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More Than Bad Customer Service - Underhanded and Deceitful
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STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN -- Dealing with Bits and Pieces is by far the WORST experience I have ever had with mail order. Mid-December I ordered 2 puzzle boxes. The total for 2 equally priced boxes was $80.97. I was shipped one box and charged $50.98. Huh? I figured this was just crazy accounting. The other box would show up shortly, and the balance of $29.99 would be charged at that time. When it did not by the end of January, I called to check on the status. I was informed that "the requested item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase".

I argued that since I had a confirmed order that said I would be receiving two boxes that it was not appropriate for them to restructure the order and charge me that much for a single box without my approval. I was rudely informed the details of an order could not be check for an order "that far back". I asked if I could send my confirmation to them and they could look at it and let me know if they would make a correction. Not having heard back by the beginning of May, I called again. After being rudely asked, "What do you expect me to do? I can't send you a discontinued item," she ended with the same story: "Send your order confirmation and I'll look at it."

I said I'd sent it before and never heard back. Rochelle told me to put her name on it and she'd take care of it. Now I'll get some results. No such luck. I never heard from Rochelle. I just got the same reply: "the requested item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase". I tried a few time to e-mail and indicate that I knew the item was discounted and that that was not the issue. No luck, just "the requested item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase."

Well, it turns out THIS IS A BOLD FACED LIE. Mid-May I ordered 2 of the boxes I have repeatedly been informed were discontinued and no longer available for purchase and they have shipped to me. They had them in stock for purchase. What a scam! You think someone along the line would have said, "We now have that item in stock and will gladly finish filling your order if you'd like". Of course then they would have only been able to charge me the outstanding $29.99 on my original order. If they made me reorder they could nab another $50.98.

I called again and was told that “the requested item has been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase" meant, "We could not get it to you by Christmastime, so didn't what to disappoint you by having it arrive late." WHAT?!? Well you've more that disappointed me. You've proved you are more than bad customer service. You are underhanded and deceitful.

Poor Customer Service
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STEVENS POINT, WISCONSIN -- Very poor customer service. I placed an order, paying high charges for "express shipping" (overnight). It has been 11 days, no shipment. The customer service telephone is constantly busy, no answer, all hours of the day. There is no direct email access. There is a "contact us" page to send messages. I have no responses to several of my requests for info. Website says they are located in Stevens Point, WI. However, directory assistance has no listing for such a company.

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