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Phone Calls at Work/wouldn't Settle at a Rate I Could Afford
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HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- A couple of weeks ago I was contacted at work by CAC about a bill I owed and all letters were returned, a lot of my mail didn't get forwarded. I asked to call back after work, at first the agent was okay. Later after 5 pm, my relief did not show and I was still at work. I called this agent back and told him I was still at work and asked to call back the next morning. The agent then said he had to make a decision to file suit that day and pressured me to make a payment arrangement while I'm working with customers I'm supposed to attend to standing in line. I even told him that I wasn't even supposed to make that call.

Later, a company I didn't recognize pulled money from my account so I closed it. I stayed in contact with this agency during this time and planned on opening a new account on payday. On top of this, it was in the middle of the sweetheart storm. I had to call him back at work, but I thought it would be just to give my new account number for payments. He said I broke that agreement and wouldn't resettle the original payment. While I was working, he again used pressure techniques and a threat to sue to get an agreement for payment on a certain date based on my refund.

I realized later that this was absurd as I have no idea when I will receive that money and I also had other bills to pay. I was so frustrated, I decided to settle this privately and asked CAC to stop all contact and cancel all payments. The law does allow one last contact to confirm such. At this time, I made one last attempt to settle this at a rate I could afford and was insulted by the agent and told I would be sued. To make another agreement that I'm not sure I can keep would have been just plain stupid! Well, my original debtor said I have to pay this agency. I contacted a debt consolidation company as I have no other way to settle this debt within my means without it.

I was so intimidated, I nearly would have agreed to pay this in full to get them to stop, but then the check or ACH would have bounced! I reported this agency to the BBB! I think the agent went beyond the law when I asked to call him the next day and he threatened with a suit if I didn't settle right then and there while I was working. I also think he went beyond the law when he insulted me.

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