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Bad Part
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BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a Stabilizer Bar Link Kit from Bob Maguire Chevy Dealer in Bordentown, New Jersey. The Nut came off within three days. I called them to have the part replaced under warranty. I went to pick the part up and they denied me saying the nut was not tightened to the Blue thread lock at the bottom of the shaft. This is a flaw in the application of the thread lock.

I called the company who manufactures the thread lock. They said it does no good to put the thread lock on and let it dry before putting the nut on. Thread Lock or LOCTITE is anaerobic, which means it bonds in the absence of air. They are in denial about the improper application of this Thread Lock Bonding compound. The part is a Bolt a Nut and Rubber Bushing that cost a ridiculous $25.89. Their customer care sucks!

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BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I went to Bob Maguire Chevrolet (Bordentown NJ) on 6/23/06 to purchase a pickup truck. I explained that my brother had recd. a few loyalty coupons in the mail from GM and that my brother had discarded them, as he wasn't planning on buying another truck. My brother and I asked if they could honor these coupons either through a computer database or by calling GM. The salesman and sales manager BOTH agreed that it would be no problem. As a matter of fact, after I bought my truck, they made the same offer to my brother, who then bought his 4th new chevy pickup, though he really didn't need another truck.

We both paid in full on that day and drove them home. Fast forward 5 months later and I get a call from the salesman. He states that one of the coupons did not go through and that I now owed the dealership 1500. I told him that I had never heard of something so ridiculous! He said the dealership would sue me if I did not pay. On may the 1st I had to go to court at Burlington County, as I was sued by Bob Maguire Chevrolet.

The judge decided to arbitrate the case, despite the fact that my sales contract from Maguire Chevrolet stated that neither the buyer nor the seller could sue the other party. (Apparently the liberal judge had trouble deciphering that point, even though I did bring it to his attention and requested a dismissal).

I have now been ordered to pay 750. plus court costs. I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER GM PRODUCT IN MY LIFETIME NOR WILL MY BROTHER! I also will be touting the virtues of this dealership for many years to come, as well as displaying signage on my truck that states - DON'T BUY - MAGUIRE CHEVROLET! I travel the turnpike daily from exit 4 north to NYC. If I happen to go by you, please give me a beep and a thumbs up!

Company Response 04/17/2010:

Although we are truly sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with us, responding four years later may seem insincere. Let me assure you that this is not the case. As part of the new management team here at Bob Maguire Chevrolet, I have just read your complaint for the first time.

Obviously, I have no idea what transpired or why back in 2006, nor can I change it. However, I do know that now under the current management of the new Bob Maguire Chevrolet we take customer service and care very seriously. You were very explicit about never returning to Bob Maguire Chevrolet. We do however offer you an open invitation to come in and see what Chevrolet has to offer as well as experience our world class customer service.

Aside from that I wish you well and miles of safe happy motoring in whatever vehicle you are currently driving.

Thank you for your feedback & my sincere apologies,
Lynne Larke
General Sales Manager

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