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How I Was Robbed by B H I Wireless
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1410 BROADWAY BETWEEN 38TH AND 39TH STREET, NEW YORK -- First off, my horrible experience could have been avoided by doing proper research, so I would strongly recommend anyone who is buying electronic equipment to look up the prices of what you want to get before you buy it. All the same, the extent to which BHI overcharged me can only be called robbery. And I still went ahead and blindly bought the stuff even though while I was buying it, an angry woman came in shouting and saying she's going to stand outside their shop all day and tell everyone that they are thieves. I could kick myself.

Once I looked up the prices of the items I bought on the Internet, it seemed that they charged me DOUBLE for the phone I bought than the highest price on the internet and $100 extra on some audio equipment. I haven't yet looked into the other item I purchased as I am trying to forget it. All in all, my stupidity and naivety cost me in the region of $400 that I wouldn't have paid even if I got no discount at ANY OTHER SHOP I RESEARCHED. Right now, I can only hope that someone reads this and doesn't go there and especially that the wrongness of what they are doing in that shop comes back to bite them one day. I am completely shocked and feel financially raped.

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