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Customer Service Is Awful!
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Rating: 1/51

USA -- I am very disappointed with Canon. We own a Canon Selphy Printer (among other Canon items) and when I bought extra paper and ink I purchased the wrong one. For printers I always buy in advance and in bulk because you never know when you need it and I do not want to run out when I need it. So the extra paper and ink that I have I must of purchased like a year ago and I probably bought it at Best Buy because that is where I usually buy those products but because it was a while ago I don't remember for sure and I do not have the receipt.

I called Canon to see if I can send to them the wrong item I bought and exchange for the correct one and the customer service representative told me I have to go back to the retailer and comply with their return policies. WOW!!! I was shocked that a big company like Canon has such poor customer service. I told the representative there is no way Best Buy will let me return an open item I probably purchased about 1 year ago but the representative did not care. I was not looking for something free, just an exchange - wrong product for correct product. My daughter wants a new camera. It will NOT BE a Canon. Very disappointing.

Won't Honor Sale
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- I ordered a product from Canon USA direct. They charged my credit card and sent me a confirmation email and confirmation number. After 48 hours no response. I had to contact them to find out the product was out of stock and my order wouldn't be filled. They offered no compensation or help of any kind. Just “so sorry product isn't available”. I am at level 3 customer service with no concern over their error. I went on their website and product is listed for $220 more. Seems they had price listed wrong and they don't want to honor their sale. Ridiculous.

Printer Support
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered a brand new Canon PIXMA MG2520 Inkjet Printer from an online retailer in early July 2017. I installed it onto a Laptop. The printer will scan, but will not print regardless of what I did, including used new cartridges, installed and uninstalled and installed again and again the software, etc. I contacted Canon Support, which initially offered to exchange the printer for a refurbished one.

Thereafter, the most condescending comments from Canon staff ensued. "I would also like to check if the printer is showing an error. Please take out the ink cartridges one more and and make sure that the protective tape underneath the ink cartridges were removed. As you install an ink cartridge, please push it up until it clicks into place. Please make sure that both Black and Color inks are installed... If you see any flashing lamps, please let me know which lamp is flashing (green power lamp, orange alarm lamp, both), and how many times the orange lamp is flashing in between the pauses. For more details on how to count the number of flashes..."

In other words, they treat customers like they are idiots. Their absurd approach to problem resolution serves no useful purpose. Too lazy to pick up a phone and get a feel for the customer, they do standard issue offensive comments and questions.

Canon Won't Own Up to Failed Products
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Several years ago I became extremely frustrated with the Canon company, maker of copiers for home and office. I struggled very hard to find a customer service phone number or email address. After I did I posted the problems I had with one of their faulty copiers in an attempt to be made whole for the loss I suffered. To make a long story short, their customer service representative took about a week to get back with me. He kept the exchange going by asking me questions having little to do with the concerns I had. It seemed like a ploy to wear me down and make me go away.

The only resolution that Canon could come up with was that I send in the copier for repair, all at my expense, or go out and buy a new copier from them with similar features. I'm a mechanical design engineer so I feel at least a little qualified to comment upon the malfunctions of the machine and the cause of this malfunction. I will never buy another Canon product again after this experience. And strongly recommend that anybody reading this strongly consider how much complete loss they would be willing to withstand from Canon in the event that their new purchase of a Canon product eventually results in product failure, especially after the warranty expires.

"Hello, Several years ago on December 18, 2007 I purchased the PC 150 personal copier, SERIAL NUMBER KAF01941. I truly enjoyed its use and compactness. During that time, because of infrequent use, I've only needed to purchase one toner cartridge. Canon is to be congratulated on a great line of products. I do have one great concern.

This model is designed to store with the paper support trays folded over the lid/sliding platen. Yesterday I leaned over to turn on the copier then unfold/unlock the paper trays. In the process the rubber eraser I held loosely in my hand dropped from my hand and struck the print button. The copier was then activated and attempted to copy and print while nothing was in the machine to be copied and while the cover was still locked in place. Since the platen was locked in place the copier's internal gears continued to spin and click until I was able to unplug the machine.

The copier is now useless because nothing happens when I hit the copy button. In short, a very mild and predictable accident has led to the destruction of my copier. I question how Canon engineers have designed a machine without any safety interlocks that will prevent the machine from destroying itself and its drive mechanism simply by pushing the copy button.

My common sense makes me believe that it is highly predictable to expect that the copy button could be pushed deliberately or accidentally while the platen is secured by the paper trays. My sense tells me that a well designed copier should not self-destruct when an eraser falls on it. I do not recall reading any product literature warning me about this kind of occurrence. What can I do to get my machine working again? Otherwise, it is still like new. Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

Canon Printer 7150
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I worked in printroom. My company leased the Canon 7150 and it was installed in July 1st 2008. From the first day it would not work. I had to have a tech rep out constantly to fix it.

By early October they had practically replaced every part in the machine. One of the main problems was that sensors kept malfunctioning and had to be replaced alone with all other parts - including at one point a motor went out. On October 24th I noticed a film in the air early in the morning - then around 3pm the printer literally exploded black toner dust out of the machine - the walls - ceiling - carpet - my skin had black toner dust/developer all over the place.

The dump station filled up and the sensor that should have turned the machine off malfunctioned so since this dump station was full it had nowhere to go so it saturated shooting out of the back of the machine - the whole room was a black fog - as a result my lungs became inflamed. I was put on steroids. I lost about 45% use of my lungs. I ended up in the hospital for 10 days. Two results of overexposure to toner dust are respiratory problems and cardiovascular problems.

It put a stress on my heart and I was very sick for a year - neither Canon or the leasing company helped me at all. As a result I ended up losing my job and had medical bills amounting to over $10,000.

Canon Does Not Honor Warranty!
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- Today I became a dedicated, lifelong enemy of Canon. I bought an HD Professional XH-1As camcorder in July. The channel 2 audio went out right away. OK, so those things happen with electronics. In September I sent the camera to Irvine, California to be repaired. It was eventually repaired and returned. Soon after I started using it again, channel 2 audio went out AGAIN! OK, so be it. So I sent it back for repair.

Then, firewire quit working. So the camera went back for its 3rd visit to the factory in 6 months. March 14, I received an email charging me $325 for repair, even though the camera was obviously under warranty. In fact, I bought an extended warranty so that I wouldn't have to be without the camera, in case of repair issues. Little did I know that for the first year, I still needed to send the camera off through the mail.

So I called Irvine March 15 and was told that, no, indeed the camera would be repaired under warranty. 2 days later, March 17, I received an email saying I was being billed $999.51! How can you justify charging a customer who has been told the product would be repaired UNDER WARRANTY?

I appealed to supervisors, who obviously had no power and were towing the party line. I finally got a hold of a customer service representative in Virginia who finally agreed to lower the bill to me to part only, no labor. I told him that I would agree in order to get my camera that was being held hostage returned to me. But I also told him he had just made me the most committed enemy of Canon in the history of the company. What a waste of time. I've wasted an entire week, due to Canon's poor quality, defective parts and poor customer relations, not to mention deceit, charging me for a warranty item.

I have posted on dozens of Internet review sites today and video reviews. I will destroy Canon sales to the full extent of my capabilities with this compelling story in every possible way. You charged me a measly $600. I will take $600,000 in sales from you. I was a Canon supporter and you have turned me into an immensely dedicated opponent. This will continue for YEARS. Every time I think of this situation I will find another way to hurt you. I have told my 1,000 Facebook friends my tale. I will remind them of it, as I add as many Facebook friends as possible for the purpose of hurting Canon.

You do not know this, but everyone I know will be shocked at my attitude, since they know me to be a professional, mild-mannered individual who never speaks an angry word. You, at Canon, have awaken a sleeping giant. Beware.

MRM's Review of Camera: Canon SX40
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Rating: 5/51

After owning the Canon SX40 for 6 months, I thought I would share my assessment of this awesome camera with my fellow My3Cents. I have bought this camera for three reasons: long optical zoom, swiveling 3" LCD screen, and versatile camera settings. As you have seen the pictures I've posted on the community forum, those pictures were amazing to look at with great image quality.

With optical zoom, you can zoom into your subjects at 840mm optical zoom. I've also took videos with 1080p and it turned out great, as well. The price of this camera is $379.99, but considering how expensive the lens for a DSLR camera ($400.00 for a 250mm lens) the Canon SX40 is worth the price.

$600 Copy Machine Purchase was a Major Mistake!!!
By -

SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA -- After 10 calls to Canon Customer Service and having a repairmen come out twice and replace difference parts, my copy machine is still printing out copies once in a while that have half of the page printed in solid black and the other half pin stripes. I have been told that since it doesn't happen all the time that there isn't anything they can do about it and tell me there's nothing wrong with the machine.

My warranty expires in September and this has been happening since the machine was 60 old. I'll never buy another Canon product. This machine definitely has problems but Canon won't replace it. I've saved and faxed them the print outs, but no response. I've had other problems with this machine, but I guess I have to live with it. They only have a limited warranty, no replacement warranty is offered.

Junk Product, Junkie Service
By -

We bought this low end fax machine as a back-up light duty unit a few months ago on Ebay. The unit was brand new. From day one, it was obvious it was a strange machine. Unintuitive and complex control commands, as well as, extremely sensitive to the most routine things. Example, won't do anything unless all guides are placed not even an inch off line.

A couple months ago the thing stops working, calling to put in a toner cartridge, even though one is in already. Help line keeps on hold forever, then claims a new cartridge is needed. Waste of money, new one still not recognized by machine. Over course of a month, constant wait on help line for remedy. Twice stating they will send replacement and then canceling order without notice, claiming they never received faxed receipt.

Finally fax it with representative standing by machine to retrieve it. She gives the go on a replacement again to soon come. 10 minutes later, she calls back NOW saying because it was bought on Ebay, it is used and no warranty service available, but I can bring it in for service on our dime. Forget it! The only place I'm carrying this junk and the brand new cartridge they had me buy, is to the trash. High end Cannon, usually good stuff. This low end fax is garbage. Going back and staying with Brother for any low end faxes we may need.

My Digital Rebel Is a Lemon and Canon Doesn't Care
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- My Canon Digital Rebel Is a Lemon! I purchased a Digital Rebel three years ago. I like it very much and it takes outstanding photographs. I have purchased three high-quality Canon-brand lenses and the top-of-the-line Canon flash. My home and office are lined with excellent photos, and I get many compliments from friends and co-workers. In fact, these photos and my glowing recommendations of this camera have encouraged five other people to buy it, and several of those folks have, like me, gone hog-wild and bought several lenses, flashes, etc.

Unfortunately, the story gets very grim from here. This camera's reliability is non-existent. It has caused me a lot of grief and cost me a lot of wasted money and effort. After several hours of conversations with technical and customer support, I have patiently and dutifully sent this camera in for four and now five repairs. The result is that I have had the camera in my hands for ten out of the last twelve months and it has actually worked for nine out of the last twelve months. This is an unacceptable track record for a camera that cost me nearly $1000. I find it had to accept that a camera in this price range will only last for three years.

The story so far: In April of 2006, when it was two years old, the camera's shutter stopped working. I sent it in to the Canon repair center (Repair number LG703765), the shutter was repaired, and sent back to me. Repair costs were $200, not including the thirty or so dollars to ship it to the repair center. I lost use of the camera for two weeks.

A mere six months later, in October of 2006, the camera's focus lock failed. I was told to send it in again, and after expressing my disbelief and annoyance that the camera was failing again so soon, the repair (Repair number LH124454) was done without charge, except for the thirty or so dollars to ship it to the repair center. I lost use of the camera for two weeks, including Halloween, during which I was unable to take advantage of any photo opportunities with my children.

It only took two months for the camera to fail again. Again, some kind of shutter problem rendered the camera unusable during my children's first trip to Disneyland. Again after expressing my disbelief and annoyance that the camera was failing again so soon, the repair (Repair number **) was done without charge, except for the thirty or so dollars to ship it to the repair center. I lost the camera for three weeks because of the Christmas holiday, during which I hardly need add, that I was unable to take any photos during the holiday. This was a major disappointment.

Less than a month later, I began to experience an intermittent shutter failure, during which the shutter would stay locked down (looking through the lens, it would be black), and then it would release after being set aside for several hours. I called the Canon technical support, and they told me that I would have to send it in again. I was reluctant to do so, because the shutter was sticking intermittently and returning to normal several hours later, which is a difficult problem to reproduce. However, after several episodes of this in late March of this year, the technical support person recommended – based on the number of incidents with the camera -- I contact Canon Customer Support.

My case with this department was handled by a man named ** (866-886-1901 extension 2191), who listened to my saga and told me that I would need to send the camera to the repair center for “evaluation”. I explained that I feared they would not be able to find much as the shutter was sticking intermittently and returning to normal several hours later, which is a difficult problem to reproduce. ** explained that the evaluation would be complete and extensive, and that it might take longer than an average repair. It did not help that the free shipping was three-day, and the total time I was without my camera was three weeks.

I thought that “Customer Service” would include, at the very least, some follow-up about the results of the evaluation. Not so! I got home from work one day, the camera was returned, and the note inside said that the camera and lens was evaluated and nothing was wrong. Did I get a phone call from **? No. Did I get an e-mail from **? No. I waited a couple of days and heard nothing. I finally called him, left a message, but he did not return my call for over a week.

By this time I was so disgusted, I didn't bother calling back. I guess Canon's idea of Customer Service is different than mine. At least this time, Canon ponied up the shipping costs (although I had to purchase fifteen dollars worth of packing materials).

Which brings us to today, two months later. While shooting some photos for a client, the camera failed mid-job. (Bye-bye, freelance job!) But this was a newer, different shutter problem. The shutter engages (softly) takes a black image, gives the dreaded, meaningless “Error 99”, and refuses to take another shot. This time the camera did not return to normal; it is dead in the water.

I am now at wit's end. I just got off the phone with **, whose capacity for sympathy is somewhat limited. He gave the usual response – "send it to the service center." I asked if there was any way to expedite the situation, and he said he could ask them to look at it “as soon as possible”. Give that it is Tuesday, and that they will be sending me another lame three-day label, I figure it will be back in my hands in what, three weeks?

Let's recap: Camera down time out of the last twelve months: Almost three months. Events missed: Kid's first trip to Disneyland and Legoland; Halloween, Christmas, and New Years 2006. Money spent on repairs/shipping: $300. Estimated sales from my own purchases and recommendations to friends: over $5000.

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