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Blockbuster - Fresno, CA Consumer Reviews

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Refusing To Exchange A Movie
By -

MCCOUMB, MISSISSIPPI -- I recently purchased the movie Room Of Death from Blockbuster video brought the movie home and the movie was in a french format I returned to the store to exchange it for the English version only to be told by the lady at the store that I it was my fault. She talked to me in a rude and embarrassing manner in front of other customers.

I looked at all the other movies on the rack, this was the only movie in french out of over 300 I called customer service at 800-406-6843 talked to them for over a half hour was promised that some would call to settle this problem but no one called not from the store or customer service I am going further with this matter so that this will not happen to someone else.

It's my conclusion that they don't care about their customers, I am still stuck with the movie and NO satisfaction if this is their policy I have no problem the movie cost $9.99 small matter, over the past few months I have spent over $400.00 on other movies that is what matters.

Hiding pornography in the horror film section
By -

DEERFIELD, ILLINOIS -- I had begged my Blockbuster, well not begged. Rather slyly kept hinting that they need a horror film section. So they get one, the first 3 films I rent were no less than horror porn. With rape scenes, I'm serious. I can barely believe it myself, what's with their family friendly whatever? I don't want to talk about it, because then it'll be a whole "Well we told you horror films were bad", and then me saying "rape pornography with a crappy horror themed storyline, is NOT a horror film!" Since, I'm sure those of you who have complained here know.

It seems a requirement to be hired at Blockbuster, is to have a IQ barely above that of a retarded child. So trying to explain this to them, would be a complete waste of time. If Blockbuster wants to rent pornography, they should have a back area for it. They should not try to hide it in the drama section, and horror section of their stores. They're not kidding anyone, it's known their family friendly image is a sham.

They are a company that has consistently promoted misogynistic, woman-hating, and woman-devaluing media. This last stunt with the horror-porn is it. I'm not about to go to a store, who thinks I'm so stupid as to believe a porno movie with a horror tint to it, is a horror film. Apparently I guess the guy who runs Blockbuster and decides what films they provide is retarded to. "Duh, I didn't realize it was porn me sorry. Me didn't know"

Amazing, how we as Americans, are giving our jobs to the most ignorant, and stupid people our country offers. It's not that amazing we're outsourcing now, if you think about it this way. It's virtually impossible to get a job these days, unless you act like a mindless zombie.

As well as for Blockbuster to think it's justifiable to sell videos that depict woman violence. Then claim well horror films depict violence towards women. Horror is the only genre that shows women being strong and defending themselves, realistically. Yet people just mindlessly believe, that mainstream films like Scream and well, anything by Wes Craven, are representative of the entire genre. That's why Blockbuster probably feels they can sneak these "gems" in there, and nobody will be the wiser.

Customer Service at its finest
By -

FRESNO -- I had a problem when I purchased the $30.00 entertainment pass. I originally purchased it as a birthday present for a friend who lives on the other side of town the day before the party. My mom was not at the store with me. Unfortunately on the backside of the entertainment card the fine print stated that the people on the account that purchased it could only use it and it could only be used at the blockbuster where it was purchased. As my brother was driving away from the store I read this. I went back in to return it and was told it was not refundable. This was less than 10 minutes after I had purchased it.

So that evening I called and talked with the assistant manager **. I asked if I could exchange it for $30.00 worth of gift certificates and was told 'No'. My mom then talked to her and explained that I was 14. At this point Candida said 'Well, maybe you shouldn't let your 14 year old go shopping by himself. Thank you, goodbye!' and promptly hung up on her. After this, I carefully read the fine print. It stated that you had to be the primary account holder to sign up for the program, which I am not. So we went in today, the 4th of July, and the day of the party to attempt one more time to return it.

The manager at the counter, **, understood what we were saying and then said the store manager, the only one who could handle it, would be in at 5. My mother then asked if she could contact him for us and explain the situation. ** said yes and my mother then asked her to call. ** called, explained the situation. After this it was shortly resolved that I could exchange the card for $30.00 worth of gift certificates.

I would like you to congratulate **, at the 5606 E. Kings Canyon Road, Fresno, California on her dedication to customer service. Without her Blockbuster would have definitely lost our patronage, as we were sorely disappointed in the service we had received until then.

Blockbuster Always Out of Stock and Rude!
By -

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I don't have time to write a long review of this terrible establishment since I am supposed to be babysitting my nephew, but I feel compelled to share my horrible experience when I made the mistake of entering this business earlier this evening. I arrived to rent a movie with my nephew for him to watch tonight and there were two that he really wanted to see: The Transformers and The Simpsons: The Movie. I didn't have time to search the entire new release wall for two DVDs so I approached the front desk and asked him for either of the movies I listed above. The grumpy cashier no doubt making minimum wage told me "We don't have either of those in yet".

I couldn't believe it because it seems like every time I go to Blockbuster they NEVER have the movie I'm looking for. I don't even know why I have a membership. After explaining how it would make sense to order more copies of popular movies so they would not keep running out and waiting for one to be returned in order to satisfy my needs, I scoffed and said "Great now I have to go disappoint my nephew" and turned away even though he looked like he was about to say something because I had heard enough and I was not about to end my call with my coworker.

In the end, we ended up renting some puppet movie called Force America which I hope my nephew is watching right now (or sleeping). I just couldn't let this injustice that Blockbuster keeps forcing me to endure stand. I doubt I will return to that place of business again.

Where Is Your Adult Video Section?
By -

I want to complain about the fact that your stores lack an Adult Video section. Other video stores have this, so why can't yours? I understand Blockbuster may be a family video store, but can't you at least have a room in the back clearly marked "Must be 18 or older to enter", and have an employee unlock the door when you want to go in to rent porn? You eliminated Late Fees for consumers having problems with them, so why can't you do anything for us consumers who just want to rent some porn? I hope you make the necessary changes to satisfy our needs so we can continue being loyal consumers at your store.

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