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Problems With My Blackberry
By -

Problems with my Blackberry: It answers itself. It sends its own text messages. It does not receive text messages. It drops calls. It cuts out. It says it has been disconnected when called. It does not receive messages. It does not receive calls. You can't send calls.

I have phoned and complained at least a dozen times. This is too upsetting. My husband has a heart condition and needs to have a cellphone that works. There is no customer service. Once you signed a contract, no one cares. You still have to pay your bill. We don't care if your phone does not work. We cannot help you!!! Buy another phone!!! Can anyone help me???

I am going to my3cents and to every other forum to voice my complaint because I am so upset with the lack of any consideration from Rogers. The workers have been well trained to ignore the customer and to say, "We are sorry you are having problems with your phone but we cannot help you!!!"

I am going to post a sign outside my house that says "Black Berry Sucks" and "Rogers DOES NOT CARE". They are only concerned with getting your money!!! I have lost track of the number of times that I have called customer service and technical support for help. Rogers does not keep track of the number of times you have called to complain about problems with your Blackberry. They are only concerned with receiving payment for your bill. Keep your own records! I am so upset!!! The problem I am having with my phone should have been taken care of a long time ago. It should not have escalated to this point! I need help!!!

Deactivation Without Notification & Charging for Reactivation
By -

ILLINOIS -- I had a Blackberry Wireless e-mail device and had been receiving e-mail to it for over a year. The 42.29 a month was being automatically deducted from my Visa Check Card. Recently, my check card was lost and has been replaced. I had assumed life could go on thinking that since, it was still the same bank account, my automatic payment would not be interrupted. I found out that was wrong when I received a letter from a debt collector saying my account with Blackberry/RIM had been turned over to them due to non-payment since my credit card did not go through.

I was very shocked to see this letter as my account was less than 30 days overdue! I immediately called Blackberry to correct the problem and was told I had to settle with the collection company. I then prompty called the collection company and paid the $42.29 the same day I received the letter. Meanwhile, Blackberry deactivated my account and shut off my service!

When I called Blackberry back after settling with the collectors, they told me it would be a $39.99 reactivation fee and a 25% charge to reinstate my wireless e-mail service! What a scam! I told them that they must be kidding, and how could they do that when it hadn't even been 30 days! I repeatedly asked the 4 people involved in my call transfers there what their policy was regarding deactivation and sending accounts to collection agencies and nobody was "sure" or could "talk about that".

Incidentally, I had an automatic payment arrangement with Sprint as well and they were kind enough to send me a letter asking me to provide a new credit card number. They claim they sent me a "PIN blast" to let me know about the impending deactivation and did not hear back from me. I never received any such thing on my device! Nor did I receive anything through the other methods of communication they have available (my phone, e-mail and address) for me.

I asked to at least have the reactivation fee waived and more than one person said "no". Had they waived the 40 bucks reactivation fee they'd still have my business. Long story short, it is safe to say they no longer have my business. I told them not to reactivate my service. I am not the only person who has had trouble with them and I work at a company that has 30 other Blackberry users here. I will make sure they hear about Blackberry's billing practices.

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