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Stay far away from Bredemann Toyota Chevrolet in Park Ridge, Illinois
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PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS -- Please stay as far away as possible from Bredemann Toyota in Park Ridge, IL. I just got off the phone with my friend and she's the most upset I've seen her in years. She's extremely upset. I listened to her talk for about 10 minutes and everything she told me is terrible. She was poorly mistreated and to top it off the service manager and one of the Bredemann's, I think it was **, basically gave excuses to all the employees involved.

In researching complaints on Bredemann, I have come to notice ** isn't on too many people's good side. Perhaps he should attend a few customer service seminars? Whatever happened to putting the customer first? I can't believe some places have sunk so low as to give their employees excuses for treating a customer like garbage. All I can say to that is thank God for Google.

I bought my 4Runner from Elmhurst Toyota just because it's closer to me. I've been going there for 4 years now and I have never encountered a problem like the problems she just told me. You wouldn't even expect to get treated this way from one of those dumpy car places in West Rogers Park. If you are interested in a Toyota or any other car Bredemann sells please look elsewhere. I just want to save others the troubles and stress she has encountered. There are many other Toyota dealerships in the area. Please check them out before going to Bredemann.

People like the Bredemann's should not be in business. I told her to make an account here and explain her Bredemann complaint in detail. You will all be shocked. Although, I have read a few really bad complaints about Bredemann since I got off the phone with her, it's really no wonder she was treated the way she was. What seriously happened to customer service these days? Especially with companies like this.. You buy a car from them, they charge $90+ an hour on labor alone to work on your car, then turn around and treat you like you are nothing to them. You expect way better service than what she was given.

Bredemann will wake up one day and realize they should've nipped it in the bud. They haven't been in Park Ridge too long, but give it a few more years with them treating people like this and they will have a horrible name for themselves. They already have a pretty bad rap.

I just told about 5 people I work with and 1 has a sister that was about to go to Bredemann with her husband this weekend to look at a Chevy. She called her sister as soon as she heard how upset my friend was. Just wanted to warn everybody about Bredemann. There's also a Bredemann Lexus in Glenview.

Selling Unnecessary Services
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Rating: 1/51

PARK RIDGE, ILLINOIS -- I asked my 18-year-old daughter to drop off a 2011 Camry for oil change at dealership. The technician ‘sold' her 30,000 miles service what included oil change, 2 air filters change and tires rotation. Oh, and of course brakes service/inspection. They charged $257 for it. So, I estimate tires rotation and air filters cost me $200. I believe she got a very good experience where not to take this service anymore. And this will be my last visit to this dealership. Even I bought 2 Toyotas from them and always had car service. Service department is taking advantage of selling unnecessary service. If you can, stay away from this dealership.

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Bredemann Toyota
1301 W Dempster St.
Park Ridge, IL 60068
866-358-2668 (ph)
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