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Geek Squad
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SOUTHHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI -- August 7th of 2008 I returned a bad gateway monitor. It couldn't be sent off so I was told to get one from stock and there wasn't much to choose from so I got a Samsung 25 inch. Tech said he was sorry he didn't have many monitors to pick from but he didn't keep monitors for power users. I'm no power user..

I had troubles with the Samsung monitor from day one but I thought it was my video card or motherboard, I used trial and error to finally nail down the problem as the monitor. I returned to Best Buy November 17 and was told it couldn't be repaired, to get another monitor from the shelf. So after about 45 minutes or so I got the only monitor my size they had that would work. When I got to the service desk they then told me the Samsung could be sent off after all. So I said "OK. I have no choice, go ahead." There was nothing else he said he could do and once again gave me a very insincere "I'm sorry about that."

The estimated completion date was 11/20/08.. I realize it could take longer than that so I waited till 12/01/08 to call the Geek Squad and was told it was ready and sitting in the floor ready for me to pick up, he was looking at it. I said thanks and went about getting a way up there. I'm disabled and can't drive so I got my son off work to drive me up there.. It's 80 miles to Best Buy from where I live, then 80 miles back.

Well when I got there they told me there was just the two geeks working and neither talked to me. I called Best Buy and hit the extension for the Geek Squad and before I left they asked me my phone number before telling me it was there. It looks to me like it was never sent off if it was sitting in the floor and rather than telling me the truth they came up with they didn't know who I talked to. I just don't believe I was done right from the start, why would they lie?? If it was just 2 of them it had to be one of them.

Also the young man had a smug attitude, he was always very sorry but there was nothing he could do to help me. I asked him if he could ship it back to me so I wouldn't have to have my son take off again and he couldn't even do that.. I asked to speak to his boss and he told me he was the boss. He was really young to be a boss. I went to Best Buy to get a monitor so if I did have trouble I could get it quickly repaired or replaced.Now I haven't had a monitor that's worked right since August and I'm out the money for the video card and new computer plus a wasted trip to Best Buy and now its 12/17/08 and I still don't have a monitor.

Geek Squad-The High Price for Terrible Service
By -

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- The Geek Squad at the Overland Park Kansas Best Buy provided me with one of the most awful if not the absolute worse customer service that I've ever experienced as a consumer. I brought my laptop to the store on October 20, 2008 as it was crashing with blue screen errors, and I was unable to resolve the problem on my own.

The Geek Squad employee at the counter ran a test on the laptop to confirm that it was a software problem, and not an issue with the hard drive. He then explained the options available and the cost. The charge to diagnose and repair the computer was $200.00. This seemed high to me, but I thought that it would be worth the price to have the repair done right.

In retrospect, I should have run for the door when they insisted that I pay in advance before they even started any repairs. However, I paid the $200 and expected a call within at least a week. The week went by with no call so I stopped by the store to check on the laptop. The Geek Squad employee searched for about an hour and could not locate my laptop. He could not tell me if repairs were begun, if it had been shipped off site, he had absolutely no information. He apologized and told me that he would call that evening after locating.

There was no call so I went to the store the next day, and a different employee seemed perplexed that I would suggest the laptop was missing. He told me it was right on the bench being worked on as we spoke. He apologized for nobody calling to tell me the laptop was found. I suspect that they did not start work on it until that day.

A day later, I received a call from the Geek Squad telling me that there was a corrupt memory module in the laptop and asked me if I wanted to have it replaced. They quoted a price of $50 for the memory and $40 to install it. I told the employee that I was shocked they would want to charge $40 to install a stick of memory when I had already paid them $200 for the repair. I told them that I would be willing to buy the memory, but I would certainly not pay an extra $40 for them to install it.

On October 31, the laptop was finally ready. I decided not to purchase the memory from because at this point I lost confidence Best Buy and decided to never shop there again. My advice is to stay away from the Geek Squad. They are too expensive, and when you pay in advance, it takes away their incentive to get the repair done promptly. The manner in which they treat the customer is deplorable. They seemed to lack the basic social skills necessary to communicate with the public, and they seem oblivious to the importance of keeping people informed.

As one who manages people for a living, I know these types of problems are the result of poor management. It is a top-down issue where employees are not given proper training and/or the corporate culture apparently does not value the customer.

Terrible Refund Process: Geek Squad
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- Decided we no longer needed Geek Squad Service from Best Buy in our home and called to cancel. I called the phone number on the order invoice that was sent to me by email. I was transferred to 6 different departments before someone could help me with this simple request. Finally right? No!!! Her telephone connection was so poor I couldn't understand or hear her. Then the line went dead after 38 minutes of this nonsense. Customer satisfaction: ZERO.

Excellent Service By Johny ** Of The Geek Squad
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Rating: 5/51

SALEM, OREGON -- He answered all our questions, cleaned everything up, and was thorough.

Geek Squad Cannot Get Parts for Pc They Sell
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I took my Dell PC to the Geek Squad to have repaired. They made me sign a piece of paper and Then told me it had to be shipped to be repaired. Did not tell me the cost or that I was paying for shipping. It took 11 days before someone called me to tell me that they could not get parts to fix it. I asked them why do you sell Dell PCs, He could not answer. He told me that it would cost more to fix it than what I paid for it. I asked him how he knew what I paid for the PC. Again, he could not answer. I did not buy this Dell from them. Okay send it back...

It took only 2 days before they called me back to say I could pick it up where I had dropped it off. Why only 2 days to return. Was it ever shipped in the first place? So I went to pick it up. Took 20 minutes for them to bring it out. I asked to speak to a Manager and when he finally showed up; I asked him why they take Dell PCs to fix if they cannot get the parts. He stuttered and said they had no way knowing if it can be fixed or not. "Um excuse me but then why are you taking PCs to be fixed if you don't know that you can?". He stuttered again, said he did not know.

I asked why I had to pay shipping fees when I was not told that I had to pay for shipping? He stated I had signed the paper.. I asked him why I was not told before I signed and he said they were not required to tell me... I asked him why there was no proof of shipping on the paper and he said, "I had to look up the confir. number on the paper". I asked, "How did I know if that was MY PC being shipped" and again he had no answer.

I knew I was going to lose my $40.00 to these people for their incompetence, so in a last ditch effort I asked if they would waiver the shipping fees towards a new PC purchase from them. I flashed the hard earned cash I had on me to buy a new computer and he laughed at me. So all in all, my experience with the Geek Squad was horrible. I took my Dell PC to a local repairman and he fixed it within 3 days and it cost a $100.00 dollars. So why can he get parts but Best Buy cannot? BTW, I bought another PC for my son at HH Gregg the same day. Nice people!

Poor Service - Inaccurate Communication
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Rating: 1/51

BEAVERCREEK, OHIO -- September 2012 I purchased a "new" store model computer from Best Buy in Beavercreek. Downloaded files and did not use until January 2013 when old computer died. Three weeks later new computer not functioning. Geek Squad at Best Buy said hard drive failed and it would be sent to Louisville, Kentucky under factory warranty. Staff mentioned several times if I had purchased store warranty from Best Buy, there would have been more they could do.

Three weeks later after weekend trip, returned home to two messages on answering machine and later one actual phone call that my computer was ready for pick-up. At store staff said computer was not ready and seemed to not believe that I had received 3 calls. Four days later Best Buy called that computer was ready. When I got to store and tried to start up computer, it did not work. Staff said now keyboard not working and back to Louisville, Kentucky. Due to my part-time consulting job, I paid $100 for data to be saved before computer shipped off again.

I purchased second new computer from another store and asked Best Buy put on my data I had paid to be saved so I could work. I asked Best Buy to try to quickly put the data on my second new computer, but several trips to the store and days before files placed on computer.

After 9 days I called Best Buy to check progress on first computer's second trip to Louisville, Kentucky. I was told computer had just arrived in Louisville after 8 days. Since Louisville is 160 miles away from store, something delayed shipment? Three days later Best Buy called that computer was ready in the Beavercreek store. At the store I asked for Microsoft Office which I had purchased from Best Busy to be put on computer along with data I had paid them to save. Told it would be ready after 2 days.

When I arrived at store, it was not ready. Several days later back at store, it was still not ready and the person told me that it took a lot of time to put Microsoft Office on a computer (It took me less than 2 hours to download Microsoft Office on my second new computer). Finally on a third trip the computer was ready.

It was a disappointing experience, misinformation caused me to make a number of unnecessary trips to the store. I also learned to avoid purchasing "out of box computers" as it was apparent these must suffer a lot of abuse when they are on display.

Customer Service IS NOT their concern!
By -

RICHFIELD, MINNESOTA -- I purchased a computer for my son on April 23rd, 2011 at the Best Buy store in Alexandria, VA.

My son decided on the Toshiba laptop and the salesperson said that the only one they had was opened. He said that the reason it was opened was that the tech squad had done the PC setup on it so it would be ready to go for the customer right out of the box. The salesperson said that everything was in the box and charged me for the PC setup.

My son came back home to NJ for the summer on May 20th and he took the laptop to the Best Buy store in Cherry Hill on May 31st for repair. The computer was still under manufacturer's warranty but instead of telling my son that, they sent the computer to their Geek Squad repair center. My son contacted the store a few days later and they said that the hard drive had crashed and that they would need to send it out for repair. The hard drive crashed on on “brand new” computer in less than a month????

Anyway, the store sent the laptop out for repair. And when it came back to the store, the store called and said that we needed to bring in the restore disks for them to complete the repair. My son checked everything that came with the computer and the restore disks are not in there. I went to the Cherry Hill location 3 times to try to resolve this issue only to meet with frustration. On my second visit to the store, I encountered the “Customer Service Manager” (what a joke that was!!) who said that he “WAS TIRED OF HEARING ME DRONE ON”!

When he finally stopped talking over me and decided to look at the receipt, I was told that I paid for PC setup which included the making of the restore disks. The technician wrote down where to look for the CDs in the materials and asked me to have my son look again to see if he could find them. My son said there were no CDs in the box.

I went back to the store a 3rd time and explained that the disks are not there. The Geek Squad Manager said that they could not order the disks because if they ordered the disks for my son's computer, they would have to do it for all the customers.

Based on the fact that my son has not had full use of this laptop since it was purchased in April 2011, I paid for the PC setup and the laptop crashed within 30 days of purchase. I feel that Best Buy Corporation should honor its “commitment to CUSTOMER SERVICE” and pay the $28.99 to get the restore disks from Toshiba and complete the repair to my son's laptop! It is now July 7th, 2011 and my son still does not have his computer!!

By -

My computer (as I was told) had an infection. I went to Best Buy because we have done quite a sum of business here in the past, including two business's personal and grandchildren we have just this year spent over $7,800.. The people were all new, looked and acted like high school help, by that I mean experience-wise, today. I guess you have to explain each breath. My computer was to be done on Sunday evening. I waited till Monday mid morning to call the young man told me, "We are waiting for you to bring us a cord." WHAT when were you going call me?

Secondly if you go into a coffee house for coffee do they ask you to bring your cup? You are running a business and don't have the tools to carry out your services. But you have my money. Tried to speak with a store manager. Got an ass. manager (maybe). She told me "oh no that person made a mistake they are working on it and will call you when it is done." I have tried again to get a store MANAGER or district manager to no avail.

Called corporate. After waiting 6 minutes this person had me go threw all of the previous events. It sounded like she put me on hold or something. When I quit talking there was silence then she said what do you want? I said "are you crazy (as a figure of speech)? I have just explained this whole ordeal to you. I want my computer of course." She said "if you would quit calling me names." I said "wait a minute that's one of the big problems in this world today."

Can you believe this what kind of a business is this, no store manager no district manager. But they do have a cocky representative at corporate and my money. As many people as I have sent to this store over the years is only a small part that I will tell about this experience. STAY AWAY from Best Buy in Montrose, Ohio. I am now 6 days behind in my work but that will be my problem .

Not So Mobile
By -

GURNEE, ILLINOIS -- I updated my phone with Best Buy Mobile instead of my phone servicer because of the prices. I was happy with my phone until the speakers when out and I had no sound. I paid extra to get the Geek Squad Service Plan for the phone and thought this was a good decision given all the features they offered. I took my phone back to Best Buy and was told they would have to send the phone off to be fixed and to check back in 2-4 weeks. I asked if everything on my phone would still be there and was told that nothing would be erased from the phone because the issue was with the speakers.

Then I checked back and was told I had to wait a month from the day I brought it in to get any updates on the status of my phone. So I went back to Best Buy a month later only to be told they were escalating the problem to try to get me a new phone and again I would have to come back. On the third trip to the store I was told my phone was fixed and I took it home. As soon as I got home I noticed that there were wires sticking out of the phone and the screen (which slides up) didn't slide up at all and was stuck.

I also found that everything was deleted from the phone. I had no phone numbers, no pictures everything was gone. I took the phone back to the store (after only having my phone back for about 8 hours) only to be told I would have to send the phone back out for repairs and possibly wait another 4-6 weeks for them to try to fix it. I told then to cancel the service plan because I didn't want to wait another month for something else to be wrong with the phone. I will never buy anything from them ever again.

Poor Customer Service, Poor Management Experience, Poor Product Installation
By -

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE -- This is a report on the Best Buy store in Franklin, TN. I purchased a remote car starter as a Christmas gift, fully understanding installation was on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, I was the first customer in line on December 30, 2010.

Five hours later I receive a call from the Geek Squad telling me as a "Heads Up", the car may not be ready until the next day, that he (the person calling) would come in before store hours and try to complete the job. He said "they had been busy that day answering the phone and being pulled away to do other jobs". Or, my other option was to come back, pick the car up, and return for installation on another day. He, the installer, said he would call later that day, if, in fact, the install was made.

So, I decided to go by the store and see what the circumstances actually were. Not surprisingly, upon walking into the store, my car was not being worked on. Work was being done on another vehicle, pulled in behind me... and... I saw customers who were behind me in line earlier in the day, driving away with their installation complete.

I wasn't happy, so went into the store to speak with the manager. Of course, he was "too busy" and unavailable, so I was stuck with the Operations Manager. I explained all of it and the response was not "I'm sorry, let me handle the situation"... or anything resembling customer understanding or appeasement. It was "Let me go back and get their side of the story". He came back with another set of excuses, including "the tech who took the car was not trained to install a remote starter"..yadayadayada. And, he again gave me the option to pick the car up and return. Instead, I told him emphatically to let me speak with the store manager.

And that's where it got even more disappointing. **, the manager, didn't give a damn about me as a customer, only giving additional excuses. There was no consideration of my delayed installation, the fact I was lied to, or the fact my car was not being completed. I barf on that store. So I got the car, returned the merchandise and will never set foot in those stores again.

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