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"Black Tie" service is misrepresentation
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KANNAPOLIS, NORTH CAROLINA -- They took more than a month to repair the keyboard on my laptop computer; their communication during the time they had the computer consisted of one single Email with an estimated completion date several weeks prior to the actual completion date. Black Tie means great service and this is not great service. When I took the computer in they tried to scare me into paying them $100 to back up my data because 'my data was not safe in their hands'.

When I took the computer in for repair I made a purchase (Ipod charger) that I found for less than half the price elsewhere on my way home while running another errand. I just planned to return the item when my computer was fixed rather than make a separate trip. On top of taking 37 days to fix my keyboard when I attempted to return the item when I picked up the laptop they told me it was past 30 days so they would not give me a refund or store credit even though I had never even taken the item out of the bad much less out of the packaging.

The receipt said no returns after a certain date for "30 day items" but provided no definition of '30 day items" nor any place to obtain such a definition. The sales people and the store manager were very rude and the store manager even lied to me when I attempted to return the item.

I wish Circuit City had survived instead of Best Buy. I won't do business with them again. I have found the same type of repair contract available on-line (except with much better reviews) for half the cost of their contract. I will buy from Amazon in the future; Best Buy won't get any more of my money.

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