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Bedroom Suite Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

PIKEVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My husband and I purchased a bedroom suite from Big Sandy Superstore in the Pikeville, KY location approximately a month ago and it has been nothing but a disappointment and aggravation. The salesperson, Kendra was unclear about the promotion regarding the bedroom suite which lead to the beginning of our disappointing experience.

My understanding was the bedroom suite included the head and foot board media stand, 50 inch TV, mirror and dresser and nightstand. When the furniture was delivered we couldn't of ask for better delivery staff. They were very respectful and courtesy in our home. We had to send dresser back and headboard due to damaging of product; however, nightstand was not on invoice to be delivered. Contacted local store, the lady who answered said nightstand was on back order until middle of May. After speaking to my husband he called the store back and spoke to store manager because the salesperson said they were fully stocked with nightstands.

When my husband spoke with the manager he said nightstand was not included in promo, which was not how the salesperson presented promo. We visited the store the next business day due to confusion for nightstand and the charge of TV on invoice which was presented by salesperson as free with purchase of bedroom suite. We spoke to our salesperson, she said the furniture price was decreased to include TV for purchase of warranty, which, I took as false advertisement because you do pay for TV. After speaking with salesperson about TV and nightstand we switched out mirror and dresser for night which was to be delivered on the following Wed.

I told the salesperson we would not be home until the evening because my husband and I both work. Luckily my father in law was here when they delivered at 12:30 when we had plainly told salesperson we couldn't be home until 3:30- 4:00. The new headboard wasn't brought to switch out and the mirror wasn't picked up so the next delivery was scheduled for the following Wed. We plainly said we couldn't be home until 8:30 P.M. due to church service. I was contacted at 7 to let me know delivery staff was at our home. We were supposed to be scheduled for Sat. Friday I had not been contacted with delivery time.

Called local store lady that answered said they were delivering to area on Sat and would call me back with time. The lady never returned our call. My husband called store manager eventually spoke to Brandon; in which, Brandon said they didn't delivery on Saturdays anymore. My husband had proceeded to try to explain we originally had received our bedroom suite on Sat. two weeks prior that our area was serviced on Wed and Saturday only; however, I had seen delivery staff in our area the previous Tues.

After contacted the delivery staff they were the only informative employees regarding our delivery time. Our headboard was delivered today; in which, the headboard was not inspected before leaving warehouse; in which the delivery staff checked before switching out and was very apologetic about confusion. Due to our recent experience with Big Sandy Superstore we have made our first and final purchase.

Poor Customer Service From the "Service Department"
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Rating: 1/51

PORTSMOUTH, OHIO -- I called the Big Sandy Superstore in Portsmouth where I purchased my washer and dryer to put in a service request on my washer that had recently stopped working. The customer service representative told me that she'd have someone from the service department contact me to schedule an appointment. After a week had passed without a call from them, I called back and they assured me that someone would contact me to schedule an appointment.

After four more days had passed, I called back and the soonest that they could schedule an appointment was one week later on a day that my wife and I both had to work. I asked the technician if he could schedule me for late in the day after I got off of work. He told me that the technician would have to call the morning of and could set it up for one of the last appointments of the day. I told him that he would have to call my wife at work to do so because I do not have access to a phone while at work. On the day of the appointment after I got off work I received a message from the technician trying to set up the appointment for the day.

I first called my wife at work to see if they had contacted her, she stated that they hadn't called yet. I then called the service department inquiring as to when he would be arriving. The agent on the phone put me on hold and came back after 10 minutes and said that they could come 2 days later. I explained that I had been nearly 4 weeks trying to get this appointment and asked if they could come that day and she stated that they were booked up for that day.

I later called back to service department to speak with the service manager, I was put on hold. She later came back and told me that the service manager had stepped out and she took my contact information and said she'd have him call me back. I still never haven't receive that callback and in the future I will get my appliances elsewhere.

Repair Service From Big Sandy
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PORTSMOUTH, OHIO -- I purchased a new Frigidaire gallery side by side freezer/refrigerator from Big Sandy in August 2011. The freezer stopped freezing 3 weeks later. I called the Big Sandy service department and the soonest that they could send a technician to my home was one week later. He came, decided it was a faulty "motherboard" and told me he would order the part. One week later the part came in and the technician was scheduled to come back to install the new part one more week later. So three weeks later he installed the part -- still didn't work. Again, the technician was scheduled for one week later, one week for a new part, and ten days this time for him to come back.

New part -- still didn't work. We went through this again with another repair and still no solution. So I've been without a freezer for 3 months. Finally Big Sandy agreed to replace the whole unit, but of course they do not have any in stock right now. Hopefully I will get a new refrigerator by the New Year. Maybe. I hope.

In the meantime, I found out that the constantly running compressor that first three weeks while waiting for the "motherboard" cost me an extra $350 in electricity. After the last non-fix, the compressor started to run again constantly (while still not freezing) and I found out that the freezer portion cannot be disconnected. I cannot afford the extra electricity, so I have unplugged the whole unit.

I am very sorry I bought this refrigerator and especially sorry that I purchased Big Sandy appliance service. It is ridiculous for them to take three weeks for a repair, especially on an appliance that is such a necessity in our homes these days. They explain that they don't have enough technicians right now. If they don't have enough employees to offer timely repairs, then they should not offer service plans and lie about what great service they can offer. Frigidaire is no help either -- they say I should have called them since this is under factory warranty.

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CHILLICOTHE,, OHIO -- I decided to purchase new washer and dryer. While at the furniture store my husband and I had a strong disagreement on which products to buy. He insisted on purchasing a high dollar Whirlpool Duet Front loader washer/dryer set. I wanted to purchase a cheaper product d/t fact that in my experience appliances are not much on longevity and why spend that much money on a more expensive set. In talking to the sales representative I was convinced that my husband was correct and that this new system would be worth the purchase.

Much to my dismay, my initial instinct was right. We purchased the nearly 3500 dollar system and a little over a year has passed and now the washer is on the brinks and the factory warranty has recently expired. We will have to pay to have it repaired. That much money for 1 yr service and it was used gently. We are retired and no children at home to wash for. I don't recommend people going for the higher priced appliances when the cheaper one is just as good or better.

My husband and I are on a fixed income d/t disability and don't have expensive repair fees built into our budget. I am truly disappointed in this product. It sounds like it is going to spin a bearing at any moment. I only hope that the expense of having it repaired this soon is not too outrageous. Truly disappointed.

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