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Terrible Experience With Brett Matthews Photography in Roslyn Heights, NY!
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86 MINEOLA AVENUE, ROSLYN HEIGHTS, NEW YORK -- We hired Brett Matthews to do Photography & Videography for our October 2005 wedding, & could not begin to explain how sorry we are in choosing them. We FINALLY were able to pick up our photo album today (Monday 05/14/07), a year and 7 months after our wedding. And we're completely unhappy with the finished product, as we knew we would be. There are SEVERAL pictures of a tree that appears to be part of my husband's head.

It has been stated by several of Brett Matthews clients that as early as 2 weeks ago they went into the studio & saw our album, which was paid for in full, less $100 which was due when we picked up our album. Yet I will reiterate that we were unable to pick up our album until today. This is just another in a long line of UNPROFESSIONALISM we received from this company & its completely NASTY & HEARTLESS OWNER.

When I read a letter which stated that Brett Matthews & showed MY album to at least one stranger, I called the studio & asked to pick it up, since it was apparently ready. The response I received was that a picture was mounted upside down & needed to be sent back out to be fixed, & would not be ready for "a couple of weeks." When my husband stated that he just wanted to be done with their company & that we would take it "as is" we were told it was sent out already, but that miraculously we could pick it up in ONE week.

Needless to say, we do not believe what the company says, & we know they can not be trusted, but if they in fact did show our album to someone else, with a picture mounted upside down, it would only reinforce our original point that then we found them to be COMPLETELY & UTTERLY INCOMPETENT!

It rained on my wedding day (poured actually) but I specifically told the photographer that we wanted our photos taken INDOORS, as the reception site was gorgeous (Villa Lombardi's) & chosen for that reason. We got married at night, & had NO plans on taking outdoor pictures, although there was a HUGE canopy, which could have been used to take some pictures of us in the amazing Duisenberg we arrived in, but no pictures of us with the car were taken. Furthermore the site has a beautiful fountain in front, which happens to be straight in back of the canopy & certainly could have been photographed, but once again it was not.

As far as the photographer's attire, they did not look "hip & funky" as other photographers might, they looked sloppy. And when you pay as much money as we paid, we expected them to look PROFESSIONAL at minimum, as we had a Saturday night black tie affair.

And yes the rain did slow me up, I arrived 15-25 minutes late, & the photographers were just sitting in the lobby, not setting up any equipment. They definitely could have started setting up, as the groom & my father were there & would have allowed for this. In fact my friend, who showed up very early, told me that the photographers showed up maybe 10 minutes before I did, & she could not believe that they just sat in the lobby & did not set up ANY equipment.

As for a meeting before the wedding, we unfortunately did not have time as we found out a few months before the wedding that my (now deceased) Grandmother had Lung cancer & needed to move in with us. We did not want anything out of the norm & figured that if we did, we could tell the photographer at the wedding, but more to the point, we thought we hired a COMPETENT company.

I do not think that we needed to tell the photographer to take a picture of the groom with his parents, groom with his father, a full picture of my $5000 dress (with its cathedral train), a picture of the VERY expensive chuppah which we not only got married under, but sat under ALL night, a full colored picture of my wedding cake, a room shot (2 were taken, both were half room shots facing the DOOR), a shot of the invitation (which I brought & asked them to photograph), a family picture (my mother's side, which she personally asked the photographer to take), full portrait of the groom, ice sculptures, carved melons, our wedding sign, etc.

In fact, in our finished album we had to use a picture that my Aunt took of our cake, as no full color pictures were taken by the photographer. In most of the formal shots, my husband has a tree sticking out of his head, & yes this is the way they are in my COMPLETED album.

The owner sent me a letter stating that she would remove them if I removed my complaints & Better Business Bureau letter, I choose not to be BLACKMAILED into making them fix some of THEIR OWN MISTAKES. The tree is VERY noticeable, as their own photographers & staff openly admitted. Everything that I stated in reference to Brett Matthews & MY experience is completely true, & I do not intend to be bullied into removing my complaints. Others should know how unhappy I was with my photos & how badly I was treated by Brett Matthews & its owner.

It is great to hear the Brett Matthews did right by some of their clients, & that others had a "positive experience" with them, but NO ONE has a right to comment on my situation, picture quality or the treatment I received from Brett Matthews. I am not writing complaints to be vindictive, but to tell others about my horrible experience & do not feel that anyone else has the right to voice their opinion on MY BEHALF. I am by no means saying that all of their photographers will do a bad job, but I am unequivocally stating that if a problem arises (based on my experience) Brett Matthews WILL NOT RESOLVE THEM!!!

It's amazing to me, that a business owner could treat clients with such flagrant disregard, especially when her own photographer stated to her, that he indeed "dropped the ball". It is my opinion that Brett Matthews asks for the majority of my money, before the wedding, so that if a problem did arise they would have already been paid, & feel that they can do as they please, & not resolve problems. I would not recommend this company to my WORST enemy & hope that others heed my complaints & learn from my experience & not end up as unhappy with their wedding pictures & album, as I was.

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