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Lifetime Parts Warranty Doesn't Exist So Far
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GETTYSBURG, PA -- Brian of Bucket Trucks USA/Classic Motor Car Garage reconditions and sells bucket trucks via his website and on eBay. He touts his "lifetime parts warranty" and has a lengthy section in his eBay auctions about the dishonest practices of his competition and why folks should deal with his business. I recently did a lease to own deal with him on a 1997 Ford F SuperDuty bucket truck. From day one, the heat/defrost/vent controls never worked properly. Everything defaulted to defrost. A check with a certified Ford mechanic determined that the vacuum pump was bad. The controls all run off of vacuum.

Brian was notified of this issue via email. His wife replied the same evening that he was "on the road for a few days" and would get back to me. That was September 14th. It is now October 1st and I have yet to hear another reply even though I've emailed twice since the initial notification. During the transaction process Brian repeatedly told me about his parts warranty and how he had once shipped a transmission to a customer with a problem. He even wrote in by hand on the buyer's order, "Lifetime parts warranty from selling dealer's parts inventory. Customer to pay shipping costs. Does not cover labor".

At this juncture, I can't even get a reply about a relatively small item like a vacuum pump. I've since purchased a pump at my local NAPA and made arrangements for my Ford mechanic to install. Just a heads up to buyers: He has not backed up the warranty represented to me at this point in time. I feel that I've been forgotten now that the truck is off of his lot and resides 400 miles away from him.

Buyer Beware
By -

Contact me before considering purchasing a bucket truck from this company. I had a costly, terrible experience with this company and finally had to sue them to recover my money. I had a chance to see the entire operation, the quality of their refurbs and was fully exposed to the honesty claims. I'd be glad to discuss it with anyone and strongly recommend contacting me before committing to any purchase.

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