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Renter Beware. Horrible Experience! Never Again
By -

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Young, single female moving herself from NC to DE reserved truck and car dolly 1 month in advance. Got a call at 5:15 PM evening before move stating they had no car dolly. Couldn't call back because pick-up location in Fayetteville was closed. Called first thing Sat morn and told NO CAR DOLLY. I cannot drive a rental truck and car at the same time! Budget was no help. Very nasty/rude man at pick-up location. Called customer service "800" number. Reached a Sonja in Texas. She was even nastier. Said "they are a self-move company and nothing is guaranteed." How can I self-move when I don't have the equipment that I reserved???

Then she hung up on me!!! So much for customer service. RENTER BEWARE. NEVER EVER RENT FROM THIS COMPANY. Disgraceful the way they treat a customer. Should never be in business. Am I crazy but when you "reserve" something, shouldn't Budget make every effort to locate the product BEFORE the day of the move? And should customer service be disrespectful? Ended up calling around and found U-Haul. They were very nice and helpful. Budget will never get my business ever! AWFUL.

Ask Budget to Change Their Unfair Reservation Policy
By -

I believe it is unjust the way Budget Truck Rental has set up their reservation policy. Not only Budget Truck Rental does not guarantee the reservation you make with your credit card, they have a penalty against customers who don't show up (called $50 No Show charge) at the date and time specified in the reservation policy. Budget can ignore a reservation and yet require a $50 penalty charge for customers.

According to Budget, the reservation only guarantees the price in which the truck is rented for and not the actual truck. Budget fails to see that when there is no truck to rent, there will be no savings for the customers. In other words, their reservation is really a gimmick. I would rather pay a higher price for the truck with a guarantee that the truck will be available.

Simply said, if Budget does not guarantee a truck being reserved as it stated in their small print policy on truck reservation, then why should anyone even bother making the reservation? I think they are taking advantage of people and I personally will not rent from them till they change their policy. Please ask Budget to change their unfair reservation policy.

Poor Corporate Customer Service
By -

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- This past Labor Day, I made a reservation for a truck online. After comparing rates for some companies, I settled on Budget. I also noticed that a good number of locations for other companies were closed, although many were open, and it was not surprising given the holiday. I then drove to the place I made the rental and found they were closed. I was not pleased but an error like that seemed excusable, at first. I contacted the national number and they were able to contact another location 30 minutes away and had a truck for me, or so I thought.

I drove there and they were closed as well. When I called back to complain, the customer service representative said that I should have checked up on these places because of the holiday. In other words, don't assume that because we are reserving a truck for you over the phone is actual confirmation of a reservation. The customer service representative spend a fair amount of time trying to explain to me what I did wrong, and finally promised a letter of apology and a 15% off coupon for the next time!

That letter has not yet arrived, but I did get my credit card statement which showed a $50 charge. I was then told this was a "no-show" charge. They removed the charge. I had good experiences renting trucks before from Budget, but in this case as with many other corporations, it is wise to expect incredible sloppiness when you are making arrangements online or by phone.

Crooks and Scammers
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I called on 5/29 in regards to renting a 24' truck. An employee at the 2000 South Western location in Chicago said that he had one and I could come get it. I was relieved because I had tried 3 location before that one. I showed up with my father and we walked into the office and ** had me complete all the paperwork in his office trailer except the damage inspection report. He informed me that all vehicles are on a full tank of gas and that they must be returned on a full tank or I will be charged for filling it up.

After completing the paperwork, he then took me outside to the lot behind the trailer and unlocked the gate where the truck was kept. This was the only truck in the lot. We walked around the vehicle and he pointed on the dents and notated it on the paper. He had me sign the damage form and handed me the keys and asked if I needed to be guided out. I said yes, because this is the first time I've driven a truck this big.

I got in and was really nervous but he guided me out and after pulling off the lot. I seen that the gas tank was just a little over a 1/4 of a tank. I called ** from my cell phone immediately and informed him that he had me sign for a full tank but there was only a 1/4 tank in there. He said "Really?... I'm sorry I don't know how that happened. Don't worry about it, just let them know when you turn it in." I was leery of the situation and I asked was he sure. He said "You'll be fine... Have them call me if you have any problems. I'm always here." I hung-up then called back again because I remembered that he forgot the hand truck.

He was really apologetic and instructed me to come on back. My father and I came back and ** met us on the side with the hand truck. I asked if he could give me any paperwork to make sure I would be cool with the gas and he said, "Don't worry, you'll be okay. If they give you a hard time, just call me."

We packed the truck and hit the road at about 4:30am the next morning. The ride was long but we made it to Atlanta at about 7:30pm on 5/30/08. We unloaded the truck the next day but we didn't finish until after close of business at the Destination Dealer. I wanted to just drop the truck off at the location but my intuition made me want to make sure we wouldn't have any issues with the gas. Therefore, I waited until Monday at 2:45 (EST) to drop it off.

I informed the dealer of the gas situation and they shook their head and said that they'll call the Dispatching Dealer but once you sign for it you're stuck. This let me know this is not an abnormal thing that happens. He said he would call back to Chicago. When he did, they said they didn't remember anything but they would check the paperwork.

The guy on the phone also said that may be it was his brother who rented it out. However, it sounded like ** because I was on the line. He came back and said he remembers the hand truck but nothing about the gas. I became furious and still am. I called Customer Service and they weren't very helpful. They said if the Dispatching Dealer denies it, there's nothing they can do. (I was speaking with **.) I was really upset and I asked to speak to a manager.

She said she was transferring me, however, I was on hold so long that I ran out of minutes on my phone. To make a long story short, they still charged me more than $100 in gas plus a $25 fee and they were not motivated at all about talking to their dishonest employee about it.

$150.00 Security Deposit That Has Not Been Sent To Me
By -

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I rented a Budget rental truck in Maine to move my belongings to New Hampshire. When I picked up the truck rental in Maine I put a cash deposit of $150.00. I was told by an employee of Budget in Maine to make sure I received that back In cash when dropping the truck off.

A couple of days later I dropped the vehicle off In New Hampshire, told the man I would like my deposit In cash since that is the way I had paid it. He said he did not have any cash In his draw to pay me my deposit. He then said he would send a check. I asked If could speak to someone above him because I could not understand how it was that this man did not have the cash in his draw to give me when he was also running an auto mobile repair shop, gas station, moving company and Budget Truck Rental services.

His mother then got up out of the chair she was sitting in, got In my face and said she was the owner. The son then said that he in fact was the owner. I told the son fine just send me my check In the mail. I then told a friend of mine what had just happened because I found It odd that the mother and son both said they were owners then the sons correcting the mother saying he the owner.

At this point I did not care who was the owner. I just wanted my deposit back, so my friend then entered the business to try to get my deposit refunded. I was watching from inside the car and I could see this woman In my friends face. I then tried to contact local police and was unsuccessful in reaching an operator because It turns out this woman had tried pushing my friend out of the store and then slammed the door in her face.

I then called Budget Truck Rentals customer service line and was told an investigation would be established. I have not heard anything back from them, so I took It upon myself to call Budget's customer service to find out what was going on with this investigation and they said "it's he said", "she said" - that there's nothing they can do.

I have been calling Budget's Customer service line every week now to find out where my deposit is and their response is that on their records it shows the check was sent out to me and is on it's way. I live less than a mile from where I dropped off the truck. I find It really hard to believe that it can take longer than two weeks for a check to arrive to my location.

Budget truck told me that I have to wait another two weeks before they can do anything, meaning I have to wait an entire month before they can do anything about the matter. I just want my $150.00 this whole thing is ridiculous. I will never rent from Budget again and their Customer service does not service. I find them to be very rude and unhelpful.

(Cont.) Budget Worcester MA had overcharged me - some "funny" facts
By -

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- This is updates for my post that Budget has overcharged me twice. Since the last post in Oct 7 and more update in Oct 12 and 13, until today Oct 20, I was paid back $50 for no-show fee charged by Budget Denver, CO - that's all. I have sent by fax my letter, a print copy of my reservation online email, and a copy of my rental agreement with Budget Worcester, MA written in Sept 23, 2005 to **. This is the third time I have sent my papers to Budget Truck Rental Customer Service. The first time was sent to an officer name Tommie- however she didn't answer me back even though she said that she would call me when she receive my fax.

I had to call Budget Customer Service again and was told to send my papers the second time to an officer name Beth. She also didn't answer me back. I called again and at this time I talked to a woman who spoke very slowly and deeply like a male voice- I only remember that her name is started with "D"- like Dilma, or something like that. She had taken all my papers but didn't read those carefully. Despite my papers in her hands, she questioned me rudely, told me to be insistent with Budget Worcester, MA in order to get the new reservation number that Budget Worcester, MA had made up in September 23.

She also told me that Budget Worcester, MA had written a local rental agreement for me, then she hung up on me. However, in my rental agreement, it was written very clearly my drop-off location in Washington DC. (she didn't look at my papers at all!!) Every time I called Budget Customer Service, I was always told that my rental could not be found out- or there's no information about my rental. Seriously, some officers told me that the truck I had rented was in fact rented by FedEx since some months ago. It sounded like I was the one who made up a rental agreement or I stole the truck from FedEx.

After numbers of calls to Budget Worcester, MA, I was told that I needed to talk to **, the manager of that agency, since he was the person who has written the rental for me. I had tried to contact Budget Worcester, MA in Sept 26, in three times, but I was always told that ** wasn't at the office. Anyway, I had contacted Budget Worcester, MA again in October 17. After many times tried to contact **- the manager of Budget Worcester, MA- in October 13, 14, and 15. For the third time calling Budget Worcester, MA (he wasn't at the office before at 8AM, at 9AM, until 10AM- as I was told every time I had called in).

I heard him talking with the officer who was on the phone with me: "About what?" he asked the person who was on the phone with me. This person told him that I was calling in about my one way truck rental was overcharged. And, not surprised me, ** told his officer that "tell her that I am not here! Tell her to call back one hour later." That's all I had heard on the phone.

I am very unsatisfied with this agency and the way the manager treats Budget clients. I hope that at this time, **- or you or someone at Budget Customer Service will help me. I do honestly think that **- the manager of Budget Worcester, MA- had taken my money for himself after seeing in the Budget Rental Database that I was charged $50 for no-show fee already.

I do really think that that is the reason why he always refuses to talk to me or anyone about my rental reservation number, or why my rental agreement has not been found in Budget Database, because it has never been in any database, and because it was still considered as rented by FedEx. I am thinking of calling ** for help from Tom Martino and his talk show. I think that Budget Worcester, MA at 500 Lincoln Street is needed to bring up to the air for the manager's behaviors. Thanks for reading my long posts.

Worse Truck Rental
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

LEESBURG, FLORIDA -- This is worse truck rental place. Arrived and truck was not there. Had to wait like 5 hours after complaining for 2 hours. Yes rate is cheap. But not worth headache.

Great - Recommended
By -

WAPAKONETA OHIO -- We rented a moving truck to relocate from Wapakoneta, Ohio to Lexington, Kentucky. The desk at Budget was great, they lived up to all they said and provided exactly what we needed. Their rates were competitive and fair. I do not know where any complaints would come from.

Budget Truck Rental
By -

This is a terrible and the worst company I have ever seen. They cancelled my reservation 3 times in 3 days. Whenever I make reservation, I go to the office and the office guy tells me that they don't have the truck available. Do not trust this company. Never trust this company. They are liars. They are cheaters. Their service is **, Even %1000000000 **. Go to other companies, not Budget.

Avoid if Possible
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I'm not much of an internet reviewer, but this place treated me so poorly that I've decided to create an account here just to let others know. The person with whom I spoke by phone was quite friendly and willing to alter my arrangements from a car dolly to a car carrier at the last minute. Though he wouldn't quote me a firm price by phone, it ended up being pretty reasonable. The morning of my rental, though, he called at 11:00 am and demanded to know whether or not I was coming for the truck, since he had other people interested. I said yes, thinking that this is why we called it a "reservation".

When I did pick up the truck and started to drive it off the lot I saw that the gas gauge was on empty. I immediately returned and complained. He told me just to have the place where I dropped it off call him. This is exactly what he told another internet reviewer who ended up having to pay to have it filled, so I made him write "empty" on the paperwork and sign it. (Thankfully, this ended up being sufficient for the people where I dropped the truck off.)

Despite his friendly demeanor, ** failed to give me any instructions (including the brochure that I later learned I was supposed to get) for loading the car onto the car carrier, which meant that we spent a ridiculous amount of time getting it secured. (We ultimately had to drive to another Budget garage that was open at 3:00 am to get it secured. Thank God for those guys.)

Finally, when I got to my destination, I realized that all the rubbish on the car carrier that I had ignored that morning was actually roofing tiles, including a number of nails (at least one of which was sticking straight up). Somehow I avoided a flat tire, but God only knows how. Concluding thoughts? This place should be your last resort for truck rentals. If you have to go with them, be prepared.

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