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I wrote a couple weeks ago about a cigarette that I recommended for those who can't quit but wanted something less damaging. This review is about the product that helped me quit for good. I've been smoke-free longer than I have even been in 20 years and still have no desire to start again. Bravo Smokes Company makes a cigarette primarily from specially processed lettuce. While that sounds funny, the way they are manufactured allows them to surprisingly smoke similar to tobacco. The plan is you order a cartons worth, give or take, and smoke them instead of a tobacco cigarette.

Since there is no tobacco, there is no nicotine, and your body weens off of it in around three days. I found them certainly not as pleasurable as my brand, but not distasteful enough that I couldn't smoke them instead. I gradually cut down per day with no discomfort once the nicotine addiction was gone and all I was doing was shaking the habitual phase. As recommended, I got down to 1-2 per day and quit altogether once I had a single pack left. They recommend that so you have theirs to fall back on in case you slip as opposed to buying your old brand and putting the nicotine back in your system.

Bottom line, After 20 years I quit, even though I'm not sure my mind was as made up to as I thought it needed to be. They are about $5 a pack and I bought about $100 worth. I would have paid close to that to smoke my regular brand and now it turned out to be the last money I ever spent on them.

If you're a smoker, visit when you are ready to quit. I would be lying if I said I thought from the beginning they would work, but they did for me. I especially waited to write this because around a month is when most people who quit start back up. I'm over two now, including a New Years that had all the scenarios that would crave a smoke, and still have no desire to re-start.

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