanged. We went to the Best Buy in Roseville, MN (the one he purchased it from) and was told by the store manager the same thing.

However, this invisible policy is not written on the receipts or on the website return and exchange policy, or on any signage in the store. So my friend is out of money and a TV. But Best Buy is getting rich off of consumer money. I wonder what your shareholders have to say about that. I purchased a TV myself from Best Buy on Black Friday for my daughter for Xmas. It is currently wrapped and under the tree. If her TV has the same defect, are you telling me I can't return it based on a 3-day return policy that's not written anywhere? If you ask me, Best Buy is nothing but a thief. I will never spend any of my money with this company again.

Delivery Service and Appliance Installation
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Rating: 1/51

WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Received 2 emails from Best Buy confirming delivery and installation of 2 appliances between 8 am and noon. 5 hours later, 1:00 no delivery. Hunted forever to find a phone number. 59 minutes on hold, opted for "callback" and they called me back with another 12 minutes on hold. They transferred my delivery to a third party and said delivery was moved to 4-8 pm. I will not be home at 4 PM.

I'm working late so I can sit here all morning waiting for you Best Buy. Transferred me again. Another 20 minutes on hold. Spoke with a woman who said she would transfer me to the right department. After another long hold they connected me to the Geek Squad. The Geek Squad???!! Geek Squad offered to transfer me to the warehouse... same place I was two calls ago! Ridiculous!

Purchase Horror From Best Buy
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Rating: 1/51

PHILA, PENNSYLVANIA -- My experience is like a harrow story. I purchased for my disabled mom a compact washer and gas dryer unit online, but actually calling by phone. The customer service person did not know much about the unit, so I asked if it needs any accessories to connect the unit and then she remember and named one. After she gave me an appt. to deliver 3 weeks later. Finally the day came around for delivery. But when delivery team found out that the unit needs gas connection they informed my mom that they are not licensed to do that and left with the unit.

After spending an hour on the phone with Best Buy I was told that because it's a gas dryer they have to hire a different team and the person who took the order didn't know it was gas dryer. Can you understand that? She took the order for gas dryer, but she didn't know it was gas dryer.

Now I had to make another appt. and wait 5 more days. I called again Best Buy to confirm the order delivery and sales person informed me that I need 2 more accessories to buy for gas dryer, otherwise they couldn't connect the dryer. I asked to talk to supervisor and now because it an additional order and to make sure it will arrive together I was told to make appt. 7 days later and that there definitely will be a gas connecting team.

The day of delivery my mom was told again that they are not licensed to connect gas dryer and they did not have all accessories to connect anyway and they left again with the unit. One hour later the accessories arrived from Best Buy and the team felt bad for my mom decided to disconnect the old unit to get ready when the new unit will arrive and left.

I called Best Buy again and after 1 hour conversation had another delivery date 5 days later. Same day after the accessories delivery guy left at 1.30am I get a call from my mom who barely can walk telling me that she heard a pop as she hears water gushing noise and she doesn't know what to do. I got in the car with my husband and drove at 2am to mom's house 20 min each way.

When we got to the basement the water was pouring down from above the ceiling right where the old unit was disconnected. The water was never shut down. Now we have basement full of water, thank god it's not finished basement. At 3.30am we got home.

Finally the day of delivery came around again and nobody showed up. After 2 hours on the phone I was told that they tried to call, there was no answer and they left. I asked why nobody tried the doorbell? No answer to that. Now for the fourth time it should be delivered next day. I will keep you posted If it will arrive. Do you think I will buy from them again? I don't think so.

Best Buy = Biggest Disappointment Epic FAIL
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Rating: 1/51

MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- First, I would like to state that I have always loved Best Buy. When I was a kid for me going to Best Buy was like going to Toys R Us for other kids, and when going there I always felt like a kid on Christmas morning. This love has been going on since Best Buy was opened close to 15+ years ago. I love how they are set up, their selection, the aesthetics of the displays and just about everything in regards to the store.

Unfortunately, that was until my unfortunate experience yesterday. I purchased a VSS4000 StartSmart remote start unit for my 2012 Mazdaspeed 3. I wanted the 3000, but the Geek Squad installers told me that only the 4000 would work with my car, OK $100 more. Installation was supposed to be included in the price, but they tacked on another $130 for the install, plus parts, so my $300 unit with installation ended up costing me $590. Wow, but OK, I thought it was worth it, it was a Christmas present from my girlfriend to me, and I figured just get it and be done with it.

I set an appointment and was told they would need the car for 5.5 hours. Darn, but ok, take all day just do it right, right? Not so. I had to take an hour off work to drop off the car, had to arrange for transportation back to work, and then arrange for transportation from work to get the car. No problem, all day I was so happy I was finally going to get my remote start to keep me warm in the winter.

I dropped the car off at 10 AM, and told them I would be back at 7.30 PM. I get a call a little after 4, everything is going great, and they need my info so that I can set up the service plan from Viper to be able to send a signal to the car. I set up the plan and paid $113 for 3 years of service. At 6.40 PM I get a call stating "sorry, no can do, we had the car apart, we're on the phone with tech support for 3 hours and it just won'€™t work." So, after all day of being happy and impatient to get my Christmas present installed, you can imagine my disappointment.

Best Buy was good enough not to haggle over a refund, but that does not include the $113 I spent for the service plan from Viper. I still have to waste my time trying to get that refunded. Also, the $600 I paid at Best Buy was refunded to my debit card, so the funds will be on hold for whom knows how many days. Of course, I asked to speak to a manager regarding the problem, hoping that for my trouble and their incompetence I would be compensated with at the very least a small gift card for $25 saying sorry, at the best a $100 gift card.

The manager came, and already had a look on his face like he was eating dirt. I explained my problem to him, and the entire time he was not only anti-sympathetic, but he was actually a jerk about the whole thing. I explained to him what happened, and he told me, "well we did all we could." I asked him, "why was I sold something that would not work in my car, made to waste my time, take time off work, have someone waste time taking me to the place, have my car taken apart, have to now fight with Viper for a service plan refund, all for nothing?"

The manager actually smirked at me and said, "€œWhat do you want me to do? It's not our fault/problem." I asked what went wrong, why did this happen, and how can we make it work. His reply, "€œI don't know"€. Even a mediocre manager would 1) sympathize with my problem, 2) try to resolve it or provide steps to get the problem resolved, 3) minimally compensate me for their ineptitude and failure to understand the product. I never thought I would say this, but Best Buy = Epic Failure in product knowledge, management and customer experience.

Won't even meet Manufacturer's Warranty, let alone fulfill PSP
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INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- 6/5/2010: I am writing in regard to unpleasant customer service experiences had at store 232 on East Washington Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. The whole issue revolves around the replacement of an Apple IPOD, covered under the Performance Service Plan for CPU & Wireless products.

Obviously, my white IPOD was broken. It was brought to the store on 5/17/2010. Upon inspection of my clearly broken IPOD, I was told by management staff to go pick a new replacement IPOD in store. I did as instructed and returned to the customer service area where I was met by yet another manager who informed me that no, they would not swap it out, and no I wouldn'€™t get it fixed today. In fact, they would send it to their Service center so that it could be repaired. I agreed and the item was sent out. We'll call this lovely lady **.

About two days later I received a call that my item had arrived at the store. Upon arrival I immediately noticed the box said "Refreshed by Best Buy" and noted the item color was black. I understand that the replacement items, per the service plan, are allowed to be refurbished.

The problem at this point was that I had a white Apple IPOD, and now I have a black one. I compared the experience to buying a black car, and getting a green one as a replacement. If I wanted a green car, I would have bought a green car in the first place. So ** who is apparently the only management staff EVER at Best Buy, reluctantly sent the IPOD back to the Service Center to be replaced with a white unit.

This time the IPOD was sent directly to my home. I opened this package, as I assumed that the Service Agreement had been fulfilled. After I'd opened the black box my "€œnewly" refurbished IPOD was contained in, I noted that the "IPOD" had no Apple logos to be found. Now my $350 dollar "IPOD" is a generic MP3 player. I'm sure you can understand that in buying an Apple product, you are paying big money for that brand name.

So, I called store 232 and asked to speak with **. She had just walked in and apparently was headed to a meeting. So I left my name and phone number for her to give me a callback. This was at 10AM. By 4PM, I'd still not received a call from ** or anyone from the store. So, I called back assuming that her meeting was over, only to find that ** was on lunch. Awesome. So I waited around for her call, which came at around 5:30PM.

** informed me that not only had the service plan had been fulfilled, but that she would no longer speak to me about his particular matter. In fact, she would only speak with my father, whose name the service plan is in. Apparently, ** forgot that Service Plans are transferable, so I had my father sign it over to me.

I found this pretty hilarious, as I've been dealing with her for the last 3 weeks and suddenly I'm no longer the customer. For all she knew, I used daddy's card to purchase my IPOD & I AM THE CUSTOMER. The way she treated me over the phone was absolutely inexcusable and if this is a reflection of Best Buy's customer service standards, then I will be glad to get this issue resolved and never return to Best Buy again.

Then, I went in store to give Best Buy store 232 one last chance to make this situation right. I waited for about 15 minutes at the customer service area for ** to stroll over. Immediately, she has a bad attitude. I brought Apple's Warranty with me to show her the contents, as she apparently was not familiar.

The PSP states "The Plan is inclusive of the manufacturer's warranty; it does not replace the manufacturer's warranty but provides certain additional benefits during the term of the manufacturer's warranty. After the manufacturer's warranty expires, this Plan continues to provide the manufacturer's benefits as well as certain additional benefits."

At this point, I haven't seen the PSP even meeting the manufacturer's coverage, let alone "adding certain additional benefits". Apple's warranty states that the "Warranty applies only for the hardware product manufactured by or for Apple that can be identified by the 'Apple' trademark, trade name, or logo annexed next to it" ( this warranty information can be found on Apple'€™s website.).

All ** could say was that "the service plan had been fulfilled" and that according to her & the GM, there was nothing left to talk about. I literally had to say "Are you going to let me explain why I am here?" I have always kept my cool and kept my mouth shut and even let her be rude to me, but at this point I have had enough.

Firstly, a manager should never escalate the situation by being rude. In all my recollection, I have never had another staff member at Best Buy treat me poorly. ** is the exception to the rule. Not only would she not help me, but she refused to direct me to someone who could.

When I asked for the name of the district manager, she told me to call 1-888-BEST-BUY. I did, and was informed that they didn't have that information. As a member of Best Buy's management team, it is her job to uphold the highest customer service, and I would assume to achieve some customer satisfaction. She has done neither.

Later, I was in contact with a "Corporate supervisor" who I reached through the ever so helpful 1-800-BEST-BUY. ** who assigned me a case number ** seemed willing to help, but was unable to make the individual store "take a loss" by replacing or refunding my purchase. He got in contact with the store manager, who was told to call me that day. Of course, he didn't. So I called corporate back, and was met by yet another corporate supervisor. This person ever so politely told me that I should "write the CEO or get a lawyer." Thanks again Best Buy for yet another example of your extremely effective customer service. I also filed a complaint with the BBB, case number **.

Who do I need to contact to get good customer service? Fry's? Office Max? Office Depot? Wal-Mart? HH Greg? Staples? Target? There are countless retailers who would gladly take my business and treat me well. I would like to be contacted by someone who has the capability to take care of this issue in a professional manner.

Best Best Customer Service is WORTHLESS
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We purchased several appliances and a computer last year as well as other various household and technology applications for our home. In other words we spent thousands of dollars. In less than six months, we had problems with a Samsung refrigerator ice maker. It took over three months to get that problem fixed and we were left with no less than 8 to 10 boxes of parts because no less than 2 or 3 service people refused to service our area because Best Buy would not pay them enough.

Now for the computer issue. We buy a new computer with the ability to download Windows 7 - we purchase the Kaspersky software for protection. However, because we do have several computers - we purchase the software for several computers recommended by their sales person. We wait until Windows 7 is released before setting up the computer. We load Kaspersky on the computer. Nothing works. We take it into the local BBY store. We give them all of our information (code numbers, etc.). We request that any repairs or problems be documented so that we can ascertain what is wrong as well. We get the computer back with charges and costs for new software.

Guess what?! They tried to sneak past us that they went back into the store and downloaded the "RECOMMENDED" version of Kaspersky for Windows 7, but charged us for it. The arrogant clerk behind the desk said that if he didn't we would be getting something free. He said this knowing that we could NOT use the Kaspersky version that they sold us for over $110.00! I was furious and demanded to speak with the manager, who did nothing more than try to calm me down.

Why calm me down? Because this young clerk could not get his head around the fact that the version of Kaspersky that they sold us was worth NOTHING to us and then they proceeded to charge us additional monies for the version of Kaspersky that was compatible with Windows 7. Now understand we had not used this software or downloaded it until the release of Windows 7.

Everyone who sold us the computer knew this, but they wanted to blame the customer. We did eventually get a credit for Kaspersky, but maybe it was because I was talking rather loudly about the problem and people were beginning to understand how they were scamming the customers.

Now for the latest fiasco - a brand new washing machine still not fixed after a month. You name it and it happened. The repairman comes out after two weeks - yes, you read correctly. You have to wait two weeks. Then they do not come out with parts - they just come out to say - yes, I agree it is broken and they have to order the parts which take another two weeks. Today he arrives again with the parts and proceeds to tell us that they sent the wrong parts. I am so through with this company. Try to get corporate on the phone - they won't let you talk to them. Customer service puts you on hold and goes away. I know this game.

I plan to get my money back by shorting the company in the stock market. If this behavior keeps up it won't be long before they go the way of Circuit City and others. While I will visit the Best Buy stores, it will be to look, touch and ask questions. My purchases will be somewhere else even if I have to pay more money. Yes, Best Buy corporate did you read this - I will pay MORE MONEY for better customer service or honest customer service.

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