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Bulb Installation Costs
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STANLEYTOWN, VIRGINIA -- Running light was out; went to Cad. dealer to get replaced. The bulb costs $4.50 & I was charged $117.00 labor to install the bulb. I think this is not only ridiculous, but highway robbery. Now my signal light is out (same side). I called & they said the costs would be same to install this bulb.

I asked if the new SRX's would costs that, I was told YES. Looks like I need to change manufacturers. I also have a '04 Cad. Deville. I wonder what costs would be for it?? I even contacted GMC & didn't get any help at all or explanation from them either. I am very upset about this labor charge.

Cadillac STS
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I have owned only GM cars since 1956 moving up from Chevrolet through Buick to Cadillac in 2005. I know now that I should have stayed with Buick!! My Cadillac STS has dreadful levels of road noise in the cabin! The ride is very harsh and uncomfortable. It was delivered with Michelin tires which provided impossibly poor traction in slush and snow and which cost me $1,000 to replace with Goodyear Eagles. Traction and handling are now very good.

Imposed Speed Limit
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MALTA, NEW YORK -- The 2006 Cadillac V8 luxury performance optioned car is limited to 108 mph by the PCM. The lame excuse given by Cadillac is the tires are only rated for 110 mph. Now let's clear up one thing. I don't normally cruise around at 100+mph but I was being harassed by 3 punks in a clunker. The STS accelerated quickly away from the problem but imagine my surprise when the purps quickly caught me to continue their intimidation.

My major complaint is why does my $52000.00 performance sedan have such cheap tires installed that it has to be governed. The car handles very well and would handle fine at a higher speed. Secondly, the car was marketed as a performance car to performance minded people. There was never a mention of an artificially low speed limit in the advertising, the operators manual, or by the sales staff. This is fraud or, at the very least, deceptive. Better tires and honesty on the part of Cadillac would go a long way to correcting this problem.

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