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Older Models of the Single Waffle Irons
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Rating: 3/51

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK -- Bought 2011 black and Decker Older single waffle iron. Plug and play, no dials, just a warning light on or off. Well it never got hot quick, it took forever to make one waffle then after 2 years the hinge's snapped off, the grips were loose so I just recycled it. As to say I learned a lesson on this one. So if you should see one at a yard sale stay away.

Black and Decker Products? Be Careful Consumers!
By -

Two weeks ago I purchased a Black and Decker product from my local CVS store in California. Brand new, out of the box it wouldn't work. I felt reassured that at least it had a two year warranty and was a "name brand". I was shocked when I phoned the Black and Decker service center in Texas, and they told me that since the item had been manufactured three years earlier and had been discontinued by Black and Decker, they could not honor the warranty for repair or replacement.

I informed the service center manager ** that it was not legal for Black and Decker to claim "no responsibility", and not honor their warranty just because they discontinued the item, particularly because I had just purchased it two weeks prior (& had my receipt). She then gave me a local Black and Decker service center phone number in California, where the representative ** informed me that because the item was discontinued by Black and Decker, "I was out of luck", and there was nothing they could do.

Beware consumers! Black and Decker is setting new precedents in skirting their legal responsibilities regarding honoring their product warranties. It seems that since the volume of complaints are so high regarding Black and Decker products, not much attention is being paid to this negligence on Black and Decker's part, (and who has the time and money to bring a "breach of warranty" case to court, for a $50. item?) After this experience I will never again have confidence in the Black and Decker name, and I urge you to consider researching consumer complaints about this company's service before purchasing Black and Decker products.

Black and Decker Dragster - More Time Adjusting Than Sanding
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Rating: 2/51

TOWSON, MARYLAND -- I purchased new the Black and Decker Dragster, 3x21" belt sander to remove old paint from the stairs to my deck. The belt required constant adjusting to keep the belt on track. I spent more time trying to keep the belt from hitting the edges of the sander than I did sanding. If the belt is not kept on track, the sander eats (destroys) the belts. I went through 10 belts trying to sand the steps to my deck! Not sure what the function of the bag is. I did not get any sawdust in the bag. Since the bag port is not a standard size (it is not even round) it cannot be hooked up to a vacuum.

Spacemaker SDC740 Coffee Maker
By -

DO NOT BUY THE BLACK & DECKER SPACE MAKER MODEL NUMBER SDC740 under cabinet coffee maker, it is JUNK. In mid December we replaced our third B&D coffee makers all of which we were very pleased with. This new one was different from the three previous ones. When I installed the new one and ran clear water through it for the first time the carafe cracked.

I called the B&D warranty number and they said they would replace it, but they were out of stock, but as soon as they came in they would send me one. Two and a half months later we received the replacement. The first time I set it up and we turned it on to brew our coffee we ended up with a mess all over the counter. The new carafe's base diameter is slightly smaller than the warming tray base and will not push in the lever that allows the coffee to flow into the carafe and it over flows all over the drain board and into anything under it.

Another problem we have with it is when you fill the container with water when you are setting it up the water will leak out around the container and all over the drain board. As I said before we have owned three B&D under cabinet coffee makers and were very satisfied with them but the new style one is junk.

Unsafe Tool Box Handles
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Rating: 2/51

My wife picked up my Black and Decker tool box and the handle broke causing the box to land onto her foot causing injury. I attempted to write Black and Decker my complaint on their website complaint line but it fails to submit. I've tried it numerous time on two different computers. The handle, in my opinion, is not engineered properly to be safe. I have looked at new Black and Decker toolboxes only to find that I cannot trust the safety of them either. Therefore, I will not purchase another one of their tool box products.

Inferior Quality
By -

BILLINGS, MONTANTA -- Black & Decker used to mean quality in home appliances and you could feel good about purchasing their products. This Quick N Easy food processor is garbage. Cheap, poorly manufactured plastic pieces and nobody gave any thought to the "convenient" spout which spews product all over the counter when you try to use it. Maybe if you had a container the size of the kitchen sink to catch whatever you're trying to shred...

The main problem, however, is the locking lid. Cheap, cheap, cheap! Fine for processing with the blade in the bowl, but the tiny plastic latch BROKE the first time I tried to shred mozzarella. No pressure on my part, mind you, just the pressure of the cheese upward SNAPPED that latch.

I've only owned this thing for 2 months. Really disappointed in Black & Decker. I have no doubt the motor will continue to run forever, but what good is it? The replacement part costs as much as the original appliance! Now I will spend considerably more on a different brand with better track record and customer service. What happened to Black & Decker?

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