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New Soda Popper Candy...Very GOOD!
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I was at my local drugstore today and was cruising the goodie isle. As I was looking at the display of packaged candies, looking for my Boston Baked Beans... I came across something I haven't seen before. Brach's Soda Poppers Filled Hard Candies. The 7oz. bag includes 7UP, Dr. Pepper, A&W Root beer and Orange Crush flavored candies. Although the name should be corrected and called POP Poppers instead of Soda Poppers... the cashier told me she tried those and found them to be really good. She said they tasted just like the real pop, but she thought a little sweeter. So, I'm trying them now.

I had the 7UP and yes, indeed it really does have a very strong 7UP flavor and the DR. Pepper does as well. I'm sure even Liddy would enjoy those! The Root beer is nothing new, it taste a lot like those Root beer barrows that have been out for years. But still with a lot of Root beer flavor. I haven't tried the Orange Crush yet... but I am already a new fan of these new candies. Can't wait for a Coca-Cola flavored candy. Oh... and although it is a hard candy, the inside is soft and chewy with even more flavor. For those who are looking for something new to try... I highly recommend the Brach's Soda Poppers!

Soda Poppers Filled Hard Candies

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