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Two brain tumors, my dad's passing, a "set" fire and an amazing insurance company
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HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- Thank God for Brethren Mutual Insurance Company. I had 2 brain tumors, my dad had passed away, and a month after his death, I was burned out of our home and lost everything I owned. I had lost my job as well. Things were not going well for me. The fire was an act of arson by the young mentally ill man I care for, (he does not mind me sharing this information. I have his permission to do so), and so the insurance company, Brethren Mutual needed to await the fire marshall's results before they could do anything with my claim.

After it was determined it was a "set" fire, there was an investigation into everyone and everything remotely related to the fire, including me. It was a horrible nightmare, however, the claims agent and the staff at Brethren Mutual headquarters were most professional and understanding. It took time and perseverance and persistence, however, I was relentless in pursuing the claim. The stick in the mud was the fact that it was my dad's house and he was the policyholder and he was deceased.

Their legal department had to research the matter to determine whether I was legally entitled to payment of a claim. I was living like a pilgrim with hardly any money, dealing with the health issues cause by my brain tumors, negotiating with members of the District Attorney's office and other members of the law enforcement community (to keep this young man out of jail and get him the help he needed), as well as working through the everyday stuff life is made up of.

Brethren Mutual's legal department carefully reviewed my claim and chose to pay it. The payment did not cover all of my losses to be sure, however, it sure did go a long way in helping me. Truthfully, I do not think they were obligated to pay my claim. I think they paid it as an act of compassion. I really do. Regardless of why they paid it, I was impressed with how I was treated and how the matter was ultimately resolved. Brethren Mutual gets a "RAVE" in my book for treating me so well.

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