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Paid $8950 for 1900 Grafts and I May Have 100 That Took Hold
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- In December of 2013, I had 1900 grafts and paid $8950 for my hair graft procedure at Bosley. I met with Dr. ** and he walked me through the procedure that he would perform. To my surprise, Dr. ** of Bosley allowed technicians to perform the grafts instead himself. I would have utilized a different company instead of Bosley if I thought the board certified Doctor would not even perform the hair transplant. The cut in the back of my head was very long and remained numb for a year and one-half. To my complete disappointment very few of the grafts took hold and my hairline is much the same prior to the surgery.

Obviously the procedure performed by the Bosley technicians was a disaster for me with such a minimal improvement to the thickness of my hair. I reviewed all the pictures that Bosley provided on their website and unfortunately based on my experience I must assume that all the pictures are false. I have friends that have had a hair transplant with other companies with great success. I would highly recommend that if you are considering a hair procedure that you steer clear of Bosley so you can avoid my terrible experience. I feel as though Bosley simply stole $8950 for me.

Over $10,000 Disappointment
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I never thought a TV ad can be so deceptive! At the time, when I walked into Bosley's office located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (that was about two years ago) I really had my hopes up that they were going to help me with my hair problem (you know, restore my hair like in their TV ads)! Little I knew that what's important to them was getting my money that I was saving for years to get the procedure done!

The doctor that I met back when, who also performed the procedure, said to me, in so many words, that my hair will look 100 time better than it looks now, and that I will see the results in few months! He gave me so much hope! Guess what, I didn't see any of the results he told me about and it has been over 16 months, in fact my hair coverage was worse than before!

I compared my pictures before and after and it was a hard moment for me, and the doctor who performed the procedure started telling me that he doesn't know why did that happen and asked if I had skin problem (which I don't, and he knew that), and it felt as if he was trying to pin the failure of his work on me! He didn't provide me with any comforting answer or offered to have the procedure done again, although I asked him, but he seemed determined not to offer me one or any money back since he failed at his job!

Now, like other people who are complaining, I have more scars. When I get a hair cut, you can clearly see the donor area scar lines in the back of my head and the sides! I am scarred for life in my head and my pocket, because I feel I've been had! Also, it was over a year before they called me back to come in for my after procedure check up! Oh, also, he offered to sell me a laser brush for about $500 and said to use Rogaine for a while to see what happens! Great, I have to pay more money for a brush and pay for a supply of Rogaine!

I could have used Rogaine in the first place if I wanted to, and saved my $10,000 plus, but I wanted to have what Bosley and his staff promised me when I first had the consultations with them, which is a decent head of hair! The way I see it, they should return my money, since they mentioned in their TV ad about money back if the procedure doesn't work! It is fair to do that and not keep the money unjustly!

I am very disappointment with the way the surgeon handled the procedure and the whole situation after the procedure! He didn't want to admit that my procedure was a failure, but he tried to make it sound like I don't understand what's going on! When I was studying before and after pictures with this surgeon the last time I was in his office for the check up, he didn't know what to say about the failure of procedure that he performed!

If Bosley institute has any decency or integrity, they would give back my money soon! I do not recommend Bosley for any hair work because if you deal with them, you'll end up hairless and money-less. Please, if there's somebody out there who can advise me, I'd be grateful!

Hair Restoration = More Damage than Benefit!!!
By -

Bottom line -- DON'T DO IT!!! I'll start with the (very few) positives... like their glamorous ads say, hair transplants do transplant real hairs that actually grow. However, what they don't tell you is what you really need to know...

(1) Even though I asked, they never would tell me what the "average hair density" was for people without baldness. After a quick internet search (unfortunately AFTER my procedure), I figured out the average is 200-300 hairs per square cm. With a transplant, you will be LUCKY to get 5 per sq cm!!! This means you will basically still be bald after the $7000+ procedure.

(2) They will not tell you it will take approx FOUR procedures to have any significant change to your appearance. Doing the math, this means you'll need to be prepared to pay around $30K to get any decent results!

(3) They will not tell you that even though your "scabs heal in 7-10 days," your scalp will be SIGNIFICANTLY discolored for about 3-4 months. If you don't have decent hair coverage in the recipient area, this will be VERY VISIBLE to others. I had to use MAKE-UP to cover my embarrassing scalp!

(4) Even after the redness finally goes away, and the FEW hairs start growing in, your scalp will look unnatural. They basically DESTROY your scalp by making hundreds of slices in it for the surgery. The result is a very uneven and bumpy texture. Again, unless you have GOOD coverage, this will be visible to others... FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! (5) I don't know if everyone responds the same way psychologically, but I had SEVERE DEPRESSION for about 2 years after my procedure, wondering why I voluntarily paid $7K to destroy my perfect scalp.

(6) They will mention the "pencil-thin" scar that will remain in the donor area, but what they won't mention is that hair will not go above or below the scar, which means you will have a SIGNIFICANT gap in your hair growth. This also means you'll need to keep your hair in the back fairly long (at least a "4" cut) in the back to COVER this damage.

Because I am in the military, I have to keep my hair cut close (which BOSLEY knew!) so I've resorted to using a "cover-up" (make-up) to hide the scar. This makes it VERY hard to shower, etc. anyplace other than your own home! This also means I can't just shave my hair now because I have this huge scar in the back of my head. Being bald would've been SO MUCH more low maintenance!

OK, I've rambled enough, but hopefully you can tell I'm a REAL patient and I'm VERY SINCERE about helping others not to make the same horrible mistake I made. In the end, the absolute best thing for you to do is to embrace your baldness and RUN to the nearest barber to get it all shaved off! Bald is beautiful and I wish more than anything that I could take it all back.

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