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Bad Salesmen - Bad Service!
By -

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I bought a '04 Mustang GT from Bill Brit VW last year that I had seen online and was interested in. I went in with my mom and at first, the salesmen seemed nice and I thought everything would go smooth. The car was definitely overpriced for a '04 Mustang with not low enough mileage, which we told the salesman. When sitting at the table to go through with looking into getting a loan on the car, the salesman then told us the prices on their cars don't budge and they will not drop the price of any car. It's a rule of theirs. Which we were very surprised about, because how can you be a good dealership and aren't willing to work with an interested customer?

If that wasn't enough, the salesman was then on the phone with banks for a very long time, a couple hours, and came out with an attitude to finally tell us no bank will approve us for a loan (BECAUSE of the fact the car was overpriced & was not worth what they were asking. I have great credit also by the way). That's when we ALSO found out that none of the salesmen there make any commission and simply get paid by the hour, which, AH, finally all made sense as to why all the salesmen were making it so hard for us to buy this damn car, because they simply did not care because they didn't get anything out of it for themselves!!

After much arguing about the price of the car, we told the salesman to call the manager which FINALLY agreed to dropping the price of the car some. And FINALLY a bank approved us on a loan for the car. This literally took all day trying to buy this car!

Because of this it seemed like every salesman in the damn place had an attitude with us and were giving us looks the rest of the time. That day I had noticed something wrong with the car (can't remember exactly what; this was a year ago) and wanted them to of course fix this for free.

I finally got the car a week later only to find the tires needed to be aligned because the steering wheel would shake at certain speeds, but I decided not to even bother with trying to get them to do this because I know it would be another big deal and decided to just save myself the trouble and wasted time. However when picking up the car, I asked the salesman for a few replacement lugnut covers for the car because many were missing. He was annoyed as hell but said he would, and I never heard back from them about the lugnut covers or received any. I just let the whole thing go and got everything done myself.

Please, if you're going to buy a car, don't even look at the inventory here because it's not worth it!!! They don't care about selling cars because they don't make commission so they just don't care and they don't care about customer satisfaction, or the fact that you are giving the company 10-20,000 dollars buying a freakin' car!

If you want good customer service, go to Karen ** Woodbridge or StafFord Rosner Toyota. Don't step foot here. They seem nice at first but once you sit down at the table, it's all downhill from there...No one should have to go through that much to GIVE someone else their money. It was really upsetting/frustrating because it was a car I really loved. Shop elsewhere for a car!!

Ripped Off Re Oil Leak in VW Jetta
By -

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- On January 12th, 2010 I brought my VW Jetta in to Bill Britt's VW Fredericksburg to be fixed. I paid a total of $420.00 for an oil leak which was a result of a missing bolt. The diagnosis did not detect the missing bolt but that the leak was from valve cover gasket. Five days later on the 17th I took the car back to the dealership because the oil leak was still there. The day I brought the car back I was told I would be called before the close of business re the car. However, I didn't receive any phone calls. I called the next day and was told that the timing chain cover bolt needed replacement. This was replaced at no charge to me.

I questioned the total cost of replacing the bolt but was told that it is hard to calculate. This is upsetting because I was charged for something (valve cover gasket) that didn't need replacing. After checking with another dealership I was told the total cost for replacing that bolt would be $60.00. Now Bill Britt overcharged me by at least $300. But this gets more interesting. A month and a half later my car is still leaking oil. I brought it into the same Bill Britt dealership on March 1st for the same prob and now I've been told that the leak is coming from timing cover area and it's a minimum of $1200 for labor to disassemble and reassemble the timing cover.

I would not encourage anyone to take their car to that dealership because they are trying to rip people off and their customer service is awful. They don't call you at all when you bring your car in to give you any updates or anything. I would have rather they told me from January that they cannot fix the car and refer me somewhere else. They overcharged me in January and my car is still leaking oil. They obviously did not fix the problem. The service manager is supposed to call and he still has not done so yet.

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