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I feel misused
By -

I have been a Cable One customer (TV only), in the same location, for over 16 years. Last year I switched phone and internet to Cable One also. I was sold a package but was not told that it was for a year only and would increase (hugely; see below) on the anniversary. That salesperson is no longer with the company but, oddly, I am. Cable TV doubled, internet connection went up by $18. Phone and modem stayed the same. I just found out that my phone anniversary is 8-9 months away, and I can't wait to see what kind of unconscionable hike I will face on that then. This year's hike is an astonishing 41.5%.

When first informed of the hike by mail and popups, I complained in another online venue and received a prompt call from Cable One. That individual followed the party line in encouraging me to buy a cheaper package with tons of stuff I will never need. I'd love to see the hike on that one, this time next year. Of course, the individual could give me no idea what that hike would be.

After telling me that continuing my present package would cost me MORE than the letter I was holding in my hand said it would, the person checked with a supervisor and found out that I was right. (Does the image of trying to find a portion of the anatomy with both hands, a flashlight, and a map come to mind?) He forgot to factor in the cost of the modem. Then the bill came, and it was even $2 higher than that.

I just got off the phone with Cable One. They can't explain the discrepancy. And this is after 16+ years of perfect attendance. Where do you find customers like that these days? Why aren't they appreciated -- nay, cherished? I will be shopping around, but the choices in this rural area are limited, and Cable One darn well knows it.

Underhanded long distance charges
By -

ANNISTON, ALABAMA -- I have just signed a contract with Cable One. I was told that there would be no long distance service available on my phone. What they did not tell me was that you do not need to dial a one or the area code in my state. I have a friend who live locally and I call her; little did I know that her phone service was out of a city, not here in our local dial area. I was given a list of area extensions after I kept asking why I was getting charged for long distance. I had no idea it was long distance because of the way I dialed it; no area code or 1. How am I supposed to know that it was long distance?

When you are signing a contract with them unless you tell them that you want long distance, they will not set up the phone for you (you are forced to input this when prompted or it will not let you finish getting service set up). Yes I told them very specifically I DID NOT NEED LONG DISTANCE. The capability should have been blocked from my phone. This is their underhanded way of punishing you for not taking long distance service. I am sitting here regretting that I ever left AT&T I never got any surprises. Cable One sets you up and then laughs their butts off when they stick you for long distance that you did not even know you were making.

Please do not try to talk to someone who can do anything, they send you back to the local office. Oh yeah, one of their customer service people called me a liar on the phone, not a good way to advertise for their company! I have emailed the company, tried to call the corporate office; I am watching them laugh all the way to the bank! BEWARE when you set up with Cable One and do not want long distance. You still have the ability to do it even though you ask not to have it and you don't have to dial area codes within your state. Hope Cable One gets this message. You have the worst customer service I have ever had!

Paying for Premium Service, Getting Basic Cable for 6 Months!
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Rating: 1/51

LONG BEACH, MISSISSIPPI -- Cable One duped me into its "bundle" - its top-tier one at that. For six months they have been billing me for a service that is supposed to consist of phone, high-speed internet and the full suit of cable channels available in a branded package. Since first installing everything, I have received basic cable, and the phone no longer works. Bills have all been paid on-time and in-full.

Recently, Cable One sent an employee out to my home to install a box which was supposed to fix the problem. Instead, I now can navigate my basic cable channels with a remote, but I am still not receiving the package I am being billed for. Did I mention the phone doesn't work anymore? I have placed numerous calls to local office, made two in-person visits to said office and dealt with corporate office both online and via telephone.

Each time I have attempted to bring the matter to the company's attention so that they may fix it, I am met with someone who seems to have no idea what's going on or how to fix it. I have become convinced that this is by design to discourage customers from contacting the company.

Totally Disgusted
By -

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Imagine the absolute worst customer service experience you've ever had. Now multiply that by a factor of 10 and drag it out over a year. Without exaggeration, I can say that Cable One has truly set the bar in terrible customer service for me, namely in the last year. So much for customer loyalty. For the first 2 years, I was a "month to month" customer, which was fine, but in the third year they set me up on a contract without telling me. (I know people say this all the time, but honestly, I didn't sign anything OR agree to a contract over the phone).

For my loyalty, there were no discounts or price reductions. Internet service interruptions have been more frequent in the last year, for which I received no credits. I was paying for 5 meg internet, only to find out after 7 months that I'd been getting 3 meg the whole time (this was not due to capping; the night-time technician told me they screwed up). I called in several times to request an explanation, a credit, an acknowledgment, a hint of courtesy or empathy in their voice...NOTHING.

I waited on hold for a manager that never got on the line and never bothered to call me back...3 TIMES. Honestly, even though Qwest sucks and DSL is reportedly not as good, that's where I'm going. I'm disgusted with Cable One. They have a monopoly in my area and they clearly all hate their jobs and RESENT having to interact with their customer base. Cable One is notorious for frequent service interruptions (for which they never credit your account), price-gouging (due to their arrogant monopolistic indifference), capping internet speeds (due to overselling bandwidth) and extremely rude customer service reps that respond to everything with a sort of robotic indignation.

Be prepared to double-check your bill too... half the time I had billing errors on my monthly statements. The customer is NEVER right with this company. After endless attempts to be treated like a human being by them, one snotty rep actually had the audacity to tell me that my description of the service they were providing me was a "personal insult to her". Unbelievable. They're so unprofessional that they told me my payment was due within 3 days, then a rep called me and said it was due the next day, then my internet was turned off 5 minutes after that phone call. Lol.

Only a couple days later, when I moved, they disconnected my service a full business day early and my customers (I work at home) were basically left hanging and I had no way to contact them. The only response I got was, "Well it says here today was the disconnect date". Do yourself a huge favor and go with ANYONE else.

I'm a pretty laid-back guy and I'm always willing to give a company the benefit of the doubt, but Cable One is by far THE WORST company I've ever dealt say I'm disappointed is an understatement; every time I think of the way they've treated me, I just shake my head in disbelief. They could offer me a free year and I wouldn't accept it...God's honest truth.

Service and price
By -

BOISE, IDAHO -- Cable One is overpriced for the service it gives. I had Comcast when I lived in Spokane, WA and paid only about $30.00 to get hooked up. Cable One is charging me $75.00 for the same service. To make matter's worse, if I had a charge card, I would still pay the $75 but I would get my cable at a reduced price for six months at $29.95. But because I will be paying by check, I will have to pay the $75.00 plus the first months payment of $42.95 in advance.

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