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Sold a Glass Candlestick Inside an Expensive Samsung Notebook Box - BB Refuses to Accept Responsibility
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Rating: 1/51

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- I bought an expensive computer box from Melbourne, FL Best Buy store and inside was a glass candlestick and a dirty, Samsung chromebook (that of course doesn't work!), no cord. There was a booklet included but the serial number that is included does NOT match the serial number on the box.

Waiting to Long on Money Due to Me
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- I purchased a computer about a year ago. Best Buy failed to include the anti-virus, that came free with the purchase of the computer. I went back to the store the next day. The cashier could not complete the transaction with the register. He called over a supervisor, whom also could not have it accept non-payment for the virus protection. Supervisor informed me I would have to purchase the anti-virus, and they would refund me.

I purchased it with my bank card. Then was told Best Buy would put the credit on my Best Buy card. I told them no, I purchased it with my bank card, I want the credit on the card I used. I was not going to be forced to use it in their store, my money. It was to be included with the computer I purchased. Well I had to get the Attorney Generals office involved to get my money back. Well a year later, they put charges on my statement I did not purchase. And charged my account $52.99, for the anti-virus, again.

Refused to replace a junk product
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Rating: 1/51

JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- My BBB complaint against Best Buy filed moments ago.... Don't bother buying from them. They do not stand behind their products, their customer service is a joke, and their protection programs do nothing but tick people off. Enjoy the complaint:

Filed against: Best Buy - Joliet 1500 N. Larkin Joliet IL 60435-3769 Complaint Description: On 3/2/2013 I purchased a new Toshiba Laptop, My receipt shows: ** - WIN8/14"/I5/6GB from Best Buy in Joliet, IL. I also purchased a protection and replacement plan, for one year, GSP # **. On 5/28/2013, my computer would not boot up. I called Geek Squad, and the agent stated I did not have a protection plan and there was nothing he could do for me. He directed me to call Best Buy. Called (888) 229-3770, I was transferred twice, then told again, I did not have a protection plan and there was nothing they could do.

I should contact the manufacturer, or go into Best Buy and pay for the repair. I asked to be connected to the Joliet store, and she refused. I then called the store, who again told me there was no Protection Plan in place. Asked to talk to Corporate, and was given the 888-237-8289 number. Called there, was transferred twice more, got put through to "Agent **", who finally believed me when I said I purchased the protection program and looked up my receipt. She said that there was something wrong with the number they had given me and it wasn't showing up in the computer. She directed me to take my computer into the store.

I did, they told me it was a failed hard drive, it was the third they've seen this week in a computer less than 3 months old, and it would take 1-2 days to fix. They also told me that I would lose all of my data, because my protection program did not cover that. On 5/30/2013, I checked the status of my repair, and I was shocked to see that it hadn't even been checked in yet. I called the store, who informed me that the repair was on the hard drive, there was nothing I could have done. The hard drive failed and it would be 2-3 weeks before I could get my computer back. I explained that wasn't an option.

I use this computer for work, and will be out over $50 per day in lost wages each day I did not have it. I spoke to the Manager, **. I asked for a replacement or a refund. She refused. Called the Corporate number. Spoke to Agent **. Explained my situation. She also refused. Spoke to her supervisor. I asked if I had brought in a product that I had dropped, and it shattered into a million pieces, if it would be replaced. She stated "It would." I asked why I should lose over $900 waiting on my computer for the next 3 weeks if it could be replaced. She again refused to do anything further.

I was sold a faulty product less than 3 months ago, and they are not standing behind their product or even acknowledging the lost wages this will cost me because of that faulty product. I have been treated as an inconvenience and an annoyance, hung up on, and transferred more times than I can count. Your Desired Resolution: I would like a new computer of equal or lesser value as quickly as possible. If I am unable to get a computer quickly, I would like my lost wages of $50 per day along with the new computer when they do finally fix their mistake.

Best Buy is "Worst Buy"
By -

OTTAWA -- On June 28, 2011, a Geek Squad technician came to my home and performed a diagnostic and repair at a cost of $394.37. Seven (7) weeks later in August, that desktop PC was slow to respond then did not work. More waiting for an appointment. On August 13, 2011, another Geek Squad technician said the hard drive had crashed. So, on that date, I purchased a new HP Pavilion p7-1042 desktop CPU, monitor, mouse, keypad and printer from Best Buy Coventry Road at a cost of $829.30. I actually got to pick it up on August 16, 2011. Next I had to purchase MS Word OHS 2010 software to replace MS Word 2000 at a cost of $146.89.

After the new HP was set up by a Geek Squad technician, desktop icons frequently would not appear when the PC was turned on. Often I had to open in safe mode. "No problem" said your technician "just hit F8 or, F10 or, F11 or, control-shift-ESC to bring up Task Manager." No way did this work. The PC became slower then stopped working. I returned the tower to Best Buy Coventry Road on September 25, 2011. Well, guess what? The hard drive in this piece of crud had crashed after just six (6) weeks. But then Best Buy (aka Worst Buy) had to send the tower to Toronto for repair. It would take two to three weeks. My data would be wiped from the hard drive.

So, I had to buy a flash drive at a cost of $20.33 and have my data downloaded at a cost of $100.89. Would it have killed them to take a new HP CPU out of stock and transfer my data immediately without charge? Apparently it would because on September 25, 2011, I had to buy an Acer AX3990-EB20P at a cost of $489.84 so I could continue to work on my home-based business. And what did the Geek Squad representative at Coventry Road suggest? He asked if I could borrow a friend's computer or use a library one in the interim. As of October 18, 2011, I still was without that HP Pavilion p7-1042 product.

No communication from the genius ‘service' staff either except to say “often the HP hard drives are dead right out of the box”. This whole stupid fiasco has cost me almost $2000 because the product I was sold is a piece of garbage and so is Best/Worst Buy customer service. I note their in-store signage says Best Buy is “a dynamic, customer-driven, talent-powered company” that will “ensure your experience with us is outstanding”. Well, it has been outstanding all right - outstandingly negative. And if this is their idea of a customer-driven, talented organization, I sure as hell have not experienced it.

An in-store brochure says “service you can depend on” but the only thing I can depend on from Best Buy Ottawa is low quality products that crap out after a few weeks of use and dumb employees who cannot even think through a problem and reach the simplest of solutions. Why could the data from my very new, very defective HP p7-1042 CPU not have been transferred to another in stock unit without charge? What is your problem? Would that not have been the logical, customer-driven solution?

Because of abysmal quality control at HP coupled with appalling Best/Worst Buy customer service, plus hardware and software charges, I spent time and money driving multiple times back and forth between my home and their stores returning defective product and buying replacement product while trying to run a business. My experience is that Best Buy is Worst Buy.

I want my money back. Their initial diagnostic set me up for a hard drive crash seven weeks later, their new HP desktop hard drive crashed after six weeks, they have no appreciation of fast, efficient replacement service and their only intent is to sell more shoddy product while keeping the customer waiting and waiting and waiting. Never shop at Best/Worst Buy.

Terrible service
By -

Geek Squad is a real sham. When I bought my laptop early 2009 I also purchased a 3-yr Black Tie Premium warranty. This was complete hardware and software support, in home service, guaranteed a spot in repair dept ahead of any other plans. For the first 1 1/2 years the phone support was great. Since that time it has gone downhill. Every time you call you get a different answer on what your warranty covers and when it expires. It is like all of a sudden they have hired a bunch of idiots. I called 9/23 for service and they scheduled a tech to come to my home on 9/28 between 8 and 12.

I patiently waited 4 hours and when it got to be 12:30 I got quite upset. I called and was told that the person who was to come here called in sick. Nobody even bothered to call me to let me know so I could get on with my life for that day I finally got to speak with a supervisor in dispatch who due to my inconvenience scheduled it for Sun Oct 2 at 8 am. I told him that would be OK with me as I would be home until 9:15. On Sun I again waited but when it was 8:25 I called to see where he was as I was supposedly his first appointment. I waited on phone for 20 minutes before talking to anyone who would even check on this for me.

She comes back on the line and says "He has been trying to call you to come over and your phone was busy". Well, DUH, why didn't he just come here. He knew I was here if he got a busy signal. I asked her "When did he try?" She says "8:15" and I knew someone was lying as I was not on phone until 8:25. I asked her how soon he could get here and she said that I should call him as he was on another call at that time. I told her I was leaving in 30 minutes and asked if he could come after 5 when I would be back. She said he could come later that afternoon or evening and I should call him to arrange this.

When I called him he told me he could not do that as he didn't work that late. (Then why was I told different???) When I told him my computer is a laptop he says they do not come to home that I have to take it into shop. I tried to tell him that I had the in home warranty but he argued that he worked there 18 years and he knows that is not so. I call dispatch again and told them what he just said and they said he is wrong since I do have that coverage for my laptop. So again no repair for 2nd time in a row. Dispatch then says that the soonest they could send someone was Tuesday. I demanded to know the time and not a 4-hour window.

She said she would have someone call me Mon evening to give me the time. Didn't hear from anyone on Mon so I called dispatch and find out they have no record of a service call for me for Tues. :( Now they have me scheduled for Thur (tomorrow) but refuse to give me a definite time - Said that the previous supervisor should not have guaranteed the Sun 8 am appointment. I do not appreciate this type of service as when I have something scheduled for an unknown time in the morning I do not sleep the night before. Already lost 2 nights sleep and am in for it again tonight.

I did call dispatch this evening and told them they need to let the repairman know I will only be here until 12 so they need to be here early enough so I can leave for my appointment. I have spent a lot of money at Best Buy for two 55-inch TV's, top of the line steam laundry set, and a range besides many other small things. They have seen the last of me and my money due to the terrible service. I also had a problem with one of their stores in 1996 and never went back until 2005 and advised everyone to stay away from this store. That store actually closed and is no longer in business.

I have called on other issues to be told that I do not have remote access and they can't help me. This, I tell them, is not true as they have accessed my computer remotely numerous times over the past 2 years. I just have to keep calling back until I get someone who has a brain and knows that I paid a lot for this type of coverage. Why can't businesses hire people who know what they are doing? Never had problems with businesses 25 years ago like now. Or is it that most people are getting more stupid and can't function in their jobs? Another time was having problems with computer crashing. It would take too long for home service so I ran it down to the store.

When I went in I told them I had Black Tie protection which according to my salesman put me at the head of the line which I needed as I was using the computer for my business. At the store they told me everyone had the same. I do not buy into that as there are lesser priced plans and not everyone who takes a computer in has any plan. Told me I had to leave it but would get back to me in a few hours. I had to call next day as they never called me. They told me it would take altogether 3-4 days to work on it. Told me they needed to replace hard drive.

I brought it home and couldn't use it as they had removed all my software and would not put it back the way it was.. After I got it back I had to take it to another tech who charged me. He checked the old drive and there was nothing wrong with it. He explained that he had worked at Geek Squad and their policy was if they could not find a solution to the problem within 30 minutes then just replace the hard drive. They did not want to spend the time trying to figure it out.

If I had run my business the way this company does I would have lost all my clients.

Best Buy Are Crooks and I'm No Thief.
By -

Here's a story I hope most people cannot relate to. My son went to the Rancho Cucamonga Best Buy this morning to buy a computer. He bought a desktop computer and walked out the door, only to get home, open the box and find it damaged. I witnessed this. I told my son to package it up and return it to the store. He returned to the store and was told the computer he was trying to return was not the computer that they had sold him, not 20 minutes ago. That the computer being returned has the wrong packaging labels and he is trying to return an old computer.

This is fraud by Best Buy. They sold a computer to him and now will not accept any responsibility for what was in the package. My son bought the computer in good faith and Best Buy clearly is trying to pull a fast one. The General Manager stated there is nothing he can do for my son and asked him to leave the store. He did offer his name and said he would get back to him. This is unacceptable. The General Manager basically said my son is a thief. I immediately called the store to complain and was told by the General Manager not to come down to the store or I would be arrested and removed.

Needless to say I went right down. I wanted to return the monitor which was still in the box. I didn't want to open that box and be stuck with a bogus monitor. I asked to speak to the General Manager and told him right away to "never tell me not to come down to his store." I advised him I was bringing back the monitor that was still boxed and didn't want to open it being afraid I may be duped again. He was less than concerned. I asked for the name of his boss and the corporate office. After holding for 26 minutes a customer service person advised me that “This happens all the time at Best Buy” and it's up to the General Manager of the store to decide how to handle.

Basically “Buyer Beware”. Best Buy doesn't care and it's up to you as the consumer to prove you're not a crook. My son is out the money for the computer and with no options. We can only hope the General Manager will make this wrong a right. If not, it will be my pleasure to let everyone I come in contact with to know this story. I believe the hard working people of Rancho Cucamonga would like to know the policies of Best Buy. Followed up on next day with the General Manager. He explained that he is standing behind his employees and policies, he will do nothing to compensate us.

Called Best Buy Corporate office. The Customer Relations representative stated they stand behind the General Manager and nothing will be done. Have a nice day. I will be going down to file with Small Claims on Monday. I will do everything in my power to get justice. Whatever it takes, it's the principle. We are not thieves. Best Buy may be a billion dollar company, but I'm one consumer that won't be scared off by a Goliath.

Rip Offs
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Rating: 1/51

They have shady business practices. They claim you can cancel within 30 minutes. I was allowed to cancel one part of my order, but it refused to cancel the laptop. So I called the agent, they hung up. No big deal, then I chat. Oh we still can't cancel it, why not? Why because they want you to receive something and then pay shipping to send it back. When all they had to do is handle it, especially seeing the other item had no problems canceling. Shady...

Horrible Service Sales Bought 2 New Computers Both Blow a Drive Same Day Bought a Month N a 1/2 Ago Didn't Hook Them Up for a Mo
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Rating: 1/51

Horrible service sales. Bought 2 new computers. Both blow a drive same day. Bought a month and a 1/2 ago. Didn't hook them up for a month so after 2 weeks they don't work. Best Buy has a 15 day return So they say you are screwed. They sell crap and you are stuck with it. DO NOT buy anything from this company. eBay has longer return policy and if you use Pay Pal you are protected. I am a company so I'm closed until I can replace Best Buy's garbage. Run away from Best Buy.

Best Buy proved to be the Worst Buy of my entire life
By -

WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Do you remember the days before the big chain stores when there was customer service? I can recall going to G. Fox in Hartford, Connecticut and being waited on by a sales representative without sending out a search party. I can also recall a “no questions” asked policy of returning merchandise. About a month ago, during the crunch time of tax season, I purchased an expensive laptop on sale at a Best Buy nearby.

At the time of purchase, I knew that I would not have the time then to set the computer up, install various programs, go out and purchase additional programs (since my older computer had Windows Xp and this new laptop had Windows 7), install these new programs as well, and transfer all of my data files onto the new computer. Such a laborious process often consumes a week's time if all goes well; otherwise, it could consume an eternity.

So I left the laptop sealed and packaged in what appeared to be a flawlessly intact box, believing that it was better left protected in styrofoam, hermetically seal plastic wrap, and a thick cardboard casing than on a desk, prey to six very curious cats. Of course, I foolishly thought that if there were any problems with the laptop, that I could exchange it at Best Buy for another laptop. How dumb! Yesterday when I finally had time to set up the new laptop, I opened the box, only to discover that the monitor screen had been damaged, making the computer completely useless.

Consequently, I hopped into my car and drove down to Best Buy, expecting to exchange the computer for an undamaged one. How dumb again! When I attempted to exchange the laptop, the manager on duty regarded me with the suspicion of a Gestapo officer examining my DNA. In spite of my repeated assurances that I had not dropped the laptop - swearing up and down that I had not even removed it from the box - he was as unmoved as an IRS agent seizing the very last dollar from my bank account.

I explained to him that I had deliberately kept it in its protective styrofoam, sealed and unopened, and stored it in a safe place in my home, away from any temperature extremes, until I was prepared to set it up. My pleas of innocence were of no consequence. He refused to exchange it. He did, however, offer to send it back to the manufacturer, adding, with the look of “don't hold your breath', that it would be entirely up to the manufacturer as to whether the damaged laptop would be replaced by Toshiba. It then occurred to me that Best Buy was simply throwing me under the bus to the whim of a manufacturer located perhaps in some very far off distant land.

The young lady at the desk, who processed my service requisition to have the laptop sent back to Toshiba for possible consideration of an exchange, explained that unless customers return their damaged laptops within an hour or so after purchase, that they are often regarded with the suspicion of having damaged the laptops themselves. I then regretted not having brought a urine sample. I then looked in vain for a lie detector test behind the customer service desk. So I decided to post this blog entry to make other individuals aware of Best Buy's posture toward its customers. There's an old saying: buyer beware.

I would also caution when purchasing anything at Best Buy, be afraid…be very afraid, and be certain to bring along your attorney, a notary public, and two witnesses. Needless to say, I recommend never buying anything at Best Buy. But if you do not mind being regarded as a liar, then I suggest before you purchase a laptop from Best Buy, that you have the sales clerk remove it from the box, plug it in, and then test every possible feature and program on that laptop for hours, if not days, before removing it from the store. Best Buy proved to be the Worst Buy of my entire life.

Bought four HP Laptops - all four faulty hard drives
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Rating: 3/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I bought THREE HP Pavilion Laptops at about the same time for family members - and ALL THREE had failed Hard Drives. I actually had two of them in the tech shop at Best Buy at the same time. One of the three was irreparable, so kicking in a little money it was replaced at Best Buy and is the G6 HP Pavilion that I will now talk about. The computer that I replaced the third lap top with is a HP Pavilion G6 Series. Purchased it on August 18, 2012. HARD DRIVE Failure, in the shop March 18, 2013.

The SECOND HARD DRIVE FAILURE happened just nine months later on December 8, 2013. I took it back to Best Buy. But by now my one-year warranty for the computer is now out-of-warranty. They did say they would replace the Hard Drive as it had just been replaced in March of 2013. The diagnostic tool on HP said it was a Hard Drive Failure. The following day I got a call from BEST BUY - They inform me that the problem is not the Hard Drive, it is the motherboard. BEST BUY tells me it would not be worth the cost to fix, and just buying a new one would be the best thing to do.

I pick up the HP Laptop from Best Buy. I have to say at this point didn't really trust what was said to me about the laptop. I was told also when picking up my laptop, that the diagnostic tool in HP's are not real reliable. I get home, decide to look at the hard drive - open it to view the hard drive and lo and behold when it was replaced in March 2013 - it was replaced by a TOSHIBA hard drive. I call Toshiba.... no warranty on the nine month hard drive. Why? I believe because the TOSHIBA was put in an HP product and not a Toshiba product. Called HP - not their problem and that this has to do with where I bought it at which was BEST BUY.

BUYER BEWARE of the WARRANTY specs on your product. They can use replacement parts (where you have it purchased, i.e. Best Buy when you get warranty work done) that are not genuine parts for the computer - HP told me this. I will NEVER buy another HP product.

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