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Excellent Product!!!!
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I never write reviews, but today I felt I had to. I first bought the rug scrubber, the ProHeat 2x clean shot, and I scrubbed my carpets and could not believe what we were playing with my 10 month old son on. YUCK!!!! I was amazed at how wonderful the carpets looked when I was done. They looked new.

Then I decided it was time for a new vac. I have Central vac, and thought it did a good job, but I was wrong. My mom purchased the Bissell Lift-Off, told me how great it was, and even after scrubbing my carpets that I would be amazed at how much I pull out of the carpet. So I went out to purchase one. I suggest going to Target if you choose to buy one. They are the cheapest, and they give you a $20 gift card for Target when you buy it there. You get the gift card right at checkout. So this vac, it is wonderful, the best vac I have ever used. I vac'd the carpets that I already scrubbed, and still pulled out a lot of dog hair and dirt.

So I went over the carpet again, I went room by room, and every time I finished a room I would empty the canister, and do it again, I kept going till the dirt container was empty. Then I scrubbed the carpets again. Was really impressed now. When I was scrubbing before I had this vac, I said I'm going to scrub these carpets every weekend till the water comes out clean. Well, now the water was clean!! So now I feel really good about letting my children play on the carpets. I know they are clean. The whole house smells great too. I have 3 kids, and 3 dogs, so you can only imagine what I pulled out of them carpets.

I have always had to vac everyday, but now when I vac, I see what I pull out, and I am very happy with the results. My carpets look great, my house smells great, and my kids are playing on a very clean carpet. Now, a lot of people have complained about the scrubber using too much solution.

My suggestion, and this is what I did, and my carpets are clean: think of it this way, if you are going out and spending a bunch of money on the solution all the time, just use the money and buy the vac. Get all of that dirt out of there before you scrub. The vac is easier than scrubbing anyway. Go over your carpet till the dirt cup is clean. Then when you put the solution in the scrubber, only fill it up with solution to the line that you should fill it when you are using the concentrated solution. Then fill the rest with water. You will get the same results, you will save money on solution, and you will save time, a lot of time if you use the vac first.

I honestly can't say enough about these two products. Another thing, the cords on both of them are long. I can't remember exactly how long they are, but I know I do not have to unplug and plug in like I did with the other upright I had. I love these products, and I suggest everyone get them, you will not be sorry. If you have pets, the Lift-Off is excellent. It was made for homes with pets, and it really does the job. It exceeded my expectations, and I always have high expectations. I am very pleased. I know you will be too. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. I have done it all with both of these machines, and I will be happy to help with anything I can. Good Luck.

One more thing, the scrubber is no longer sold in stores. My mom got hers at Wal-Mart, but I had to order mine online through Amazon. They seemed to be the cheapest. DO NOT buy solution online. Go to the store, they kill you the shipping. I bought the solution for pet odor and stains. It's in a pink bottle. It's great and smells good too!! They will give you a sample of a concentrated solution in the box when you buy the scrubber. It is really good too, and I like the smell of that even more than the bottle I have. The concentrate will probably be the one I buy next time, when I run out of this huge bottle I have now.

Even with the concentrate, if you choose to but that one, I didn't even fill it to the line - they tell you to. I filled it right to the curve, and filled the rest with water. It was still great, and smelled awesome!! I know I keep going on and on. One of my dogs who is 12 years old, she is my baby, she has incontinence, so she tends to leak on my carpets. Before I had the scrubber I would sit there for a half hour scrubbing it up by hand, and it still didn't seem clean to me. Now, I pull the scrubber out and have it scrubbed up in minutes. I rinse the dirty water out, and put it away.

I leave the solution in there since I use it so much. My mom said she leaves hers in too, but she doesn't use hers as much. I guess that would be up to you, but I see no reason why you can't leave it in there. I hope this helped everyone, if you made it this far. Sorry it was so long, I just really want everyone to know how great these products really are. Again if you have any questions, feel free to leave a post.

Bissell Carpet Cleaners And Vacuums
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Rating: 1/51

As a long time repairman repairing everything from airplanes, boats, all appliances of any kind including many vacuums and the like. This is one company I will not deal with. They will not ship a part to you if something breaks. Bring it to a authorized repair shop. That is their strict policy. What if I want to repair the item myself? "We do not send out parts." Having been a purchasing agent for a fleet of Dutch Harbor fishing boats I've never had a company do or say that.

Needless to say I threw out all of the Bissell machines - those on the boats, at the office, and even at my mom's. All replaced with something that I can order parts for direct from the company. Thanks Bissell for being so supportive for your repair dealers. I just don't need them.

How to get satisfaction
By -

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- On Nov. 15, 2009, I purchased a Bissell "Pet Hair Eraser" vacuum. It worked fine a couple times and then broke a belt. I replaced the belt and it broke another one. This time, I took it to the Grand Rapids Repair store on 28th St. They didn't seem too surprised when I told them the problem. I left it and went back a week or so later and brought the vacuum home. It ran awhile and then I found it wasn't picking up. So I called the company, and was told to take it back to where I bought it as I was demanding a refund on what seemed to be a obvious "lemon". The store had a 90-day return policy and as this was April, 2010 I was out of luck.

SO I called the company and spoke to the manager and was told to bring to the COMPANY! This involves a 100 mile round trip, (and I'm 82) but I took it up there! A few days later, I received a call, saying there was nothing wrong with the vacuum and I could come and get it which I did!! Another 100 mile trip!! Got it home, tried it and all it did was rearrange the animal hair on the floor!! I ran it almost 15 minutes and that was ALL it did!! This is Saturday so Monday morning I'm calling again. I just don't know what to do. I paid $187.60 for this "lemon" and I am thoroughly disgusted with this whole deal! Now what???

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