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Not Happy With Service
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WYTHEVILLE, VIRGINIA -- Two years ago I bought a car at Blue Ridge Nissan in Wytheville, Va. I could have saved a couple hundred dollars elsewhere, but I thought the service was likely to be better where I live. Also, I was promised free tires from Liberty Tire Co. if I had tire rotations when needed. I asked if the service department would tell me when that was since I knew I'd never keep up with it. I was assured that if I brought my car to them for servicing, they'd see to it that the rotations were on schedule. So I did, and I had every single thing done that they recommended, a couple of which were pretty expensive.

A month ago I needed new tires, but was told by the service personnel at the dealership that I had been refused by Liberty Tire Co - reason given was that my first tire rotation was late. OK, it was a verbal promise that the service people at Blue Ridge Nissan would let me know when the rotations were due so maybe that's my fault. I should have kept up with it myself and not depended on them. Then I was called at home and asked if I wanted a free oil change from Blue Ridge Nissan. I thought "nice perk for customer loyalty" and said, sure and scheduled it with the person who called me. I took the car in and got the oil change but guess what?

No freebie. According to the service staff, nobody there knew a THING about it! I paid for the "free" oil change. Well, I've had enough. I hate being lied to. This will be the last car I buy from Blue Ridge Nissan and if you're thinking of buying one there, partly because of the free perks you're promised - I'd think again. My advice is to buy your Nissan wherever it will be the cheapest and forget about "friendly, reliable service."

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