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LG 50" LG Turn on & Off by It Self
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Rating: 2/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I send already a complaint on Facebook and someone answered me and ask me for my information. I never heard back from this person. I bought since 1999 at BestBuy started in NC and later then here in Colorado Springs lots of Computer, Laptops and Stereos. My LG TV 50" still turn on and off by itself and lately the voice is sometimes gone. I got a Warranty until September 2021. I called and I got told my Warranty has been canceled. I did not canceled anything. BestBuy need to stay behind their Products that they sell. This is not the way to treat your long-time Customers.

Best Buy Stole $250.02 From Me Because They Can
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Rating: 1/51

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- It has been over 48 hours since my last call. I have still not received an email confirming my refund of $250.02. I would really like a response back regarding this matter. I am now paying interest on your charge. On January 9th I went into a Best Buy store with a phone (772-204-4682) that I have insured under Geek Squad protection plan. Since then the following has taken place.

1/12/16 I received a refurbished phone that was unable to be unlocked. I called Geek Squad and after multiple calls and going into a Best Buy store to have a technician assist me, the phone was still unable to be unlocked. 1/14/16, spoke with Sharon at Geek Squad who issued a gift card at 9:10 am. Confirmation number provided was **. 1/18/16 I received a second refurbished phone from Geek Squad and the same problem occurred with the second refurbished phone. Again I went into Best Buy store and worked with a technician. The SIM card was exchanged and still the phone would not unlock.

1/19/16 began working with Apple who issued me another phone since Geek Squad said the problem was not on their end and that they could no longer help me. Apple and Sprint were able to help me unlock the new phone that Apple sent me. I returned the initial broken phone to Geek Squad. I returned the 1st locked refurbished phone that Geek Squad sent me to Geek Squad.

1/26/16 spoke with Rachel for 27 minutes and case was escalated. This was due to emails that I was receiving that the phones I returned to Geek Squad were locked. Rachel assured me that the case would be resolved and I would not be charged. 2/6/16 called again after receiving another email demanding that I unlock the phone or be charged. I was dispatched to the department that handles charges.

3/1/16 called again after my credit card was charged $250.02. Spoke with Jennifer for 39 minutes and then was transferred to supervisor Cher for a total of 50 minutes and 23 seconds. At that time, I was told the case would be resolved and that the charges would be refunded. I was told "We are so sorry for the inconvenience but there is nothing we can do except refund the charges and to escalate the case for someone in Best Buy or Geek Squad to call you back from corporate". I was provided with 2 emails to contact customer service.

3/23/16 charge of $250.02 has still not been refunded. I called again today. This charge is on a credit card that I am being charged interest on. This is the worst customer service and communication I have ever experienced. I have used Geek Squad for 10 years. After this experience I have nothing good to say about the company or your service.

3/29/16 I called again and spoke with Anyuri in the renewal and cancellations department. Then Shannon in the customer relations department. Then Danielle in mobile department. At the end of that call I was finally transferred to Edgar in the mobile service department. He explained to me that we could walk through the unlock your iPhone again to assure that the phone was not locked. Due to not having the sign in email/password I had to call once my son got home from school.

I did so again on 3/29/16, calling 1/888/Best-Buy and spoke with Wally. Wally went through the case with me again and walked through assuring that the iPhone was not locked. Wally then escalated the case to a GSER (Geek Squad Emergency Response) with Jovan and told me that I would hear back via email the results. 4/5/16 filed a complaint to dispute the charges with the credit company that the charge was charged to.

4/5/16 - no response, I called 1-888-Best-Buy again. Spoke with Ryan who said the case is still open. Ryan asked me if Best Buy sent me the phone back since it was no longer useful to them. I explained to him that I was told it was in a bin with hundreds of other phones. Ryan then transferred me to Diana in the Mobile Services Department. Diana again told me my phone is locked and it is my responsibility to respond to the emails that were sent out and because I did not so within the 30 days that the charge is valid and there is nothing that they can do for me.

I explained to her that I have called multiple times through February to assure that I was not charged. She said there is nothing further that she can do for me. I asked who I could speak to and she said her supervisor and then said it will be awhile. I explained to her that I spent 3 hours on the phone on 3/29/16 and I would gladly wait to speak to a supervisor so that I could get someone high in Best Buy to hear my complaint. She stated "It's going to be a long day". Conveniently at 59 minutes into the call and after keeping me on hold for 30 plus minutes for a supervisor the phone disconnected.

4/5/16 Jennifer (supervisor) called me back after the disconnection. She was very polite on the phone and listened as I again explained the story from January 9th until today. Jennifer then ran the IMIE numbers on the cell phones to assure that the one that I have been charged for is the one that is in fact locked. Upon return of running the IMEI numbers Jennifer stated that both phones show as unlocked but that there is no date listed as to when they were unlocked. Jennifer escalated the case again to corporate to see if they will refund the monies.

It was explained to me that the problem with corporate will be that the phone was not unlocked within their 30 required days. I asked her if it will make any difference that I have called in response to every email referencing the “locked phone” that Best Buy/Geek Squad has sent in February. Still waiting for it to be determined… Here's to waiting for 4/12/16. Best Buy Corporate Customer Care PO Box 9312, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440.

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Rating: 1/51

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went into a Best Buy store tonight to pick up a computer and a phone that I left with Geek Squad last week, as well as, to get a replacement phone for an HTC phone on my account. My arrival time was about 5:10 pm. Upon arriving in the store after waiting in line I was helped by **. From the start he seemed unable to help me successfully€.

He took a long time getting my phone transferred over to the replacement phone and he tried to get me to sign the contract stating that I received the phone back even though the service wasn'™t on or transferred over so my phone was not complete serviced as yet and I explained that I would sign the paperwork after my phone is complete in working order.

So as that was still incomplete he started to work on my computer issue and he told me that I will not be getting a fixed computer and that I would have to get a gift card for the replacement value of the computer. He went on to tell me that the computer would cost more to repair than the computer was purchased for and that it's now junk. I told him I need to see that in the contract and he showed me some statements none of which stated that when the computer is 85% or more than the cost of the item it is then deemed junk and no portion of the insurance would be given back to me.

I then stated that I did not want to accept that offer of the gift card for the cost of the computer. I let him and ** know that because by this time I asked to see a store manager. I then let ** know that I wanted to start the process of getting a replacement for another phone ordered that I have insurance on. He started typing on the terminal walked to the back and back to the terminal seemingly lost and not knowing what he was doing.

He finally tells me that he's going to have to give me the balance of my insurance back because the phone isn'€™t worth anything and I couldn'€™t get a new phone because the plan is going to expire next month. I then asked him to repeat the date of the insurance plan then he reads it to me and says "oh it expires December 1, 2014". I then state to him, "You see you are so quick to disregard insurance and junk everything out based on how you feel at the moment." He then slams his hand on the table and tells me that he is tapping out and then he walks away.

Before he walks away maybe about 10 minutes before he tells me he's "€œTapping out!"€ While at the terminal ** starts talking to someone else in Geek Squad and he tells the person that ** wants him to get someone else to help me. So I just listen and take notes as to what is transpiring because at this time I a€™m already in the store now for one hour and thirty minutes without a resolution to any issue that I had before I first walked into the store.

Back to the tap out situation when this happened I went over to ** told him what happened and he said he would be over to me when he was done with his customers. I then stated to him I'm a customer as well. He ignored me. I went back over to where I was standing, waited a few minutes and then went to the front door where security was and asked about the stores general manager. He got a card and handed it to me and at the same time I asked him who the store manager was. And as I did that he, the store manager, was walking nearby and he pointed me to **.

I proceed to address my issues with ** and he was short and curt with me and seemed to know a bit about what was going on because he asked me what ** was going to do about my computer. I then went on to tell him that wasn'€™t my main concern. My main concern was the way I was being treated with the lack of true customer service.

How is it that a clerk can walk away from a customer mid transaction and it's OK? He is still curt and short with me until he sees me talking to another customer who was standing next to me who approached me and asked me what was happening because she noticed that I was taking notes and she said to herself "€œthey must be giving me a hard time"€. She then goes ahead and gives me detailed information that she overheard ** stating to someone else that he was tapping out.

Before she leaves she gave me her name and number because she was just that sympathetic to me about the situation. So when ** sees this he is willing to help me because the woman was white. This is what I believe changed my whole experience around. This is so disheartening that this was the catalyst to getting some customer service that took a total of three hours to accomplish.

He sent over a young lady that provided me with exceptional customer service and couldn'€™t understand what was going on because she stated to me that I was so nice on the phone when she helped me with getting an appointment. So I let her know I didn'€™t understand either and I felt because I'€™m a black customer, as well as a woman, the white men there don'€™t respect me because I questioned them and pointed out that they were wrong for their behavior. She then went on to connect my iPhone, and get the service transferred over, she also swapped out the HTC phone, as well as, processed the paperwork for the computer all within one hour.

I'€™m a long time customer of Best Buy. I shop online on I've shopped at Best Buy's in NY, MN, FL, GA, CA, MI, I spend a lot of money in Best Buy because I mistakenly thought that all customers would be treated with respect regardless of the color of their skin. I was completely brought back to reality tonight although I have experienced some levels of discrimination before in some of the stores that I frequented before. However, I would talk myself out of believing it was race based. But when it's blatant there is no way to deny it.

I now know that if you're black and go into a Best Buy store your time and money is disregarded and disrespected because of the color or your skin. It should never have taken three hours to accomplish what I needed done and it also should not have taken a white woman who I do not know at all to come to my defense in order for customer service to take place. I am completely appalled at the situation and I'€™m not satisfied with what took place tonight.

I was finally given a laptop and insurance for the computer and after getting home I plugged it up and immediately realized that it was not a new computer as ** stated. The screen doesn't stay on all the time and the packaging wasn't the same as a new computer although it was in the box that it should have been in. I did not open the box in the store because I was assured it was a new computer.

So I was misled and deceived by ** that the computer was new. I will have to take my time again to go into the store to get a new laptop once again after spending three hours in the store tonight. My kids ended up missing the basketball practice they were scheduled to attend tonight, all because of Best Buy employees with discriminating behavior.

I feel very strongly about the situation. I feel that ** and ** need to be fired because of the situation. ** clearly set the precedent that it is OK for his subordinate to clearly and willfully disrespect me by telling him to get someone else to help me, as that someone else was a black Best Buy employee. He gave permission to ** to walk away from a customer. I know for a fact if I were a white woman with the same issues and concerns and same questions that I had the treatment would be markedly different. I'€™m saddened that in 2013 I have to write a letter about discrimination that I faced.

** along with the rest of the store, as well as all Best Buy€™s needs to be made aware that treating black customers differently than white customers is unacceptable and intolerable. Because of the vague way that the insurance policy is worded it gives the employees of Best Buy the discretion to totally void an insurance contract based on a case-by-case basis, ignoring any biases the employee may have.

I hope this letter isn'€™t in vain and that some true changes start from the top down. Training on race relations; treating customers fairly, and without racial and gender biases must take place immediately. These occurrences happened at the Best Buy location in Cary, NC. I went back to the store today 9/19/2013 to get the replacement for the faulty computer and was appalled that ** was still employed there!

Sales People, Managers and Geek Squad Are Admitted Liars!
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Rating: 1/51

NORTHGLENN, COLORADO -- On 05/04/13 I purchased a new HD TV from Best Buy. I am completely lost when it comes to electronics, but I did the research and knew what I wanted/needed. I had already purchased an HD DVD player and surround sound from another store. The salesman at Best Buy told me that the DVD player I had at home was not compatible with the TV.

He said if I did not purchase a Blu-Ray player, all of the movies would be distorted and difficult to view on the new TV. Based on his statements, I spent $250 on a Blu-Ray player and returned the DVD player. 34 days after I purchased and set up the Blu-Ray player... it stopped working. I kept my receipt, but the box accidentally got thrown away.

I called Best Buy and the first guy on the phone told me they could not help me because it was beyond the 15-day return date and I did not purchase the extended warranty. He told me the store would likely not honor the manufacturer's warranty because I no longer had the box. He added that the Blu-Ray player was not working because my daily workout video (used all 34 days, once a day) was "over use" of the player. Seriously!? 34 uses is apparently the maximum for a Blu-Ray player. I hung up with him and called Samsung.

They confirmed that I had a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. Told me to take it to the store, with or without the box and Best Buy would exchange or refund the system. I packed it all up and took it into the store, where the Geek Squad guy told me immediately that he was unable to help me because it was beyond the 15-day return policy. I explained that the unit was not working.

I told him what the Best Buy person told me on the phone the day before and what the Samsung person told me on the phone, and he told me "those people that answer the phone, will say anything to get you off the phone." I confirmed this was something Best Buy employees were told to do, and he nodded. I told him his customer service sucked! I eventually had to talk him into checking on the manufacturer's warranty. He agreed it was under manufacturer's warranty, so they would send it to Samsung to be repaired.

While I was waiting for him to complete the paperwork, their computer crashed. He had to fill everything out by hand because they couldn't figure out what to do to make it work (This did not boost my confidence in their abilities!). He asked me how I liked the unit when it was working (Again, really!? It worked for 34 days, how do you think I liked it!).

I explained that the salesman told me the one I had was not compatible. His response, "Sales people that lie to customers don't usually last here long." He then informed me my salesperson did indeed lie to me about the ability of my previously purchased DVD player as it would have worked just fine, as long as it had an HDMI cable (It did and I told **, the salesman that). They ended up taking my Blu-Ray player and I was told it would be shipped to Samsung for repair.

Today, 6 days later, I received the first update regarding my unit. It advised that the unit was at the Geek Squad service center awaiting parts. I called to confirm that they were fixing it, rather than Samsung (since the other two Best Buy employees told me Best Buy could not assist me because I did not purchase their extended service plan). The guy on the phone this time, told me that the Best Buy employees "lied" (his word) and Samsung would only get involved if the repair could not be made in 15 days, at which time they would send me another unit.

All said and done, the customer service at Best Buy sucks. They have lied to me on numerous occasions and if I weren't already $250 in the hole (a lot of money for me!) I'd leave the unit and go buy something else.

Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Plan is a SCAM
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RICHFIELD, MINNESOTA -- Current Issues with the TV: TV does not play in Full Screen for Non HD as it has always done. TV Comes on during the night after shutting it off. What I want to see done this time. Replace the TV with same.

Geek squad 7-12-11. I place a call to report problems again with the Samsung 63" Plasma 3D HD. TV has come on during the night by itself and we are unable to view the full screen mode with watching non-HD. After the TV was repaired back in April of this year we could watch full screen either HD or non-HD. In the manual the screen is to be set to 16.9 to view full screen for non-HD. Pay close attention to the time I once again had to deal with Geek Squad personnel not knowing what to do or just to give me a run around. I spent $598 dollars on their Black Tie Protection Plan that is clearly a SCAM.

(5:11PM Spoke to # 1 Agent **). Gave my address, name, phone number and what I was calling about. He had to transfer me to the TV Repair for set up service.

(5:15PM Spoke to # 2 Agent **). Again I gave him my address, name, phone number and what I was calling about. Explained the problems, cannot view full screen in non-HD and TV comes on by itself during the night. Agent ** set up service with Sherwood TV and Appliances for 7-14-11 between the hours of 12 and 5PM. He did say the TV would need to come off the wall for servicing. Well here I go again because Agent ** transferred me to another department to set this up.

(5:30PM Spoke to # 3 Agent **). Again I gave him my address; name, phone number and what I was call about. I explained to him the Sherwood TV and Appliances would need the TV removed from the wall for servicing. I also explained the Geek Squad would need to be here the same day so after removing the TV and let's say it was repaired they could hang the TV back up. If this did not get done I would need to reschedule another visit from Geek Squad to re-hang the TV.

You can already see what I'm going through just to get it down. Agent put me on hold. He came back on the line to tell me there would be a $99 dollar fee. I told him I purchased the Black Tie Protection Plan for 4 years at $598 and was not going to pay anything. He puts me back on hold and a little while later tells me he needs to transfer to his boss.

(5:45PM Spoke to # 4 Agent **). Guess what? Agent ** that was supposed to be Agent **'s boss must not have been. I had to give him my address, name, phone number and what I was calling about. I explained it all over again about removing the TV off the wall that Geek Squad originally installed day one and the $ 99 dollar fee. Agent ** proceeds to tell me he don't have enough stroke to reverse the $99 dollar fee that we should not even be talking about seeing I purchased the Black Tie Protection Plan. Guess what I get transferred to another agent.

(6:11PM Spoke to # 5 Agent **). Guess what? I had to give her my address, name, phone number and what I was calling about. I tell ** what I was calling about. She pulled up my records and she was amazed that first starting with why they have not replaced this TV due to all the calls and service that is in the data base. Don't pay the 99 dollars because that was covered in the protection plan. I finally found someone that seems to know what they were talking about and she understood the protection plan the same way I did. Nevertheless, I was finally transferred to the installation department.

(6:25PM Spoke to # 6 Agent **). Guess what? I had to give her my address, name, phone number and what I was calling about. At this point I'm trying to explain to her that Sherwood and Geek Squad both need to be here on the same day same time to remove and re-hang the TV. She transfers me to the other agent but I did get a work order # ** to remove the TV but still not set up for the same day.

(6:40PM Spoke to # 7 Agent **). Guess what? I had to give her my address, name, phone number and what I was calling about. At this point I'm trying to explain to her that Sherwood and Geek Squad both need to be here on the same day same time to remove and re-hang the TV. At this point and had finally had enough, ask her to transfer me to someone that could authorize the REPLACEMENT TV. She told me to contact the store I purchased the TV from for replacing. I will do this on 7-13-11 to see what reply I get but I'm sure they will tell me to call Geek Squad.

(7:05PM Spoke to # 8 Agent **). Guess what? I had to give her my address, name, phone number and what I was calling about. I explained the entire case from even back with when I turned my first complaint over to BBB Case # **. Agent ** set the removal up for 7-19-11 and he was going to contact Sherwood TV and Appliances for also 7-19-11. Agent ** did call me back and said that repair shop had closed but he would call them on 7-13-11 to set up for service on 7-19-11 same day as Geek Squad.

Reason for turning this over for support from BBB is to show what Best Buy and Geek Squad's service is poor, personnel are not knowledgeable about how the Black Tie Protection Plans work. The run around you have to go through and as a consumer I have to do some of their leg work for service I paid for. I'm requesting support from the BBB to help in no longer fighting the ongoing issues with the product and support in having this TV Replaced with New.

(7-13-11) No call from Agent **. # 7 Agent **. As per Agent 7 she told me to call the store I purchased the unit and request a new TV. The below is an e-mail I sent to the sales person that sold me this product. (Please call me at **. Long story short, the TV has been a living hell with problems. In speaking with Geek Squad Agent ** yesterday she tells me to contact the store that I purchased the unit and have you all to replace it).

Please make sure you call me as I'm going to turn the case over to Sr. Executive Resolution Specialist at 7601 Penn Ave S Bldg D6, Richfield, Mn 55423-3645, Phone Number 888-237-8289 and also, for the second time, the BBB. Tell us how we're doing.

(7-14-11). Day two and no phone calls from #7 Agent **. I contacted Sherwood TV and Appliances this morning and spoke to ** and raised the question had he heard from Geek Squad about this service that is needed. Here we go again just like the first case that went to BBB Case # **. Sherwood TV and Appliances is not responsible for the (FIRST YEAR) and I need to contact Samsung.

In closing, I'm done with this 63" Samsung HD 3D TV that comes on during the night and plays in reduced picture for non-HD. Next I will not settle for anything less than the unit being replaced. NO MORE REPAIRS! Next will no longer deal with Geek Squad as the employees have no clue to how the Black Tie Protection Plan works. Oh did I forget to mention they wanted $99 fee to come to my home and over 2 hrs on the phone to find out this morning no one is coming to look at this lemon of a TV!

12.59 Noon today I called the Magnolia Store in Metairie Location where we purchased the TV as directed by # 7 Agent ** due to ** never replied to the e mail I sent out on 7-13-11. Was put on hold again. Not waiting anymore. I expect to hear from Best Buy, LP US Headquarters today. Don't take this wrong but I will fax this document along with the past case directly to BBB and obtain a Second Case Number.

Excellent Service
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Rating: 5/51

INDIANA -- I was worried after reading some things on the internet about bad experiences with Best Buy. After the Geek people left my house I couldn't have been happier with the results. I had thought when I purchased the extended coverage for the TV I bought that it was kind of steep but it was totally worth every penny and I would do it again. I recommend it totally.

An Awful Experience That Caused Me to Take on a Throbbing Headache.
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Rating: 1/51

CLOVIS, CALIFORNIA -- The guys working at Geek Squad at this location were ill mannered, and didn't have the knowledge to give accurate information on a simple Tablet that needed an portable external storage device. I waited about 20 minutes on Collin one of the Geek Squad assistants as he jive talked with a customer while I was waiting prolonging the conversation on purpose.

Then when his conversation was done, he went into the back to stall even more time as he knew I was waiting for someone to assist me. I waited so long I almost called it a day. After waiting another 10 minutes he came out from the back and went directly to another customer ignoring my presence.

Then another Geek Squad guy by the name of Eric came out with ill mannered behavior and said, "Can I help you my man?" Very unprofessional and this guy should have known that you don't address an Senior Citizen person in this manner. He was quite rude, and lacked knowledge of what storage device I needed even after giving him a printout of all the specs.

Even though I was waiting there patiently as he made an attempt to look up information he chose to begin to speak with another customer ignoring my presence again, he said he couldn't find the storage device my Tablet needed, even I had given him a printout of my tablet and of all the specs and requirements needed.

Eric told me to go get my tablet from my car so I cooperated and did that, when I returned he was chatting with another customer and he never acknowledged my presence that I had returned with my tablet. After chatting with another customer for a very long time ignoring me, he finally said goodbye to the customer after casual conversation.

The worse treatment I've ever experienced at a Best Buy Store. These guys completely ignored me and treated me as if they could care less about what I needed and although I had stood in line very patiently and polite. These guys chose to begin conversation with other customers while I was waiting patiently. I called the manager whose name was Paul to complain and he hung up in my face.

I felt like canceling my membership and credit card account. Their behavior was unacceptable and these guys should be questioned because they are giving the store a bad name. They should be ashamed of themselves for treating a Senior Citizen so rudely and unfairly.

Geek Squad Cannot Get Parts for Pc They Sell
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I took my Dell PC to the Geek Squad to have repaired. They made me sign a piece of paper and Then told me it had to be shipped to be repaired. Did not tell me the cost or that I was paying for shipping. It took 11 days before someone called me to tell me that they could not get parts to fix it. I asked them why do you sell Dell PCs, He could not answer. He told me that it would cost more to fix it than what I paid for it. I asked him how he knew what I paid for the PC. Again, he could not answer. I did not buy this Dell from them. Okay send it back...

It took only 2 days before they called me back to say I could pick it up where I had dropped it off. Why only 2 days to return. Was it ever shipped in the first place? So I went to pick it up. Took 20 minutes for them to bring it out. I asked to speak to a Manager and when he finally showed up; I asked him why they take Dell PCs to fix if they cannot get the parts. He stuttered and said they had no way knowing if it can be fixed or not. "Um excuse me but then why are you taking PCs to be fixed if you don't know that you can?". He stuttered again, said he did not know.

I asked why I had to pay shipping fees when I was not told that I had to pay for shipping? He stated I had signed the paper.. I asked him why I was not told before I signed and he said they were not required to tell me... I asked him why there was no proof of shipping on the paper and he said, "I had to look up the confir. number on the paper". I asked, "How did I know if that was MY PC being shipped" and again he had no answer.

I knew I was going to lose my $40.00 to these people for their incompetence, so in a last ditch effort I asked if they would waiver the shipping fees towards a new PC purchase from them. I flashed the hard earned cash I had on me to buy a new computer and he laughed at me. So all in all, my experience with the Geek Squad was horrible. I took my Dell PC to a local repairman and he fixed it within 3 days and it cost a $100.00 dollars. So why can he get parts but Best Buy cannot? BTW, I bought another PC for my son at HH Gregg the same day. Nice people!

Poor Service - Inaccurate Communication
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Rating: 1/51

BEAVERCREEK, OHIO -- September 2012 I purchased a "new" store model computer from Best Buy in Beavercreek. Downloaded files and did not use until January 2013 when old computer died. Three weeks later new computer not functioning. Geek Squad at Best Buy said hard drive failed and it would be sent to Louisville, Kentucky under factory warranty. Staff mentioned several times if I had purchased store warranty from Best Buy, there would have been more they could do.

Three weeks later after weekend trip, returned home to two messages on answering machine and later one actual phone call that my computer was ready for pick-up. At store staff said computer was not ready and seemed to not believe that I had received 3 calls. Four days later Best Buy called that computer was ready. When I got to store and tried to start up computer, it did not work. Staff said now keyboard not working and back to Louisville, Kentucky. Due to my part-time consulting job, I paid $100 for data to be saved before computer shipped off again.

I purchased second new computer from another store and asked Best Buy put on my data I had paid to be saved so I could work. I asked Best Buy to try to quickly put the data on my second new computer, but several trips to the store and days before files placed on computer.

After 9 days I called Best Buy to check progress on first computer's second trip to Louisville, Kentucky. I was told computer had just arrived in Louisville after 8 days. Since Louisville is 160 miles away from store, something delayed shipment? Three days later Best Buy called that computer was ready in the Beavercreek store. At the store I asked for Microsoft Office which I had purchased from Best Busy to be put on computer along with data I had paid them to save. Told it would be ready after 2 days.

When I arrived at store, it was not ready. Several days later back at store, it was still not ready and the person told me that it took a lot of time to put Microsoft Office on a computer (It took me less than 2 hours to download Microsoft Office on my second new computer). Finally on a third trip the computer was ready.

It was a disappointing experience, misinformation caused me to make a number of unnecessary trips to the store. I also learned to avoid purchasing "out of box computers" as it was apparent these must suffer a lot of abuse when they are on display.

Customer Service IS NOT their concern!
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RICHFIELD, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a computer for my son on April 23rd, 2011 at the Best Buy store in Alexandria, VA.

My son decided on the Toshiba laptop and the salesperson said that the only one they had was opened. He said that the reason it was opened was that the tech squad had done the PC setup on it so it would be ready to go for the customer right out of the box. The salesperson said that everything was in the box and charged me for the PC setup.

My son came back home to NJ for the summer on May 20th and he took the laptop to the Best Buy store in Cherry Hill on May 31st for repair. The computer was still under manufacturer's warranty but instead of telling my son that, they sent the computer to their Geek Squad repair center. My son contacted the store a few days later and they said that the hard drive had crashed and that they would need to send it out for repair. The hard drive crashed on on “brand new” computer in less than a month????

Anyway, the store sent the laptop out for repair. And when it came back to the store, the store called and said that we needed to bring in the restore disks for them to complete the repair. My son checked everything that came with the computer and the restore disks are not in there. I went to the Cherry Hill location 3 times to try to resolve this issue only to meet with frustration. On my second visit to the store, I encountered the “Customer Service Manager” (what a joke that was!!) who said that he “WAS TIRED OF HEARING ME DRONE ON”!

When he finally stopped talking over me and decided to look at the receipt, I was told that I paid for PC setup which included the making of the restore disks. The technician wrote down where to look for the CDs in the materials and asked me to have my son look again to see if he could find them. My son said there were no CDs in the box.

I went back to the store a 3rd time and explained that the disks are not there. The Geek Squad Manager said that they could not order the disks because if they ordered the disks for my son's computer, they would have to do it for all the customers.

Based on the fact that my son has not had full use of this laptop since it was purchased in April 2011, I paid for the PC setup and the laptop crashed within 30 days of purchase. I feel that Best Buy Corporation should honor its “commitment to CUSTOMER SERVICE” and pay the $28.99 to get the restore disks from Toshiba and complete the repair to my son's laptop! It is now July 7th, 2011 and my son still does not have his computer!!

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