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Cashier and Management
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Rating: 1/51

BELLMAWR, NEW JERSEY -- The cashier in this store is extremely rude to customers many times throwing change back on the counter, walking away from line of customers to go over and talk with other cashiers, and never wearing a name tag. When manager was approached about this problem she replied she could not keep tabs on all her workers (SAD).

After talking to Manager as I walked by the cashier she yelled they are not going to say anything to me anyway. What a horrible way to treat customers. As I responded to her the manager and her assistant asked us to leave the store even though the other woman in line told them that the cashier was the one that was rude to myself. It's this rude and horrible way that cashiers and managers of Bottom Dollar Foods treat customers that unfortunately will eventually spell an end to Bottom Dollar Foods in this area.

Does Not Honor Mislabeled Shelf Prices
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Rating: 1/51

GARFIELD, PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Yesterday, sales tag on Chiles' said 98 cents/pound. Asked employee "is this right?" Oh yes, he assured. At check out, code came up higher, cashier saw price under item on shelve and sold me for sale price... Or maybe store mistake price. Tonight surely, Mgr. saw same tag, refused to honor price, changed the tag in front of me. Pointed to another wrong price, 1.38 for avocados that were tagged 99 cents. He tore that down. I have photos.

Denies consumer pricing laws. Would not sell me Chiles' for price listed even when he said "show me the receipt showing someone sold you the peppers for .98 yesterday." Showed him and he continued to deny me the right to have accurate price tags.

Maybe if I had been acting like the people from the hood he would have done things fair. Just a Caucasian ring not to get stomped on and denied my rights. Bottom Dollar Bloomfield, Garfield Penn Ave makes up rules and disregards wrong prices leaving consumer feeling less than. Thank Mr. Johnny, produce. There are laws though you laughed when I said that. Photos of ripping down signs a good help with evidence.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

COATESVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Bottom Dollar this morning about 10am. After completing my shopping, I went on the only check out opened. The female at the register engaged in a personal conversation with the woman in front of me. They spent at least 10 min. conversing about non-related, outside business when the cashier began writing some unrelated BS down, knowing she was the only register opened and with a long line of customers behind me. Not very professional and very inconsiderate at the least! I can only imagine what would have happened if both the ** cashier and ** customer were **! I will not be shopping here again and I suggest you don't either.

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1.3 out of 5, based on 3 ratings and
3 reviews & complaints.
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Bottom Dollar Food
3101 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19130
215-765-2780 (ph)
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