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Gift cards and common sense not accepted
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BURLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Saturday January 1, 2011. My experience with the Border Café, 128 Middlesex Tpke Burlington, MA. OK, I didn't even set foot in the door. My son got a $50.00 Visa gift cards for Christmas. He and a friend went to the Border Café and the bill came to a total of $29.81. They gave the server his $50.00 gift card and were told that they don't take Visa gift cards. Most adults have cash or a credit card so this wouldn't be a problem but most young people do not have several credit cards. My son and his friend didn't have any cash. They reasoned that since the restaurant takes Visa, then they would take the gift card.

My son and his friend tried calling several people but couldn't get in touch with anybody so being stupid, they panicked and left. Now the server knew they had a problem and didn't offer any suggestions. I'm not saying what my son did was right, it was stupid. But the restaurant should give people notice that they don't take Visa gift cards upfront. I believe they probably don't take them because they can make more money by selling their own (which is their prerogative and may make business sense). My son had my wife's car and since the restaurant employees knew there was a problem, they waited for them to leave and copied my wife's license plate.

When my wife got home, there was a message from the Burlington police. All your worst fears go racing through your head so my wife calls the Burlington police and gets the manager's story about what happened. There was no mention of the gift card!! The Burlington police were very nice and suggested that we call the Border Café and give them a credit card number over the phone.

My wife then called the Border Café to straighten things out and attempted to give the manager her credit card number over the phone but he refused and said he can't take credit card numbers over the phone!! (I guess gift cards aren't the only thing they can't do) He said "you must come in". My wife couldn't go to the restaurant so she said she would swing by tomorrow morning. The manager said if she didn't go down immediately, he would have my son arrested so my wife calls me all upset and I had to drive 50 miles to pay the bill.

When I got to the restaurant, I met the manager. He seemed like a nice enough person but he just didn't get it!!! He wasn't looking at the situation as “how can we correct this problem?” It was more like, “Tough **, this is our policy. We caught your son, now pay up.” He didn't think a sign would be appropriate! He would rather this to happen to more people. Bottom line: if you have kids or young adults, tell them to steer clear of the Border Café. I'm not going to go there again and I encourage everybody not to go there on principal. A disappointed customer.

Borders Books Has Rude Employees - Forced to Leave Store
By -

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- A couple of months ago I was visiting a Borders Book Store, but luckily it wasn't the Borders I usually visit because on this occasion I was forced to endure some terrible customer service which has forced me to write a letter of complaint to company headquarters.

From time to time I enjoy going into bookstores and looking at different cookbooks. On this particular occasion, I had about a stack of about 4 or 5 cookbooks and went to take a seat to go over them and see which ones I may be interested in purchasing. I sat down in one of their sitting areas with other readers and began going through the different cookbooks. Whenever I look through cookbooks I may be interested in purchasing, I mark different recipes I may be interested in or unusual ingredients that may require a special trip to the supermarket by underlining them with whatever pen I have in my purse.

Well, this is what I was doing on this particular day as I have done many times in my regular Borders location. I had gone through 2 books and was going over the third when I noticed a group of three male employees huddled together about 30 feet away and glancing in my direction. At this point, I paid no attention and continued marking the recipes I would like.

Eventually, one of them approached me with the other two close behind and I asked me if I planned on purchasing that book. Perturbed, my reply was "I haven't made up my mind on that yet, if you don't mind" to which his reply was something along the lines of "well, uh, we don't, uh, really allow highlighting until after books are purchased".

I couldn't believe this. After rolling my eyes (at least in my mind), I first explained to this nitwit that I wasn't highlighting, but simply marking certain recipes and ingredients that would require special attention if I should purchase the book and second that I had done this on many occasions previously in another Borders store.

At this point, one of the other two male employees went and filled in a manager who had overheard the conversation. Perhaps I was a bit loud in explaining to the employee my position, but surely this sort of treatment warranted such a reaction. The manager approached and the situation was once again explained. He suggested after flipping through the book that I should purchase it. I scoffed and flat out refused due to his and his employees' treatment towards me and interrupting my shopping experience.

When I asked why I was being harassed when this behavior is apparently perfectly acceptable in other Borders, his reply was "I guarantee you its only because they haven't noticed you doing it". This was the final straw. I told him that he doesn't guarantee me anything and that I would under no circumstances be purchasing this book or any other at this Borders location and I suggested that he reimburse me for this trouble and their harassment with a gift certificate to be used at ANY Borders.

At this point the manager asked me to leave, which I did but not without first promising to write a letter to the corporate headquarters. Well, I kept my promise and have used the $40 gift certificate they mailed at my regular Borders where I am not subjected to such disrespect.

By -

Borders currently carries pornography. This is highly disturbing since pornography is causally linked to violence against women. Creating Social Justice has launched a campaign against 10 companies, including yours, that we have feel have played a role in the mainstreaming of pornography. As pornography becomes more mainstream it becomes more readily available with no consequences (to the men) for consumption. The women pay the consequences.

We realize that you make a lot of money off of pornography. However, the human cost has to be taken into account. A woman is beaten every 9 seconds. As if that weren't bad enough, domestic violence is one of the leading causes of women with their children becoming homeless and women with their children are the most rapidly increasing segment of the homeless population. Creating Social Justice is calling for a boycott of your company until the pornography is removed.

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