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Buyer Beware!
By -

JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- Buyer beware of the Bill Jacobs Auto Group in Joliet Illinois. Has provided me with the worst car buying experience of my lifetime. It all started with the credit department calling me to say after my contract was signed that they were unable to approve a loan two days after I had the car home. I have impeccable credit so when I received this call I was dumbfounded at which time I inquired with the woman on the phone if she had the right customer, her response to me was that maybe when I calm down and become more rational to give her a callback.

No, mind you at no time during this conversation did I raise my voice or become objectionable in any manner. I called my salesperson and let her know the situation and she stated our mistake, "you are fine." It was at this time that I requested my salesperson contact her credit manager and have her call and apologize for her mistake and rudeness displayed over the telephone. I had received a phone message stating her name, "your financing is OK," and then hung up, no apology and not even a goodbye or thank you.

"Their mistake," she had called me instead of another customer, no apology given for the mistake and the insult and disrespect that was expressed to me over the telephone by what was supposed to be the dealerships finance professional. it was after hearing that message that a got a bad feeling about this purchase and of things to come.

Second was a simple oil change performed by their "factory trained technicians" in which the oil filter gasket was left on the engine from the previous oil filter (amateur mistake) which caused the oil filter to loosen and not seal properly which left me on the side of the road in the middle of a rural area in 10 degree temps with no oil in the car. I am mechanically inclined and was able to get to a gas station and a Wal-Mart obtain the supplies needed and fixed the car.

In the process of this ordeal I missed my client call in which I lost a contract sale valued at 2K $, ruined my suit, incurred expenses and became sick and had problems moving over the following days due to the extreme colds effect on the neuropathy in my legs from my diabetic condition. Thank God that I did not have my infant son and 4 yr old daughter in the car, they would have frozen before we could have been helped. Now many people would have kept driving under the circumstances and seized the engine in the car (would have cost the dealership easily 7-8K $).

When I presented the circumstances and my concerns over the integrity of the internal engine components and bearings resulting from the lack of lubrication due to their faulty service work to my car, the service manager stated they would reimburse me for all expenses incurred and to bring the car in for them to inspect.

I brought the car in under the condition that I be present for the inspection. The inspection consisted of the service technician shining a flashlight near the oil filter and at which time I presented the oil filter and extra gasket that was the problem. Upon further inspection of the car I noticed that I had lost a lug nut which they obviously did not torque down properly when they had inspected my brakes. I asked the tech to torque down all of the lug nuts, which he did.

My requests of a warranty extension due to lack of lubrication to internal engine components and bearings as well as the reimbursement for my expenses were presented to the service manager, the head service manager for the auto group and the general manager for the auto group have been promised they would reimburse me for my expenses and discuss the matter of a new engine or warranty extension, at which time I was told the check was in the mail and I would receive a call back Monday April 13th in the AM by the general manager for the auto group with a resolution and I have received neither.

This whole issue has with promises of resolution and reimbursement of my expenses has been going on for close to a month now without a resolution. So I have contacted an attorney (family) who specializes in these types of claims and he has informed me that this an open and shut case of dealership negligence, but to wait to try to have the matter resolved without having to file a petition with the court.

One nice thing is that the offer to represent me free of charge makes the decision should I have to pursue this matter that much easier. This a route that I would rather not pursue as I am a believer in customer service (I am employed in sales/management) and I believe in honesty and integrity and that is how I conduct my personal and professional life, but this is getting to the point of where legal representation may be the only option. There are many other issues at hand here, but these are the most important.

Don't get me wrong. I love the Subaru products and have been a loyal customer, but this dealership has been and continues to be the worst buying experience I have ever been in contact with. In a time when the customer should be valued more than ever in a failing economy, this group has showed their true colors and lack of customer appreciation and professional service on so many levels from start to finish with the purchase of my car.

Once again buyer beware of the Bill Jacobs Auto Group in Joliet Illinois. Once I have a resolution to these issues at hand I will update my post to reflect accurately what has been done to resolve the issues on the table with the Bill Jacobs Auto groups management. Until then BUYER BEWARE!!

Give Them a Try
By -

JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- After the past few winters, I had enough with my rear wheel drive 2005 Cadillac CTS. I decided on an AWD car and I decided it would be a Subaru. I visited the surrounding Subaru dealers and settled on Bill Jacobs Subaru because unlike the others, they didn't "play the game". They didn't have the model I wanted but said they would have it at the dealership within an hour. I told them I would go have lunch and come back in about an hour. When I came back it was there! On the first go-around, they were only slightly higher than the other Subaru dealerships and it had taken me at least an hour to get to those prices. I made my deal and went home.

After driving the car for a few days, I realized that I should have gotten the 6cyl engine instead of the 4cyl. I had always had a V8 or 6cyl but I convinced myself the 4 would be alright. I did not want this car! To prepare myself, I called another dealership and asked if there was any way to return a car. I was told that since I signed the papers and paid cash that I had no recourse. They put it very bluntly that I OWNED IT! This dealer said that they could take it in on trade but it would probably cost me several thousand dollars in addition to the difference between the two cars. I even called the bank to see if the check had gone through. I was sick.

I went to Bill Jacobs Subaru and explained that I had made a mistake. I waited about 10 min. (and prepared myself) when the manager came out and said that they found a 6cyl Legacy, but it would take a day or two. That was it! They were able to show me a copy of the window sticker on the car and only asked me to pay the difference.

What if I had bought the car from the dealer I called for advice? All anyone at Bill Jacobs Subaru ever said was, "This is why people buy from us. This is why Bill Jacobs has been in business for 50 years." This is an abbreviated copy of the letter I sent to Mr. Jacobs. In his reply, he sent me a coupon for a free oil change. You have to give these guys a try!

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