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Screwed Over by Trusting a Former Marine Real Estate Agent!
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BROCKPORT, NEW YORK -- I am a war veteran with two tours overseas and have experienced combat. I would like to make the public aware of my experience with Nothnagle. We decided to look at a house in Hilton, NY. The agent, ** selling his home supposedly for his wife oh and a former Marine and a friend of the family. The home was in somewhat dirty from the inside. We knew something like this was normal since some people seem to be dirty and not clean. Anyway, I had my wife taking care of the deal for the most part but present at the time of all promises being made to my wife.

Heck, I didn't think I had anything to lose or be taken advantage since he was a friend for so many years on my wife's side of the family. We looked at the house and saw some minor details that needed fixing but nothing major and the cleaning well that was pretty disgusting. On the day before closing we looked at the house one more time and found new damages caused in the master bedroom's bathroom. There was a termite inspection done on the house and the inspector had recommended that the owner plug an opening in the basement.

The homeowner failed to do so. We asked him about the pool if it was in good working condition and since it was still snow on the ground we couldn't really test it and took his word for it, remember friend of the family and a former Marine we thought he was an honest person. There was major garbage on the side of the house and he promised that he would take it out before we closed and promised that he would take care of the junk behind the pool as well... On closing day his lawyers were late and paperwork was missing. It was a good thing we had a good lawyer with us that realized and made sure that we would get what we needed before closing.

Later, we find that the pool liner was torn and the pool pump was burned out. We had to take care of The Dump of garbage left behind and boy did we have a hard time getting our refrigerator fixed due to ** not getting it done as we had on the agreement. It's sad that NOTHNAGLE didn't do anything to help us in this situation and it's sad that they have a veteran taking advantage of war veterans. So to all my veterans that have served and are honest beware before making a deal with NOTHNAGLE or Brockport NY office with **...

Beware, don't be fooled by this company... 6/3/11 - I would love to add that the pool had rips in the liner... The pump for the pool was burned out. The air conditioner didn't work and had to repair it. Thanks a lot Brockport NOTHNAGLE!! I trusted your organization because the seller was a friend of my wife's family and were a Marine. The only difference between you and I is that I was a combat vet fighting for my country and gave you the freedom to screw me over... You are welcome, hope you're happy!!! What happened to HONOR, COURAGE and COMMITMENT???

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