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Carecredit Customer Service Is Bad
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Rating: 2/51

I just got off the phone with a CareCredit customer service rep, and I was hoping they would actually have me complete the survey they promised at the end of our call because I would have been happy to air my grievance there. But, no surprise, there was no survey after our call, so I'll grieve here instead.

A previous reviewer talked about the rudeness of the customer service reps--100% agreement! First I was given a woman with such a thick accent that I couldn't understand a word she said. Wanting to be kind, I told her that her accent was beautiful, but that my hearing wasn't great and I was having trouble understanding her, and asked if I could speak with someone else. She sent me to a whole different department (merchant services) that couldn't help me at all, and they sent me back to customer service. This time. I got a rude lady (no accent). She had zero skill in soothing a customer's ruffled feathers--why are people like this given customer service jobs?

I complained that even though I faithfully make my monthly payment on time, and pay my full balances within the demanded time, I have been charged interest and a fee this year on my balance. She explained (in a tone that sounded like, "You idiot, you should know this") that a portion of my bill had been "non-promotional"--she kept repeating this phrase as though I should know exactly what that meant. I finally told her I didn't know what she meant by "non-promotional", and only then did she go out of her way to explain that if your bill is under $200, you get charged interest until that portion is paid off!

I also told her that the chat feature which their site claims to have was nowhere in sight on my computer. She said to go to Internet Explorer instead of Google Chrome and it would most likely be there. I tried that and, again, there was no chat link to be found. She said, "Well, I'm on that page and I see it on mine"--in that same condescending tone, as though she was certain I was looking straight at that chat button but was just too stupid to see it. Never did resolve that one--the chat feature simply wasn't there. Last thing I needed was a copy of an old statement which wouldn't print at the time I tried to print it (Their site is tweaky sometimes and won't cough up what you need).

She asked if I wanted a paper statement sent. Suspecting hidden charges on everything with this company, I asked if there was a charge for that, and she informed me in her "what idiot wouldn't know there was a charge?" tone that it would cost me $4. In surprise, I mused, "A $4 charge..." Her cold response: "Yep." Very short with me, very uncharming, terrible representative of the company. I told her I would be glad to respond to their promised survey--but that never came. I had been telling others about CareCredit and right now have two friends who were going to look into getting it for their vet needs. I will advise them otherwise.

Scam Beware!
By -

Medical emergencies bring out the best in some, the worst in others. Well, needless to say... CareCredit brings out the absolute worst!!! Simply and to the point, they take advantage of patients in a bad situation. are vultures – and if you can avoid dealing with them, I advise making whatever effort is necessary to do so. has signed up medical providers – not just MDs, but dentists, therapists, and veterinarians. If you have a huge medical expense, and can't afford the entire amount, chances are your medical provider will probably mention and their wonderful three- or six-month no interest plan. Well, I had an overwhelming amount in dental costs and my dentist suggested that I apply for Care Credit for part of the amount. When I called them, they were EXTREMELY pleasant! I was approved during that very phone call. I have excellent credit... but needless to say, that was NEVER even checked.

The concept sounds very much like an act of mercy, guaranteeing that people who are in desperate need of funds to pay for their medical procedures will get the help they need. is actually GE Capital (the same people who made your ‘fridge lend out lots and lots of money). They're not in it for altruism – they're in it to make money – and make money they do. HOW? BY LYING TO YOU!!!!

This is not a loan, it's a credit card – in a few days, a MasterCard appears in your mailbox. In theory, you can use this card to charge more medical expenses. What's different about this card is that, unlike all those offers you're getting in the mail every day, the interest is GETTING ADDED EVERY SINGLE DAY at the maximum amount allowable under the usury threshold of 24% APY. That vaunted “interest-free” period is only “interest-free” if you pay off the entire bill within the no-interest period. Pay off all but A FEW BUCKS and you owe interest on the entire bill.

MY STORY: In my case, never bothered to send me any form of information about the account AT ALL. Sure, they got the card to me, but nothing else. They never sent me any information about the payment plans, and more to the point, they've never sent me a BILL! I had less than $3,000 left to pay on the card prior to the "promotional period" ending. My dentist called up to add $9,000 to the card and asked if he did so, would they extend the promotional "interest free" rate for an additional 12 months. THEY GLADLY AGREED!

Well, one day, I go online and notice that they are charging me interest. I called and not only was the customer service agent extremely rude, he proceeds to insult my intelligence by stating that I should learn to read. (I'm sorry, last I checked I have my PHD! I am quite certain I KNOW HOW TO READ! This comment coming from a customer service representative who probably gets paid minimum wage at best.) Apparently, I was being charged "deferred interest" because, according to them, I never paid the prior balance off.

First of all, I sent them a payment of $3,000 (which was OVER the amount I owed) and they applied that amount to the NEW BALANCE! WHY??? I HAVE NO IDEA! In addition, WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO READ??? NOTHING WAS EVER SENT TO ME BUT REGULAR STATEMENTS!!! So in essence, I KILLED MYSELF PAYING MORE THAN THE AMOUNT DUE EVERY MONTH... Just to get slammed anyway.

THEY PROMISED MY DENTIST THAT THEY WOULD EXTEND THE PROMOTIONAL PERIOD IF HE ADDED MORE MONEY TO MY EXISTING ACCOUNT! Due to this, I am getting penalized for almost $3,000 in accrued interest. This is just ridiculous! My advice... Avoid these people like the plague! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!! Not to mention that their customer service representatives are incompetent (if not merely stupid) and worse yet, LIARS!!!

CareCredit is a Scam - Research them and Avoid
By -

You go to the dentist and she wants to do an expensive procedure that isn't covered by insurance. When you balk at the price, she has a cost effective alternative - CareCredit. DON"T DO IT - IT IS A TOTAL SCAM. I needed a $2,293 program for my gums. When I said it was too expensive, she came up with CareCredit. According to the paperwork (that I have in front of me now), I would be able to pay for the program over 24 months, interest free. It would cost me just $95.54 / month. She explained that if I hadn't paid it off after the 2 years, I would owe the deferred interest at 19.99% annual rate.

Knowing I could easily afford that, I signed up. Big mistake. The pamphlet CareCredit put out is very carefully worded to mislead. In fact, everything about this operation is designed to mislead. The pamphlet shows that they offer 3, 6, 12, and 24 month promotional periods of 0% interest and longer periods at 11.9%. The brochure implies that if you are not in good standing, you get a 22.98% interest rate slapped on. What is not clear is how you ever get the 11.9% rate - you go to the 22.98% rate regardless of your credit rating in my experience.

Here is what really happened to me. I got my CareCredit card with the opening charge of $2293. I began paying it off, $200 per month. That was over twice the rate I needed to pay it off over 2 years. I set up an auto-pay and after verifying that it was working, decided to just forget about it and let it run till it was paid off. I never missed a payment and never had a late payment. I always paid more than the minimum payment. I did everything as stipulated!

In reality, it didn't work like I expected at all. After 3 months, the promotional period ended and I was back charged $167 in deferred interest. And then I started accumulating interest on the balance at the punishing 22.98% rate. Just for the record, my credit score is 782-790 and I have an interest rate of 8.9% on my Visa card. I pay off my credit card in full every month. In all my 25 years of credit history, I have never once carried a credit card balance over.

CareCredit is a dishonest money making scheme. The entire operation - from the way local medical professionals sell it, the ambiguous brochures that are handed out, the manner in which customer service operates, and the way in which the program is run is all about deception. You are led to believe you are getting one thing when, in fact, they are setting you up for punishing charges.

I find it shocking that a company like GE puts their good reputation on the line by operating this fraud. The executives of GE Money Bank should be investigated for wrongdoing and thrown in jail. This is a total scam. Hopefully there is a class action lawsuit or some other way to end the fraudulent activity of this company!

Stay Away From This Company
By -

There are a number of problems with CareCredit, (CC), none of which parent company, GE, apparently cares to change or address, so consumers beware. The premise of this card is based on whatever CC program your medical/dental/veterinary provider has chosen to participate in. For example, one doctor's office may provide patients a CC plan to charge balances of $300 or more at 0% interest for 18 months. Another office may offer it patients a CC plan of 0% interest for 6 months on charges of $1,500 or more.

At the end of those 0% interest periods, your rate on outstanding balances reverts to whatever astronomical percentage CareCredit has put in place. But the material point is that the CareCredit plan available to patients will differ from one provider to another. This may sound very attractive if you know you will be able to pay the balances in full by the end of the 0 & interest periodsit certainly did to mebut it is also tied to the first issue with CareCredit: How the payments are applied.

If you have multiple charges from multiple providers, all with different plans, you better be keeping track of your payments because CC may not be applying them as you would like. Another complaint on this site alluded to repeatedly contacting the company regarding the reallocation of payments: That is precisely what you will have to do if you want your payment applied to, for instance, the $1,500 balance coming due in 6 months as opposed to the $300 balance coming due in 18 months.

This in itself is a total pain, but making it even more enjoyable is that you get to deal with the unbelievably rude and obnoxious customer service (for want of a better term) staff. These people must have received special instruction on how to enrage their customers in as short a time span as possible.

I've never encountered anything like it before: No apologies for any confusion, no explanations for anything outside of scripted responseswhich they will repeat ad nauseam until you find yourself wanting to scream. There is quite obviously no incentive program in place for CC reps to even ponder customer satisfaction or the lack thereof. And before I go any further, let me just offer the fact that I AM in customer service so I feel totally justified in my criticisms.

Now let's get to the available credit portion of my review. If you set up an electronic payment for any amount of $500 or more, (I'm not certain, but this may also apply to large payments by check), you will see your bank account debited and the payment will be reflected as having been received by CareCredit, but YOUR AVAILABLE BALANCE WILL NOT INCREASE BY THE AMOUNT OF THAT PAYMENT FOR 10 BUSINESS DAYS.

So, using my balance figure examples above, if I pay the entire $1,800 balance by electronic transfer, my available credit will still be minus that $1,800 for the next 10 business daysdespite the fact that CareCredit has acknowledged receipt of payment by actually posting the payment to my account. So if you are using CareCredit for ongoing medical care, this becomes a major problem: You think you are paying balances owed in a timely fashion so funds will be available for your followup visit to the doctor butSurprise! you find that it just isn't the case, and you're left digging out your VISA card.

I always thought I was a fairly smart consumer: This experience definitely proved me wrong on that score! Bottom line--if something sounds too good to be true, it is. Walk away... very quickly. I've closed my account with CareCredit and hopefully, I'm the wiser for the experience.

Credit Security Scam
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- A fellow employee informed me they were being charged a credit card security fee. I reviewed my billing and found I was being charged for the same line item. After trying to pay them off for a few years, this unsolicited fee added up to over $4,000.00. I am happy to say they will be giving me a credit for this charge. Watch all of your bills from this company if you do not want to go through my pain. Soon this company will be out of my life and have gained another person that will warn others of doing business with them.

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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- The month of August my previous balance was $3,500.00 and made a Payment of $114.00. I was for the first time being charged interest of $1480.90 which was now bringing my bill up to $4868.90. I told them my CareCredit was for two years, they told me it was for only one year. I asked how much is the payoff amount so I wasn't charged any interest. I was told if I make a payment of $3338.60 by the 27th of August, I wouldn't be charged interest.

I made a payment for that amount and now I was sent a bill of $1618.83 which means interest from last month and interest for this month. I have called three times in two days and put on hold constantly and nobody seems to settle this issue. I work six days a week and don't have time to be put on hold when nothing gets resolved. This is ridiculous.

Rejecting Payments
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANGELO, TEXAS -- I have had the hardest time making payments. Over the past 3 months I have had every payment rejected despite having the funds to do so. I would make the payments and when balancing my check book I would notice the funds still in my account. I went to check my Care Credit account to see if my payment had processed and it showed rejected.

I emailed customer support and was told I entered my bank info incorrectly. I re-entered my bank info and double checked and re submitted my payment. Again! It rejected it and to make it worse my credit took a hit. I emailed them again and was told my bank info was incorrect. I assured them it was correct and I better have my account credited and my a reduction on my credit. Now I will say this, they credited my account and removed the derogatory mark from my credit report. I just submitted another payment and again! the same process. I know for a fact I entered the correct information and checked it 3 times over. Proceed with caution when dealing with this company.

The Worst Customer Service. I've Called Multiple Times Asking If They Could Change My Payment Date To 1 Day After What It Is Now
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Rating: 1/51

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Never helpful when dealing with these Reps. I called months ago asking if I could make my payments on the 26th of each month instead of the 25th which they said yes but yet I still get charged a late fee because they never changed the date. So I call because I made my payment on the 26th again as I have been the last 2yrs. When I call the representative tells me, “Oh sorry you gotta pay because whoever you spoke to prior didn't put it in their notes.” So how is that my fault. I use my Care Credit a lot but will be canceling mine's and my parent's cards because they are the worst and the customer service is horrible.

CareCredit Closed My Account Due to Inactivity W/ Zero Warning
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I lost my healthcare PPO plan with my doctors I liked thanks to Obamacare. Now I have nothing. So I applied for CareCredit for emergency if I need dentist or my annual mammogram. I have had the card one year. I was approved for 1,000. I never used the card as I didn't have to.

Then out of the blue I get a letter that my account “HAS BEEN CLOSED DUE TO LACK OF ACTIVITY“. When I called to ask customer service Why -where was this in the agreement terms she put me on hold a long time then announced that it's IN the terms. I said what is the EXACT wording. “Synchrony Bank reserves the right to close the account due to inactivity”. But it doesn't say HOW LONG THAT PERIOD IS - eg. 12 mos? 2 yrs? 6 mos?

Of COURSE I would have bought a prescription or something to keep it open rather than have to reapply. So basically you're punished and it HURTS your credit rating that they out of the blue kill your account. Now with more damaged credit score good luck being re-upped. But after reading all the scammy Mc scam in these other entries I feel like it's been done me a favor to not reapply.

What a shady outfit. Banks suck in general as they are the greediest and most dishonest business. Period. But this is THE ONLY CREDIT CARD that can be used just for medical so it should be a lifesaver backup. NOPE! And I have a paralegal degree so I can read a contract thank you. My request to speak with the legal dept was DENIED. You will not get beyond their cubicle human bots who read only the script and Will NOT help you.

Worst Card to Have and Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I am appalled at the rudeness of the customer service agents. Two of the people I spoke with yesterday, asking for help regarding my account, were not only less than helpful but were actually very mean. This is not the first time the customer service reps have been rude. After being kept on hold for 32 minutes, one of them -- a manager, no less -- told me she could not wait longer than two minutes for me to get my husband on the phone to confirm that I was allowed to access our account. When I refuted this, she said, "Actually, I am under no obligation to wait at all for you" and then hung up on me! WHAATT?

This same person also argued for a good 5 minutes that the customer service phone line is available 24/7 but on the Synchrony site it says M-F 9-5. More than just the way they treat their customers on the phone, the company is sneaky in their practices. Some providers will offer promotional purchases -- like 6 months no interest. However, some don't or will only offer it for purchases over a certain amount.

If you have both promos and regular charges on your account, CareCredit will apply your payment to the promo (no interest) first unless you call and tell them to apply it to the high interest (23.9%) purchases first. So it is VERY easy to get huge interest charges building up very quickly, without being aware. It is a deceptive, awful company. I do not recommend them at all.

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