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GRAND MOUND, WASHINGTON -- This is a hard review to write, as the Burger Claim is not bad enough for a complaint or good enough for a compliment. The Burger Claim is a new burger joint on the property of the Great Wolf Lodge & Caisson in Grand Mound, WA. Their decor is cute, but they should do a better job on the food. I had the bacon mushroom burger, and the burger itself was good, fresh ground beef, applewoood smoked bacon and portabello mushroom, along with pickle, onion and lettuce.

Now, one of the reasons I quit going to Wendy's was their hot beef patties on buns fresh out of the fridge. Burger Claim prides themselves on their 'Wheat Montana' buns, rolls, etc. The buns are served at room temperature, and don't bring a whole lot to the party. I had the so-called beer battered onion rings, and was sorely disappointed. Two dollars and ninety-nine cents for four rings!

They were about an inch wide, and were greasy. The breading was the same cornmeal-based breading everyone else uses. You bite and you have a red-hot piece of onion hanging on your chin. If they cut the onion rings in half, and gave eight pieces instead of four, it would have seemed worth more. I couldn't tell if there was beer in the batter or not. Crystal had chicken strips, and said they were okay, but the julienne fries were greasy. The food is served in gold pans, which is an authentic touch.

So, to sum up: 1. Toast the buns. 2. Change oil in fry pots. 3. Make the onion rings seem like a better deal than $3 for four rings. 4. Find out the old A&W beer batter recipe and use it instead of cornmeal. The coffee was great, and the breakfast menu looks real good.

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Burger Claim
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Grand Mound, WA 98531
360-273-9347 (ph)
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