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GREAT Vehicle *BUT* Horrible Service!
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WHITE OAK, PENNSYLVANIA -- In March 2002, I purchased a Toyota Sequoia - Limited and although I have been a very big fan of your vehicles for years, I have the following complaints about the Sales and Service Departments at Bob Massie Toyota in White Oak, Pennsylvania:

1) When I purchased the above vehicle, I also purchased a 70,000 mile extended warranty. At the time, I was told that this warranty covered €œeverything and anything that might go wrong with this vehicle bumper to bumper.

2) From the onset, the left-side of the driver's side seat wore excessively in one particular spot. Several €œattempts were made to repair this defect. All of which were pathetically unsuccessful. I even attempted to have this repair done in McLean, VA (where I recently moved) and Koons Toyota stated that the repair was done €œbad. I got the impression that the Service Department at Koons didn't even want to touch such poor worksmanship. .

3) Shortly after purchasing the above vehicle, a sharp clicking noise was noticed coming from the far left corner of the driver's side dashboard. Bob Massie Toyota refused to acknowledge the existence of this noise although this €œpillar noise was a well documented issue in the Toyota Technical Service Bulletins.

As of this writing, the above vehicle has nearly 80,000 miles on it and it is admittedly outside of the original 70,000 mile extended €œwarantee and my situation obviously doesn't matter to the Sales and Service Departments at Bob Massie Toyota.

What really does matter to me, at this juncture, is if Corporate Toyota TRULY does care about its long-standing reputation and its willingness to treat its customers properly. Rather than only complain about the quality of service (or the lack thereof!) that I encountered at Bob Massie Toyota, I offer the following as potential solutions to each of the above items, in order to appropriately resolve this matter in an amicable fashion:

1) Corporate Toyota must insist and enforce that the Sales and Service Departments at Bob Massie Toyota either provide TRUE €œbumper to bumper coverage on the extended warantees that they offer or have them stop stating
this as €œfact. Anything less is deliberate deception.

2) Since Bob Massie Toyota made several pathetic attempts to repair the driver's side seat, I am politely requesting that Corporate Toyota make suitable arrangements for this item to be either be properly and professionally repaired or to have the seat replaced in its entirety.

3) Since Bob Massie Toyota clearly ignored my attempts and requests for them to repair the €œpillar clicking noise, I am politely requesting that Corporate Toyota make suitable arrangements to have this item properly and professionally repaired.

It should be obvious to you that I am clearly unhappy with the quality of service that I have unfortunately encountered at Bob Massie Toyota and my subsequent disinterested treatment there. I have unfortunately found their entire Sales and Service Departments to be both deceptive and completely unable to competently service the above vehicle.

What concerns me even more is what I don't and haven't yet €œseen. If Bob Massie Toyota's obvious acceptable level of service is as inferior as the above seat repair, I absolutely shudder at the thought of what all has (or hasn't) been done in terms of maintenance to this vehicle.

It should also be obvious that I will never purchase another vehicle at this dealership and many of my family and friends feel the very same way because of these obviously pathetic attempts at maintenance and repair, in addition to the nearly constant clicking that is heard in the passenger compartment.

Trust me when I say that Bob Massie Toyota is clearly doing Corporate Toyota a dis-service by their inept and deceptive Sales and Service Departments. They are also clearly undermining Toyota's worldwide reputation and all of your well-intended marketing efforts as well.

Although it is very clear to me that Bob Massie Toyota could obviously care less about losing me as a customer, I would be terribly surprised and disappointed if Corporate Toyota takes this very same position. Please know that I will be grateful to you and your office for any and all efforts on their part to resolve this matter. Thanks, in advance, for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. A €œPending Loyal Toyota Customer.

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