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ATM Scandal
By -

REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. Recently (Oct.1,2004) I went to the McDonald's restaurant at 612 E. Redlands Blvd., Redlands, CA. I placed an order and used my ATM card to pay. Three days later, luckily I happen to look at my bank statement online and noticed that McDonald's had charged me three times for the same order!

I called the McDonald's restaurant and spoke to the manager. She told me that she was not authorized to give me a refund but she could give me credit to the diner. I said, 'No I do not want credit to your store, I would like my money back.' She said she personally was not able to do that at the store and that I would have to speak with the district manager ** who is located in Calimesa, CA. She gave me her number and apologized and said that she had received other calls concerning the same situation; she said the ATM was being re-serviced because of this problem.

I told her that I understand and that I would call the district manager **. She said that her office hours are 8 am-3 pm. I called many times during that time frame and she never answered. So I did leave a message. Later that afternoon I received a voicemail from her. She said 'I got your message about your ATM charge. We are having problems with our ATM machines. I unfortunately cannot give you a refund; you'll need to go to your bank and they will credit your account.' Now this didn't make any sense to me so I called back - no answer - left a message that I had a few more questions concerning this and if she could please call me.

I waited a few minutes and called back and she did answer. I asked her why I would have to go to my bank? And why should I have to go to all this trouble to get my money back? She said it's not her fault, it's the ATM and I have to go to the bank and they will have to notify the ATM company.

I asked her, 'Doesn't the money that is transacted through the ATM go to McDonald's?' He said 'Yes'. I said, 'So McDonald's is basically in possession of my money. I think McDonald's would be the one who needs to give it back.' She said, 'No I have already spoken with the ATM company because I have had other calls about this and the ATM company told me that the customer will have to go to his or her bank to be refunded.'

I said, 'I have a question, what happens to the people who don't catch this mistake? Not everyone looks at their bank statements. What do you plan to do with all that extra money from the people who never catch this? This is a big problem'. She said, 'Well I personally look at my bank statements every month and I would hope that everyone one else does the same.' I said, 'Like I said, not everyone looks at their statement, I personally don't but luckily I did this time and I was able to catch it.'

She said 'You know errors do happen.' I said 'Yes errors do happen but this error was not at my fault and it involves money which is a big problem, and I am upset that you don't plan to do anything about it, this really concerns me.' She said, 'All I can tell you is that you need to go to your bank.' I said, 'and what about all this trouble I have to go through for your company's mistake. This is ridiculus and I shouldn't have to go through all this trouble.'

She said, 'It's not McDonald's fault it was a problem with the ATM.' I said, 'It's McDonald's ATM so it's your responsibility I think you need to do something about it.' She said 'Well I'm sorry, that's all I can tell you. You'll need to go to your bank.' I said 'okay then.' And hung up.

That day I went to my bank and explained the problem to ** from Arrowhead Credit Union - Yucaipa, CA. She said 'no this isn't something that we do. This is on their end. They are the ones who need to refund you.' I told her that that's what I thought and explained my conversation with ** to her. She said that ** is wrong. It is McDonald's responsibility to refund their clients in this situation. I asked her to call ** and explain to her that she is from the bank and it doesn't work this way.

** called and ** did not answer (this was at about 2:30 pm); Deanna left a message. I called ** later and still no answer, so I left a message also saying 'I'm sure you have received a message from ** from my bank, I need to get my money back. If you'd like to call me back here is my number again **.' It is now the next day, Oct. 6, 2004. I have not heard from her and honestly I don't expect to. I am very upset and concerned.

I will not dine at McDonald's again. I feel that this is theft and am not sure if I will be able to recover the money that McDonald's has basically stolen from me. I am also concerned about the people who also used the ATM that day might never catch this error on their statements and may never recover their money that they didn't know was stolen. And it is very upsetting that **, the district manager of McDonald's has no plans to do anything about it.

If you could please contact me as to what you think I should do, I would really appreciate it. My name is ** and my phone number is ** and my email address is **. Thanks. One more thing, the amount of my order was $8.55 +.21 for ATM fee I think. That amount times three comes to $26.28. I know its not a huge amount, but I don't have thirty dollars to spend at McDonald's and more importantly, i'ts the principle of the situation that really bothers me. Like I said, I feel like they've stolen my money. Thanks again.

As a resolution, I would like the following: I would like to see legal action be taken. I feel that this is a serious problem. I would like to be refunded my money in full amount and I'd like to be reimbursed for my time and mileage. At any rate I would just like to see something happen. I would like to receive something for having to go through all this. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

Misrepresentation of service & billings issues after prepayment
By -

RANCHO CORDOVA, CALIFORNIA -- I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. I purchased a new Chevy HHR with optional XM Radio Satellite equipment which I took delivery of November 29, 2005. Purchase of the optional installed satellite radio equipment included three months 'free' preview of their services. Near the end of the preview, February 29, 2006 (the dealership said the three months preview begins one day after delivery of your automobile, which would have been Nov. 30, 2005). I elected to continue the service.

I used the pre-printed purchase form that was provided by XM radio and purchased the two-year package for $271.00. I paid in advance utilizing a cashier's check drawn from American General Finance dated February 21, 2006 and mailed February 23. The funds were verified as paid and cleared by American General Finance as well as XM Radio. The service was activated by telephone and delivered without issue until the first week of August 2006.

Prior to interruption of service, I received a telephone voice message from a management representative from XM Radio stating the following: (Paraphrase) 'It is very important that you contact us regarding the processing of your credit card' (note: I PAID IN ADVANCE, WITH A CASHIER'S CHECK). He stated that in the attempt to process my credit card payment, there was a problem and therefore needed to update the credit card information. Barring legitimate charging information or receipt of additional funds, service would have to be discontinued. Also, if I did not wish to continue service in the second vehicle, they needed me to verify which of my two radio I.D.'s in which of my two cars did I wish to apply the payment I had made in February.

The very next day, I returned the call to XM Radio and spoke to a different gentleman who expressed that he was aware of the situation. After verification of my information which included the make, model, year and radio I.D. as well as the payment method and details, the representative explained that an individual by my same name, from the state of Nebraska had activated a radio with payment from a credit card which had been denied.

At this time an explanation ensued that has been repeated in countless phone conversations, to countless individuals, repeatedly and excessively, all with the same message. There is NO second car, radio, account, or address as I have but one car, at one address, and one payment transaction which was a CASHIER'S check sent prior to the three months preview and cashed accordingly. Although, this first conversation had a positive tone and outcome and after expression of much regret for my inconvenience, the "discrepancy" was cleared up.

Unfortunately, within the next week upon tuning in the radio, there was no signal. I called from my car in the parking lot of the dentist office and after more than one hour and a nearly identical exchange, I was told yet again that the radio would be reactivated, but this time no signal was ever received.

I called back again with the same outcome and have since logged countless telephone hours with XM Radio and have been told numerous versions of why this has occurred. During this telephone call and each and every communication up to January of this year, XM Radio personnel have consistently acknowledged this is and was their error.

Other than the various and ever-changing scenario of the reasons and explanations given, there was consistently one theme. That is, they very politely logged my complaint, apologized for the inconvenience, acknowledged my payment, and 'reactivated' (in theory) my account. As each acknowledgment of their error was forthcoming, I continued to view the issue as a bookkeeping error. Also, as the assurances and apologies were reiterated, so was my continued good will. Additionally, they had my money, and I was now the owner of equipment for which without their promised positive conclusion, was virtually worthless.

It has now been seven months of an ongoing pattern of reasons or excuses. Although the particulars of how and why this was occurring seemed to vary, I was not overly concerned. After each contact they repeatedly assured me that the problem had been resolved, but then ultimately failed to renew my service or appropriately append the ongoing monthly bill. My calls have been regular since August every two to three weeks, which represents each time I drove my car and found I had no service.

During the last 30 days, the bill reflected removal of the radio I.D. for the supposed second radio activation but the charge for my I.D. remains, even though I was reassured that 'their' mistake was rectified back in August, and many times since. The primary particulars of each message and each reassurance has been repeated to me by various personal at Customer Service, Supervisors, Billing Unit Personal, and recently the '€œSpecial Investigative Billing Unit'€ over and over again.

During this time, I have continually been billed in various representations for an amount approximately equal to one year of service. This past November, however, a bill arrived which then showed that I now owed more than $400.00. I have been given several versions of the reasoning for this occurrence with nearly each explanation containing some type of discrepancy to the previous.

Given the most recent communication in the latter part of January, it began to appear clear that during the previous six months (the last six months of the first year of the two years of prepaid service) - even though a reactivation signal was promised and/or sent during each communication - the details given by XM Radio currently reflect a 180-degree position. In each call - in which a reactivation occurred while I was on hold, transferred, and the problem ultimately resolved - what I am being told now seems to indicate that a reactivation actually NEVER happened as it was not intended.

This recent revelation occurred subsequent to my finally asking what they intended to do about my having paid for services not rendered. I was told that they don't backdate subscription services and nothing could be done. Additionally, I was finally offered an explanation for the increased billing for the month of November which exceeded $400.00. I was told that because my first year of service was now over (which actually, could not be so even if I had not prepaid as I had not even purchased the vehicle as of yet), THEY HAD RENEWED THE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE FOR ANOTHER YEAR!

On January 19, I began calling at 7:00 a.m. to reenact the entire exchange once again; this time utilizing my hand held voice recorder which I explained I would be using. At this point, which was now approximately 2:00 p.m. that afternoon (that day I started at 7:00 a.m.), I was forwarded to the "Special Billing Unit" and was told in no uncertain terms that if I wanted my service cut off, I would have to be forwarded to the 'Service Cut Off Unit'.

Now somewhat speechless, I asked - if I were to assume that this many months of calls were on the screen in front of the customer service person, ** from the "Special Billing Unit Investigation Team" - did it make any sense that I had been calling approximately every two weeks for over six months, because the service wouldn't STOP? After hanging on from early that morning until after 2:30 p.m., I was promptly hung up on.

It seems that the hours upon hours of redundant calls and conversations has accomplished little but to eat up the better part of one year of my prepaid service. During the entire time, they never once questioned my payment, asked me to send the check or indicated that any proof on my part was required (and yes, I have it). Prior to that and until now, they said nothing to raise questions as to their true intentions in handling my account.

The next day I called again and was told by '**' that the service was discontinued because my check had been applied to the wrong 'car', a 2005 Buick, which he explained was now and had always been here in California. (The billing lady said it was because my money went to the wrong 'package'.) Furthermore, for the first time I was told by XM Radio (**) that two hundred and some odd dollars was refunded to someone at my address back in March 2006. He then confirmed the mailing address.

Two problems here: the finance company for which the cashier's check was drawn did not clear the bank until May, which means that they are now stating that they refunded the money before actually being paid, per American General Finance. If then, one did send a check SEVEN months ago to someone by my name at the street address given, which IS incidentally my street address, but NOT my mailing address, why didn't anyone give this reasoning prior to six to seven months and counting?

Obvious to me at least is the simple reasoning that if I had either the service or the service monies, my efforts would be served elsewhere (especially that I am disabled and cannot be up or mobile for extended periods makes this an expensive endeavor of a personal nature). At this point, in my next to last XM Radio conversation on I told ** that I had become blatantly aware that I would not be seeing a refund for the year of service at best and a single penny of the two years I paid in advance, at worst.

So I said, and repeated twice for clarification, that although I was recently told the service had been renewed for another year back in November (not withstanding, I didn't have my new car one year as of yet), if nothing else, PLEASE log this call as follows: when the real renewal date for year two arrives, which is January 29, I do not want a second year. If I had known what has become apparent to me, I would not have purchased the first year or the equipment to begin with.

My new Chevy HHR, now has installed optional equipment, that I will never use as XM Radio requires prepayment or a credit card, my issue at prepayment being obvious. Upon research into my experience, I can only feel relief that I have not suffered the alternate pitfall which is occurring nationwide: ongoing charges to one's credit card in which a request to discontinue is courteously received but repeatedly ignored.

In closing, my last two conversations with XM Radio bring me to this communication. Before ending our conversation, ** told me that he would be forwarding this issue to someone at the highest level, and I would be called back in fifteen minutes. I did not hear back in fifteen minutes.

I did, however receive my very first contact from XM Radio the next morning and before the entire story was retold, the representative said that she did see that there was an extensive well-documented account of my complaint back on December 20th. She also said, that according to her notes, she has noted that in my telephone call I had made the previous day, that I had requested that my XM Radio subscription be renewed for another year.

I am now faced with seven months of fruitless inquiries and am contacting you with this information. I hope some inquiry brings to light the numerous complaints which outline a pattern of behavior by this company and which I am just now becoming aware.

As a resolution, I would like the following: given my lack of trust of this company's business practices, I am hesitant to request anything less than a full refund for the two years paid in advance. Although reimbursement for the equipment as well does not seem at all unreasonable from my position, that the XM Radio receiver is integrated into the dash rather than after-market and may not be removed, I would pass in the hopes of avoiding further complications and prolonging my already protracted association with XM Satellite Radio.

If the future for this company changes in terms of financial stability, customer service practice or a change to the pay in advance/credit card policy, I would reconsider their services. Absent that, I prefer to consider purchase of this equipment a valuable lesson. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident, as I have sufficient documentation to support my position.

P.S. Forgive my inability to be more brief as this letter was difficult to edit. Six months of calls, never less than 45 minutes to an hour, approximately every two weeks over a six months period represent the contents of this letter ten fold.

Duty to Act, Failure to Act
By -

GLENDORA, CALIFORNIA -- On April 21, 2005, at or about 2:30 pm PDT, ** of DPSS's Adult Protective Services (APS) out of Glendora, CA arrived to the home. He stated he was checking on my now former client's welfare as a result of multiple complaints received regarding possible fiduciary, emotional, and physical abuse, as well as neglect and abandonment, by specific caregivers. These complaints were filed by licensed nurses, social workers, and myself. They were detailed statements based upon events we separately or together witnessed. The client is a female in the end stages of ALS, is totally paralyzed, and is ventilator dependent.

The social worker barely looked at the client and never spoke to or with her. Instead, he spoke only with one of the alleged abusers for less than one minute, and then went with her outside the home, where they talked for a few more minutes. I had clearly stated my wish to speak with ** after he spoke with the client, but he refused. He stated on his way out the door that he found no evidence the client was being mistreated or neglected, or that the conditions she was living under were unsafe.

In short, this guy was able to assess in 45 seconds that all the abuse, neglect, isolation, and abandonment witnessed and reported by trained and licensed healthcare professionals and social workers over two months never occurred, and that the multiple reports received had no merit. He was able to do this by entering 20 feet into the home, looking around for a few seconds, and then departing under the watchful eyes and guidance of one of the abusers.

Licensed and certified healthcare workers and social workers are required by California law to report ANY suspicion of abuse, even if they themselves have their own doubts as to whether or not said abuse is occurring. This is known as a "duty to act," and one many healthcare workers take quite seriously. Penalties for failing to act include loss of license, heavy fines, and prison sentences.

What are we, who reported this particular case, to do when the person sent out to investigate allegations of abuse, neglect, and abandonment refuses to actually look into the allegations? My position was a live-in one, and involved providing emergency care on call, as well as regular care on a scheduled basis. Of course, I was fired for reporting my concerns to my immediate supervisor. The nursing registry is being replaced as well.

Seems the caregiver/abuser who effectively manipulated the client into firing me, and who also was effective in keeping the APS social worker away from the client, is now pushing to isolate the client from the last few people who have voiced any concerns.

The lessons learned from this are many. First, I now understand why there is a massive nursing shortage in California. If we suspect abuse and do what the law requires, we get fired. If we suspect abuse and fail to report it, we go to prison. Either way, years of school and training, along with our careers, are flushed down the tubes the moment we come in contact with anyone who may be a victim of abuse. Meanwhile, APS will continue their "one minute or less" policy for conducting in-home investigations, insuring that the abuser remains free to continue with "business as usual," at the expense of the lives of their victims.

Organized Effort to Not Honor Refund
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. I am writing to inform you that Dell is a fraud. The company offers a 30 refund policy. But when I asked for the refund within my 30 day window due to wrong parts installed and corrupted operating system, Dell would not refund my money because they said that 'they have to exhaust all their avenues/resources before that could be granted'. I repeatedly asked for my refund and tech support (from India with severe language barrier) continued to stall by troubleshooting with me.

During this process, I had to leave work early to call from home, was on hold for hours, transferred many times, more holding time in between each transfer, just to speak to people that couldn't speak back to you. The tech support blamed the malfunctions onto my printer, software applications and many other things, but none was correct. While I kept asking for my refund, they just wanted to troubleshoot with me.

Then after literally every weekend, at 4 to 8 hours each for over 2 months, Dell still wouldn't give me my money back and said that I'm now outside my 30-day window and I can no longer get my money back. The best they could do for me is to send me a 'REFURBISHED' computer. Now, I've spent over $1800 for a used computer. I'm a teacher and bought this computer with my own money for my class. This really hurts!!!

Also, while I was troubleshooting with Dell on the average of 4 to 8 hours every weekend for 2 months, I've asked them to call back due to my phone battery dying, each tech said they would call but no one, I mean NO ONE ever called once. I started documenting all my calls and asked for names for accountability reasons. The techs would give me fictitious names or wouldn't give me a name at all. One even tried to say 'he had to get a drink of water' before giving me his name. At least, make a more believable lie!

Initially, I thought I was the only unfortunate soul. I asked for the name of a Dell official to send my letter of complaint to. No one would give me a name! I contacted the producer of TalkRadio Show, K-ABC, Technology Show in Los Angeles. He tried to email 2 Dell officials on my behalf, as well as my 3 page airmail letter I personally sent to another Dell official, but no one, I repeat, NO ONE has responded to my letters.

I searched the internet on Dell, and to my amazement, I found thousands of complaints on numerous sites, dated from year 2000 to current dates. The scariest part was that every complaint I read about was identical to mine: wrong parts installed, Dell not willing to replace wrong parts, collect your money for more expensive parts but install cheaper parts, long holding time, refuse to refund customers, paid for extended warranty but Dell would not honor their contract, replace parts with only refurbished parts, just to name a few.

In summary, Dell MISrepresents themselves, sells parts/computers that they claim would do a certain job, but they don't live up to their claims, does not honor 30 day refund policy, extended warranty and tech support service are not delivered up to standard, (contract to India where techs can't speak English and read from a manual), and an organized concerted effort to push consumers outside their 30 refund window by stalling and troubleshooting with them, and not allowing the refund to take place, even when consumers repeatedly ask for their money back during the first 30-day window.

I'm not the only one that have fallen into Dell's unscrupulous business practice. Thousands of people who do not know each other, yet share the same stories cannot be all wrong! Please investigate Dell's fraudulent practice. They cannot continue to mistreat people's hard earned money with no regards. What happened to America's integrity and moral standards? I, as an individual, is helpless. But the District Attorney's office has the power to weave the moral fiber back.

Please look into Dell's business practice. Perhaps a class action lawsuit might be in order?!?! I've already filed a report with the Better Business Bureau and I'm at the end of my ropes. Please help! As a teacher, I try to teach my students, as well as my own children, the importance of INTEGRITY! Please help me teach and demonstrate to the next generation the true meaning of INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and RESPONSIBILITY!

Thank you for hearing my plea! If you need more information, I would be happy to share them with you. I've documented my dealings with Dell! My email is **. Again, thank you for your prompt attention to this matter! As a resolution, I would like the following: I would like 100% money back refund from Dell, which means the computer and monitor included. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

Meza Biotech Fraud
By -

TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a sample of Sildenaflex from Meza Biotech for $7.99 shipping and handling. After trying the Sildenaflex, I found it to be worthless. Within a month later I received a shipment of two bottles of the Sildenaflex that I didn't order. Meza Biotech billed my credit card for $97.89. When I called Meza Biotech and questioned them on the mailing and charges, they told me I had signed on to a subscription of receiving monthly shipments of the worthless Sildenaflex.

No one mentioned to me that I was signing on to any monthly enrollment when I ordered the sample. Furthermore, the notification that I had signed on to enrollment was on the back of the receipt printed in mice type - very very lightly so most people would not notice. Meza Biotech is operating in a fraudulent mode and should be brought to justice with penalties. I sent the two bottle shipment back to Meza Biotech according to their guarantee. I have yet to receive the $97.89 less shipping from Meza Biotech. They will not honor their own guarantee!!! This review falls into the area of fraud.

Consumer fraud by Meza Biotech
By -

CALIFORNIA -- There is something about Meza Biotech everyone should know. When I ordered a sample product from them over the telephone six weeks ago, they took my credit card number so that they could bill me $7.99 for shipping and handling. I received the sample product, they billed my credit card for the amount, and I thought that was the end. In checking my bank account online the other day, I noticed that Meza Biotech had automatically charged my account for $97.89.

When I called the company, they advised that I failed to cancel some sort of membership where they would ship more product and bill my account automatically. I knew nothing of this "membership" and told the company that I was not advised at the time of the initial telephone order of this. They responded by saying that under the terms of the membership, I had 15 days from the day I received the sample order to cancel the membership or I would be automatically billed for more product they were going to ship me. They stated the terms were on the "back" of the invoice from the sample order.

When I checked the two-page invoice, I finally found these "terms" on the back of the front page invoice, in very, very small letters, on the bottom half of the page, where no one would think to read. Meza Biotech will now not voluntarily credit me the $97.89 even though I was not advised of this enrollment because I did not cancel within the 15-day period. In order to dispute this with my bank, I now have to cancel my entire card so that Meza Biotech will not have an opportunity to charge my card in the future.

I feel this is consumer fraud on Meza Biotech for failing to advise me at the time of the original order of this automatic enrollment, and by covering themselves by printing out these terms in very small letters on the back of an invoice which no normal person would read--you just think it is an invoice. They are still refusing to credit me the $97.89 even though I explained to them that I will now have to cancel my entire card.

By the way, I never even received the product that I was charged for in the first place. I don't believe they have anything on their website about this automatic "membership" either. So I want all consumers to be aware if they order this product (at least over the telephone) that they have 15 days to cancel their "membership" or they will automatically be billed for more product.

By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. In late September 2006, I accepted Bank of America's telephone offer of a one-month trial membership in their Privacy Source credit-monitoring service (I was sort of railroaded into it -- when I clicked '1' for more information as directed at one point, the next thing I heard was that I'd been signed up -- but that's not the reason for my complaint here).

I called on October 17, well within my cancellation period (which ended on October 28), to cancel the trial membership. I was given a confirmation number for the cancellation, and I have written down the names and times of everyone I spoke with.

On November 6, Privacy Source charged my San Francisco BofA checking account in the amount of $129.99, overdrawing my account. The next day, November 7, I was charged a $19 overdraft fee that the bank refuses to remove. I called Privacy Source and was told they would refund my money in 10 to 15 business days, and that if I want any overdraft fees removed, I can send them a copy of my statement (at my expense and trouble, and certainly with no guarantees). I am outraged by this. I'm being treated with utter disinterest and it's creating a serious financial problem for me.

As a resolution, I would like the following: I want my $129.99 returned immediately and I want the $19 overdraft fee refunded immediately. (Well, to be honest, I'd like to see some people being sued over these dishonest practices... frankly, I feel that that $129.99 was stolen from me, and that it should be dealt with as theft.) I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

Police Complaint
By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- As a consumer of police services and tax payer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. Over the past six years, my neighbor has consistently contacted the Palo Alto Police Dept., bringing up non-crime and baseless accusations. Time and again the PAPD has disturbed me and parked in front of my residence. These events have resulted in embarrassing situations, with the same results; no regulation, city ordinance or law being violated by me or anyone at my residence.

Again, these police visits resulted in no citations of any kind. But the cumulative effect of these police visits on my well-being has resulted in health and psychological impairments. We would think that after so many baseless complaints, the PAPD would confront my neighbor and stop their embarrassing visits. While it is not clear to me the reason for my neighbor's antipathy, ever since we began building our home in Palo Alto, it should by now be clear to the PAPD that we are law-abiding, peaceful neighbors as evidenced by our relationship with all our other neighbors.

It is understandable that the police needs to respond to neighbors' complaints. But, has it not been made explicitly clear that these are baseless, sick, neurotic accusations? Does the PAPD have no vision nor discernment as to what is right or wrong and stop this continued harassment of which by now the same PAPD has become an instrument?

To clarify this statement: after six years of baseless accusations, the PAPD is now an accomplice of this continuous and baseless harassment, which by now I have no other choice, but to call it DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT ON THE PART OF THE PAPD. What is preventing the PAPD from saying to the complaining party: 'Your neighbors has not incurred in any violation for six years. Stop calling us and harassing them?

As a resolution, I would like the following:

Please contact the PAPD to further investigate the situation and have these harassing visits stopped.

Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

Refund requested and the send me another product instead
By -

LA VERNE, MARYLAND -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. Order ** Nassau White Louvered Spacesaver SE-BE7181 - $139.99, $28.00, $111.99. This item was ordered and shipped from a third party, arriving damaged. I paid for this item with some other items in the order that arrived undamaged. This item however was reported damaged to the shipping co. And the company I ordered from, Furniture Central, as were the instructions on the website. They never responded. I repeatedly email the company and said don't send another product, refund my money.

The shipping co. said they needed to pick up item for damage inspection. I emailed this information to Furniture Central. No response. This item was ordered 1/2 and this went on up to 1/22 and I then received email that replacement was shipped. I did not want replacement, only refund. I called the company and was told I did not do the return process correctly and had sent the item back to their supplier and they shipped out the replacement. I was told it was out of Furnture Central's hands.

The replacement arrived and it was in poor condition also. Again, I emailed the company and receive no answers. I am very tired of this runaround. Please I want my complete refund - 111.99 + 10 shipping and no extra charges. They don't answer any of my emails now and I just get an argument over the phone. Company information: Furniture Central;; 1693 Yeager St., La Verne, CA; 91750 866-483-7467;

And their third party supplier is: Southern Enterprises - 1970 Crown, Dallas, Texas; 75234 972-869-0111. As a resolution, I would like the following: I want someone to contact me and tell me where to ship this item and get my refund. The last time I repeated made myself clear, I was returning the item for a refund and they send me another product. I want a rma number that guarantees my refund to be received and my refund credited immediately - 111.99 + 10 shipping.

Ideally, I would like the company to issue a call tag to pick up item from my resident and pay for the return shipping also. I have been given a runaround for claiming damage and it was documented with UPS as damaged inspected. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

Meza Biotech, Failure to abide by 100% Guarantee
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REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. Sept. 15, 2004 purchased 60 doses of Sildenaflex product, w/ 100% satisfaction guarantee. Product failed to work as advertised. Was advised to return unused portion with invoice for a complete refund ($99.90 + $7.99 ship). This was done with signed confirm receipt 10/14/2004.

After 4 e-mail inquiries, they put a block on my e-mails. To date, 'NO REFUND'. Please help! As a resolution, I would like the following: I only want Meza Biotech to fulfill their original guarantee & refund my purchase price for the product. As a business operating in California, I feel this is not a unreasonable request. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

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