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They Bullied, Harassed, And Blackmailed Me To Get My Repair
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Rating: 1/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I am now seeking both criminal charges as well as compensation. They bullied and blackmailed me until I called the Police, then they humiliated me too. I took my computer in for repair at the Best Buy store at Kings Plaza on Avenue U and Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. They sent it out under warranty and I also told them in addition to hardware, the recovery disk never burned right, so I needed a new recovery disk.

It came back, I tried to pick it up today (6/13/13), I owe no money cause all repairs are covered. They refused to give me a new recovery disk even though it did not burn right out of the box. I would not sign papers saying all work was done to my satisfaction because not all work was done and I could not test what was done.

Tech ** took the computer right out of my hands saying he was "just going to clean it" but then refused to give it back because I would not sign saying all the work was done right (cannot say it unless I can take it home and test it). ** the asst. mgr. said the same thing.

I called the police. While waiting, I called the Best Buy 800 number. The girl on the phone told me I had to purchase the recovery CD for 40 dollars if I wanted my computer back. I told her I didn't owe anything for repairs, that all repairs were covered, and I was not given a disk, so why did I have to pay. She said if I want my computer back, I have to pay 40 dollars for the disk. I asked her name and said I was going to report her, she said "Go [curse word] yourself, I'm not giving you anything" and hung up on me.

I wrote this less than 30 minutes after the incident. ** was right next to me at the end of call, and I told her what they said. She then said that's correct, I have to pay 40 dollars to buy the disk if I want my computer back. Again I emphasized I owed nothing and no software work was done and I didn't get the disk, but they were blackmailing me. I'm not paying for them to restore the computer, I can do that myself, and they won't replace the recovery disks that never burned right in the first place (won't burn it now cause I get intermittent blue screen issues, so OS is faulty, not making a faulty recovery disk).

When the police came, ** changed their stories and lied to the police, saying I only needed to sign to say I got the computer. They kept looking at each other and smiling like it was all some kind of game. It was extremely humiliating, degrading and insulting. I was trying to be honest, and they lied and thought it was funny!

They lied to me, to the police, they took my computer out of my hands forcibly under false pretense, they took my computer hostage and tried to steal it, they harassed and humiliated me even in front of the police, they blackmailed me too. This is not the first problem either. I previously had 150 gift certificate and lost it, and called them immediately. Even though it was not spent yet, they would not replace it because I didn't have the physical receipt since it was a gift, even though I had ALL the numbers written down and could prove I owned it.

Not only that, but my last computer also under warranty with them was supposed to be replaced at 4 repairs. I had to bring it in 6 times for repairs before they would replace it, and made 4 extra trips because they would not fix defective repairs (the new screen had dings in it), IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

And now making things even worse, here it is three days later I just now turned on the computer at home to set it up to do some work, and I got another BAD surprise from them. Here's what they did. When they first turned it on in the store in front of me BEFORE they forcibly took it out of my hands under false pretense, I had both internal drives working fine (its supposed to have 2 internal drive at 500 Gb each, total of 1 Tb storage).

After all that fighting and he took out of my hands by force while lying about the reason because I would not sign the papers saying work was done when it was not, now it only shows ONE internal drive. He removed the other drive on purpose because it was working when he first turned it on BEFORE the crap hit the fan. The jerk stole my second drive in spite!!!

Bad Management
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Rating: 1/51

XHANDLER, ARIZONA -- Firstly I am elderly and disabled. My son bought a 46-in RCA TV for me at Best Buy near the Chandler AZ Mall. The store manager there is named **. The television developed a 3-inch blurred line on the right hand side and I called the store last night about 8PM and talked to an associate. She told me to just bring the television back to the store since I had just gotten it in Jan and they would replace it with another.

I got a friend to load the TV in my car and took it back to the store this morning. When I got there an associate took the TV from the car and into the store. And associate in the store listened to my complaint and I told him what I was told. He took the TV, plugged it in and waited for the problem to appear.

Once he saw what it was he told me there was nothing he could do except send it in for a repair that would take six to eight weeks. I told him what I was told the night before and he said that he would not do that so I asked for a manager. I waited about 25 minutes and the manager ** came to me and I explained the problem to him, he said nothing but walked into another room in the store and another male came out with a Geek Squad shirt and began said to me “what's your problem” and I again explained why I was there.

He listened and told me that there was nothing he could do to help me, I noticed that the manager ** was now standing behind me. I asked this associate if he was the manager and he said no. So I turned to ** and asked him if he was the manager and he replied he was and I asked him why this other associate was speaking for him. He then began to tell me that he called the evening manager and that manager had no idea what I was talking about and in fact said that he had received no phone call the night before, then the previous associate said that he was the manager last night and he did not receive any such call.

I then asked ** why he thought I would lie about something like this, specifically being elderly and disabled as it was very difficult to get this large TV back to Best Buy. I asked him why he thought I would go through all that trouble and why in fact he would call me a liar. He responded that it made no difference to him and that there was nothing he was going to do so I should just call RCA and complain to them.

I responded that this was not a good enough solution for me and that I needed them to fulfill the agreement that I had received the night before and to replace the TV now. ** then got really close up in my face and said “I told you there was nothing I can do.” My son who was there believed that ** was threatening me and moved up to ** and told him to back his “ass” up. ** then turned to my son and told him he wanted him to leave the store and he was going to escort him out now. I repeated that we would gladly leave the store once the problem was solved and to solve it all he had to do was give me another TV and we would be gone.

** once more stepped up really close to me as if to intimate me and told me to leave the store now. He said that he would have someone put the TV in my car but he would do nothing else. He told me if I did not leave he would call the police and I suggested that was a good idea because I feel he was threatening me unnecessarily and I would wait for them to come.

My wife then insisted that we leave and pulled the car up front and they put the TV into it and I now have it back in my home unrepaired. I do not have to say much more to explain how I feel about ** the manager and Best Buy. But it is shameful to treat elderly disabled people in this manner.

Best Buy's PSP Is a Joke
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- 18 months ago I purchased a Samsung 50" HDTV DLP TV from Best Buy (#291 near the Galleria in Houston, Texas) from their extremely pushy and arrogant sales people. They convinced me that the unit would be in dire danger if I didn't buy a 100 buck surge protector and their 4 year PSP plan at another 250 bucks, in addition to the 4000 dollar television.

Only two months later, white spots appeared on the screen. They sent a half-wit out that couldn't speak any English and would not fix the problem, saying it would take a month to get the part in and they'd have to have the TV the whole time. I figured I would just let him leave and schedule someone else. Two more times they sent someone out, both times they "couldn't recreate the problem" and made no repairs.

The fourth visit was for a loud spinning noise. The technician fixed it on the spot and stated in his service ticket as replacing the color wheel. He saw the spots, but didn't have the necessary tools to fix it. Requested replacement under No Lemon Policy, technician said no. 125 bucks (covered under PSP).

The fifth visit was because the TV would not turn on, or would turn off after being on for a few minutes. The technician did not have the part and had to order a DMD. Requested No Lemon, technician denied saying the unit had not been "repair" 3 times, only had technician visits. 600 bucks (covered under PSP).

The returning (different) technician, a week later, would not install the DMD because he "could not recreate the problem", even though the first technician COULD recreate it and signed off on the order. No repair. The TV didn't work the next day. Same technician a week later, "could not recreate the problem", but cleaned the lens saying that was what caused the white spots on the screen. Requested Lemon, no from technician.

Eighth visit because screen would not come on. Same technician as previous two times. Replaced the lamp unit. 220.00 bucks (covered under PSP). Requested Lemon, technician said unit had to be repaired 3 times and a 4th service call requested.

Ninth visit because TV had repeating characters all the way across the screen. Needed to order part. I requested a new unit (not Samsung) under the No Lemon Policy. After reviewing receipt, the technician called his supervisor in Dallas who had to issue a ticket number.

He then called the insurance company who manages the PSP policy (AIG Warranty Guard, part of AIG) and the lady argued with him about what constitutes a replacement or not and what repairs had been done on the TV AND what each part replaced did and cost. She finally approved the replacement. I was told that the order should be uploaded to the store that I purchased the unit from by that afternoon and to call them to verify and ask any questions.

Around 11am (on a Thursday) I called the store (#291) with questions on how the replacement would work. After spending about 5 minutes answering telephone tree questions, the phone at Customer Service rang for another 10 minutes, and then was picked up and hung back up.

I called back at around 1:30 and went through the same routine. Instead of being hung up on, after 10 minutes of ringing the phone went back to the main menu tree. I tried several different departments, all of which rang back to the main menu after 10 minutes EACH. At 2:30 I called AGAIN. Same thing as the first time, was hung up on after letting the phone ring for about 10 minutes.

At 4:00 I called yet again. Phone tree... Customer Service ringing and ringing. This time someone picked up the phone, but instead of speaking or hanging up, they placed me on hold immediately. I was on hold for 25 minutes before hanging up.

I called the 1-888 and asked how it would work, that I didn't want another Samsung DLP TV. He said they would issue a voucher for the purchase price of the product if that was the case and I would be able to pick out what I wanted. If the amount was more, I would pay the difference, the amount was less, I would be given a gift card for the remainder. This was confirmed by ** at the corporate office.

Finally I decided to just go to the store with the television. After waiting in line for about 30 minutes (I can never figure out why there's always 6 people behind the customer service desk, not to mention the 50 or so wandering around the store talking to each other with nothing to do, but only ONE customer service station opened, even during the Christmas holiday), I told the CS guy I had the PSP and had been approved for a replacement. He asked to see my receipt, and after reviewing it stated that I couldn't get a replacement because it had been more than 30 days since I purchased the item. What???

I again stated that it was covered under the PSP and already been approved for replacement. His response was the same, that replacements were only covered during the first 30 days. I asked to see his supervisor, who disappeared for another 10 minutes and came back with a sheet of paper and my information on it. He told me to go and give it to a salesperson in the Home Theater area. I did.

He tried to sell me yet another surge protector and a 6000 plasma, even though all I wanted was a replacement for the one I had purchased. I had decided to get a 42" plasma from Panasonic (which I had confirmed was available at that store on the Best Buy website) and use the remainder of the amount as payment on a smaller plasma for the master bedroom.

I was immediately told that the Panasonic in question was out of stock, even though I had already confirmed it was there... but would I like a 50" Sony instead? I told the salesperson no and started looking for something else. He came back a few minutes later and said his manager had told him that I could only get a 50" Samsung DLP. I told him I didn't want that, I didn't like DLP, and asked to speak to his manager. 10 minutes later ** showed up and presented himself as "the Manager". I told him what I wanted. His response was that they could only replace like items, that if I had a 50" DLP I had to replace it with another 50" DLP.

I read to him the warranty agreement about the voucher. He said it was at the discretion of the store manager, and that if I wanted to get something else, I could only have a voucher for the amount that the 50" DLP was selling for, which was 2000 bucks!

Only 18 months after I had purchased the item, almost 10 service calls later before they would replace the item, and he offers HALF of what I paid for it. Even better was that if I chose something that cost less, I wouldn't get the difference, and if I chose something that was more, I would have to pay the difference. He continued to argue with me. I told him I spoke with both customer service at the 1-888 number AND someone named ** from corporate and they both told me the same thing. His response was that corporate didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

I tried calling corporate but they were closed. I went ahead and went with the deal, thinking I'd take it up with his boss area manager. When I went to check out with customer service, they refunded the ENTIRE amount of the original purchase (3788.74) but then raised the price of the item that I was purchasing (originally 2100) to match the amount of the refund! I also noticed that the "manager" that signed off on the exchange was not, in fact the "manager" of the store, as he had claimed, but the Home Theater Area Manager. I'm not finished with this yet. Best Buy has horrible customer service, pushy and obnoxious sales staff, and rude management.

FRAUD! Paid for $1000 Television and Got a $700 Television
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Rating: 1/51

DUNWOODY, GEORGIA -- FRAUD!! My husband and I paid for a Panasonic Viera model #TC-P50ST60, a $1000 television, bought at the Best Buy at Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody/Atlanta GA. When the television died (within the warranty period) and we contacted Panasonic for repairs, we found out it wouldn't be covered because the television on the receipt did not match the television Best Buy actually gave us. The television they gave us (model #TC-P50T60) was identical in appearance, but was only $700 because it did not have 3D (we had never attempted to use the 3D so did not realize it was missing).

So now I am out not only $300 for the difference in what I paid for and what I received, but also $1000 because the repair will not be covered under warranty and the set is useless. Best Buy refuses to assist us, although I was told by a local employee that they can simply check their inventory records for the week we bought the television to see if there is a discrepancy. Best Buy won't even do that. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Vizio Smart TV Nightmare With Best Buy
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On October 10th unfortunately, I purchased a Vizio Smart TV in Best Buy store located at Dadeland Station, Miami, Fl for $869.98 plus another 219.51 for offshore shipping. As I am international customer to check or inspect the TV in the store at the moment of purchasing, it was not a options according with Best Buy sales policy.

The product itself is supposed to have a one year warranty??? According with the sale staff and the start Vizio guide but after this situation, I am along wasting more than $1.000. Now I am receiving a TV with a factory screen defective. I remark received a very well package with excellent in and out conditions but clearly with factory defective. I am trying my best effort in order to resend the product back to Florida with a very expensive cost.

Refusal to Excahnge Defective TV, Out of the Box
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Rating: 1/51

WATERFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I purchased a TV. The box had a small dent in it. When I went to assemble the TV, the screen had some marks on it and was defective. It was apparent also that the TV had been repackaged. Best Buy refused to exchange it. They accused me of damaging it. I did not - I handled it very carefully. I had to buy a new one, and the new box also had dents. They claimed they would never let a box out of their store with dents - obviously a false claim. I am suing them in small claims court. I have given them a lot of business, and was very disappointed with how they treated me.

Store Credit Was Offered in Place of Cash After Destroying My Dad's TV!!!
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Rating: 1/51

PASADENA, TEXAS -- My dad's TV decided not to turn on after only six months of owning it. He had insurance on it, so he took it in to get it repaired. They took the TV and shipped it to wherever it is they send it for repairs. When he went to pick up his TV they said that the TV was destroyed in shipping and is now unfixable and the best they could do is give him store credit towards a new TV. That's BS because he got it on sale and he really liked that brand and they no longer carry it! He asked for his money back so he could take his business elsewhere and they told him no that it had to be store credit!

After THEY destroyed it! Who wants to buy something again from someone who was so inefficient the first time around?? So he ended up having to spend MORE money out of pocket to get another TV of the same size as his old one! Best Buy you just lost a longtime customer! We have shopped there many years but after that incident... Never again!

Best Buy Practices False Advertisement
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Rating: 1/51

ON-LINE, USA, FLORIDA -- On 04/18/2012 Best Buy decided to abruptly and without considering me as the excellent customer that I am, to just cancel my two pre-orders: Order # ** placed on 03/23/12 and order # ** placed on 04/08/12. For 2 each order, totaling 4 of the Dark Shadows LIMITED edition DVD collection of 2500 copies, a signed and limited edition numbered one. I had plenty of chance to pre-order from at same price, or at for $360.00 instead of Best Buy price of $419.99, since I believe that Best Buy was a reliable and trustworthy Company.

I wish Best Buy respected us, its customers, a lot more. Best Buy sold this same limited edition set, in big quantities, to scalpers that now are selling them 3 times as much in secondary markets such as eBay. Best Buy practices FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, and plays this PRE-ORDER TRICK to customers that trust Best Buy, to prevent us from pre-ordering from their competition, to then just tell us they are sorry and that the PRE-ORDER had been canceled.

This is a very dirty trick from Best Buy, and I will escalate it to whoever I have to until I get what I pre-ordered. They believe that just by telling us to order the other set, the one that is coming out in 07/10/2012, and that will be mass produced without signature and limited edition number?? What kind of customer policy integrity you have? I had the chance to pre-order it somewhere else, but I decided to order for the "trusted" and "reliable" Best Buy. You need to get me what I pre-order. I hope somebody at Best Buy Corporate gets this message and takes OWNERSHIP accordingly! Thank you kindly.

Rethink Your Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

You need to know. Purchased a 42 inch lg flat screen from best buy feb 6th 2012. Three weeks later I noticed a 45 degree shadow in each of the lower corners of the screen. I called the geek squad and made a service appointment. No one showed up or called. The next day went by and not a word. So I called again, this time I was put on hold 15 minutes and a second appointment was made to inspect my new set.

after the inspection was done at my home in broken english it was explained to I need a new lcd screen. To me the means replace the tv!! Two weeks from now I may get my new set fixed; best buy the geek squad and the service department sucks.

They Lie
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Rating: 1/51

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- After just 28 days, my TV developed a small in the screen, it happened as I adjusted the set to get it from reflecting to sun light from a window. So I took the set back to the Appleton Best Buy store, within their 30 day return policy. They refused to take it back or to explain why they wouldn't. I asked if the mfg of the TV would replace it. Again SO Sorry sucker. So after just 29 days I'm out $450.00. I will not shop there again and hopefully this review will make others think twice before they do. Best Buy LIES!!!

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