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Black Widow Inc - Terrible Customer Service Experience
By -

SAINT CHARLES, ILLINOIS -- Phone call 5/27/07 10:45am, Memorial Day. I received a phone call from Black Widow Inc "president" at phone number 800-975-0358 x710. I called the number back a few minutes later and got the "customer service manager." I called the extension I was given and I believe it was the same person. The phone call started off alright as he asked me what had happened, and offered me a refund for the scooter. He said it was contingent upon me stating the issue as "resolved" on the complaint sites. I agreed to this but then he started making threats and ranting about the complaints sites:

I told him I had contacted the BBB and his response was "they don't mean anything - they are just a website". He threatened to post on websites with my full name and address and that I was a fraudulent consumer. He told me all of the complaints before mine on the complaints sites were all created by his competition and that he could tell who they were "by their IP addresses". He ranted about the complaints sites yet stated that they "actually create business for us". Several times I reminded him that he was with customer service and how could he talk to a customer the way he was. He continually talked down to me like I was some kind of idiot.

In general he was very argumentative and threatening towards me. I was extremely puzzled that he would call to resolve the situation and instead go on a huge rant. I tried several times to get off the phone peacefully but every time I tried he would just start threatening me again. Eventually I just hung up on him because I wasn't getting anywhere. I'm extremely disgusted with the way I have been treated by Black Widow Inc.

Black Widow Inc - Scooter Scam!
By -

SAINT CHARLES, ILLINOIS -- So it's May 7th and I decide I want to buy a cool motorized vehicle. I end up going for a Black Widow Inc Gas-Powered Scooter ( They offer a "certified refurbished" model which they claim is in 100% working condition. Three days later I receive the scooter and open it up. To my disappointment the scooter had all of these issues: Missing hardware to hold on the seat. Missing hardware to hold on the gas tank. Broken Hardware holding the chain in place (so chain just falls off).

Severed Electrical Wires (so the cutoff switch would NOT work). Generally in Poor condition and very beat up (Hardly "certified refurbished"). I quickly email Black Widow Inc and tell them I have a broken scooter. I ask for a replacement that doesn't have broken parts. Nearly a week later, Black Widow Inc replies and tell me the damage "happened during shipping". I could hardly believe their BS. Arguing with them went nowhere and they even had the arrogance to tell me to "have a mechanic fix the problems".

And to make things even worse they removed the line on their website saying "100% working condition" under the refurbished scooters! I would AVOID this company at all costs after the way they treated me. Dishonestly and Poorly. They are offering 10% off for COD orders. I was stupid enough to go for this and now I don't have a way to get my money back.

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2 reviews & complaints.
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Black Widow Inc
2210 Dean Street Suite E-1
Saint Charles, IL 60174
800-975-0358 (ph)
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