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Brother Printers Suck; Customer Service is Even Worse!
By -

BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY -- I have had nothing but problems with my Brother MFC-9840CDW printer ever since I bought it about two years ago. I have been fighting with Brother since that time on it. When I try to make a copy, it often will not let me because it thinks it's receiving a fax even though there has never been a phone line hooked up to it. I have to turn it off and back on and quickly make copies before it thinks a fax is coming in again. This has been going on the full two years. The fax settings are on manual receive so this shouldn't even be an issue.

I tried to go into the fax settings again though last weekend but it just beeps at me if I try. I faxed Brother a year ago about it but they completely ignored my fax. Starting last weekend, I also cannot print or make a copy at all. It will just beep at me. I also complained to Brother tech support about the unit printing 3 dots along every page. The agent said he would contact me again the next day but he never did. I tried calling Brother back on the weekend but their tech support team, the team that covers my unit, isn't available on the weekends. I finally e-mailed Brother and demanded either a refund or a unit replacement. A representative from Brother called me.

I called him back two different days and left a voicemail each time. On the last voice mail, I told him to e-mail me instructions to swap this unit out for a new unit. Today on 8/2, Joe e-mailed me but did not include any instructions on exchanging the unit. Joe claimed that I have not replied to his messages. That is false. I called him back and left him voice mails twice. I am not sure why he is lying about that. I replied back to him with what time I am available for him to call me but the e-mail bounced! I forwarded the e-mail to Brother customer service at but that bounced too!

I also had to fight with Brother for weeks to get them to send me a Windows 7 installation CD. I don't understand all the hassle for such a small issue. Brother had the nerve to e-mail me again today saying that I needed to cooperate with them and call the representative back who's been leaving me messages. I have been calling him back! Since it is impossible to get a hold of Brother and since this has been going on for two years, Brother needs to just send me a $570 refund. I no longer want a replacement. I'll buy an HP printer.

Could Be A Lot Better
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Rating: 1/51

I bought the Brother MFC-8690DW in early 2012. As a printer it has been reliable so far! That's the only good thing I've found about it. I purchased it at Costco. At the bottom of the printer find the drawer that holds the paper supply. With any good planning Brother could have made it hold an entire ream of paper. It holds about 3/4 ream. Which is a bummer when you now have to find a place to store the unused portion of the ream.

Every other brand of laser printer I have ever used has worked like this. Just above the paper drawer is a door you open if you want to feed the blank paper through this way instead of using the drawer. (It's used for thicker paper or labels). On all other printers you open that door and put the paper in the slot, when you do this the printer then automatically knows to use this feeder and not the drawer. NOT the Brother.

I called and spoke with Brother customer service and after trying a couple things that did not work I was told it was the programs fault and I would need to contact them if I was going to make that feeder work. (Funny, I'm using the same program I used with the other printers) I never had to do that with any other printer. OK, so that feeder is useless.

Since I have them on the phone, I ask for help with making my laptop print wireless to the Brother. I was told I'll need to contact the Router manufacturer to obtain some information. (Funny, I've never had to do that before either). So it won't print wireless unless I want to spend more time calling someone else. Call it bad customer service or whatever you want. My printer does not function properly and they can't/won't fix the problem!

If you want to receive a fax (now remember this is supposed to be an all in one printer/fax/scan) here is all you need to do. When the phone rings press the hook button then press 2 then press the start button then scroll down to "receive" then push OK. REALLY Brother that's the best you could come up with. I have to push 5 different buttons to receive a fax. Wow I'll give it 2 stars because it prints well but, I'll never buy another Brother!

This Emboridery Machine Does Not Have a Space Bar to Make Separate Words
By -

HUDSON, FLORIDA -- PE 700 Embroidery Machine: This costs me over $1,000 and all I wanted to do was use it to embroider names. Before purchase, the salespeople at Singer knew exactly what I wanted to do with this and not a soul told me that you could not make 2 words in a row without twisting, turning, readjusting the material and then reprogramming the computer. There is NO space bar to separate words. Of course, if I upgraded another $500 to a different machine, I'd be able to have that space bar.

I feel that the Brother Company is just a fraudulent as nowhere in the handbook did it indicate that the consumer would confront this. All they had to do was put, "This machine does not have a space bar!" Needless to say, I hate this embroidery machine and I do not recommend it for purchase if you want to make SIMPLE names. The only way it will make two words, here's an example: happy_face. You need to use the underscore. I wanted to make clothing (tag) labels and embroider names on my product. It won't happen with this machine. Don't waste your money or you will become frustrated like I have been.

Brother All In One Rip Off
By -

OKLAHOMA -- WOW. We all thought the Brother All In One Printer, copier, fax would be the answer to our multi tasking issues. Unfortunately it added to it! It always states low ink in each color, and then tells me no ink cartridge when I install new ones! Was sent a refurbished piece of crap like the new after I had similar issue as above!

When Brother gets a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT like EPSON did for their ink rip off printers, we will can all sit back and laugh! And I never get nowhere near the high yield of 500 pages for the cartridges I purchased at $20.00 a pop! Run from the all in one pain in the ass ASS BROTHER PRINTERS!

Poor Quality Printer
By -

VIRGINIA -- I purchased a Brother MFC-6800 Multi-function system from Staples some time back. Honestly, I have had nothing but aggravation with it. I basically use it very little and have only changed 1 toner cartridge since purchase. About half way through the first toner cartridge, I noticed the print copy getting lighter on the edges. I followed the troubleshooting recommendations but nothing helped. I contacted Staples extended service since I have bought the extended coverage and was told it was the drum and that is a consumable and was not covered by the warranty.

So I started pricing drums. I cannot believe the drum is $200.00 and the whole unit was only $299.00 when I bought it. Seems like a pile of you-know-what that the drum is more expensive than all other components in the system. I have written Brother a letter but I am sure they care very little about a pee-on like me so I have no hopes of it being resolved. I can promise you that no other Brother products will be in this office. I would be interested to know if anyone has suggestions about other brands. I do know I will never use another MFC type product. Its individual fax, print and copy for me now.

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