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Poor Management
By -

I held a party recently for my child and the management was very inadequately trained in business etiquette. Asked to settle up the party with attendees there, and very rudely on top of that. And wanted to add additional money owed when I was given my balance of $165 when I booked the party, and they wanted over $20 more. Regarding time, I'm obviously responsible for the shutting down of bridge at Cooper which caused me to get to the place 5 minutes 'til vs 15 minutes.

No one tried speaking to me when I got there. They let me spend 10 minutes running back and forth bringing things in for the party, then when a group of guests are standing there, decide it's the appropriate time to discuss money. No trash can was provided in the area, had to send people to the front desk to throw things away. I asked for a trash can, and they were shocked that we would need one. Guess we were just supposed to trash the place.

Then shortly after the party ended and we were gathering our things, one of the girls walked up to me and got in my face "you were supposed to be out of here 11 minutes ago". I was shocked, everyone knows birthday parties are very hard to stay on time and while I'm wrapping things up, a nice warning of my time running out would have been nice. She said she told someone we had 10 minutes.

I'm the host and she told someone else? Was someone else paying for this party? No, so I told her the only person she should have been dealing with is me. The only benefit is the kids had fun! But regarding professionalism, this place lacks the ability to handle things in the appropriate manner.

We Had A Blast!!!!
By -

We have been visiting Bounce 4 Fun Inflatables @ Parks Mall Arlington for a little over a year now. It has become an almost weekly outing for us. We even have a punch card pass thing that ended up being a great deal. My children and I always have so much fun that we decided to throw my youngest a birthday party there this July and we weren't disappointed! The staff was awesome as always. They made sure we had everything we needed and then they left us alone to do our party our way which I loved. I couldn't stand Pump It Up where everything was always so rushed and expensive...

We were able to have Pizza Hut deliver food for us and they directed the Delivery man right to us. They even went out of their way to make sure the balloons and plates matched the colors of our party (we had tinkerbell, my daughter's favorite). I can't say enough about it, obviously, lol... But I have definitely recommended it to friends and will continue to do so!

By -

OMG guys! Heaven forbid someone couldn't clock out to get your bags for your child's party inside! How many times have you gone to Chuck E Cheese's and the girl said, "Hey, let me walk out to your car and lug all your stuff in?" Try doing that ANYWHERE! I had my 4 y/o b-day party there 3 weeks ago and he still don't stop talking about it. Why? He had a great time!

Finally someone has the gumption to open a store that caters to kids and you people complain that they couldn't bring your bags in. Shame on you. You guys come in with your expensive purses and fancy bags and complain about 240 dollars? Children come first, they always should. Ytrop is right about getting off easy.

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