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Consistently Pathetic and Dangerous Service of Car since 2003
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ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- In 2003, my car was totaled due to a head-on collision. I didn't have much of an opportunity to shop around comparing different models, so I opted to get the latest model of the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Coupe (identical to my previous model). Single female. I was assured that the dealership would 'take care' of me with service. They offered free oil changes for as long as I owned the car. I had to drive past 4 other Pontiac dealerships that were more convenient, but I figured that those oil changes would add up. My car has just turned 70k miles. I have gotten the oil changed every 3000 miles. Other than not washing my car regularly, I've taken good care of my car.

I took my car to have an oil change in 2005. Everything was 'fine'. I volunteer at the Aquarium and often work evening events that are over at midnight or later. The area is not exactly safe - one is frequently confronted by some rather aggressive homeless folks. I walk to my car not 8 hours after the oil change at Carl Black Roswell and my car won't start. I open the hood, investigate - the battery is covered with white corrosion. I had to pay for a truck come out and replace my battery.

I advised the GM, Todd, of the situation. He apologized profusely and said that it was a mistake. (The amount of battery acid that had been leaking out was not something that happened in one day - how they could have overlooked it was beyond me.) So next time I went in, I deliberately let air out of 2 tires to the point it was 50% of where it should be. I wanted to see if they would catch it. They didn't. I had Todd come out to my car and showed him - he was embarrasssed and apologized again.

I started scheduling my tire rotate/balance immediately after the oil change across the street from the dealership. The next time, the service tech at the tire place said they changed my oil and filter because it was 'really bad'. I showed him the receipt, from an hour before from Carl Black Roswell changing my oil and filter. He looked at me and said "lady, they didn't do it." I took it back to Todd, the GM, he again apologized. You'd think that at that point, they'd pay special attention? Nope. I told him I didn't care about apologies, I wanted the service promised.

They've let drive out without brake lights. They noted it on my 'invoice' but not bothered to mention it to me. When checking out, the check-out person doesn't even seem to notice something like that might be important. Again last September, I took my car to Carl Black Roswell for oil change. Not 2 days later, battery died. Again, white acid all over the battery. I've had numerous other incidents along the past many years. I am dumbfounded at the absolute ineptness of this General Manager and how he is still there. I have documentation supporting service detailed after each of these experiences.

I've repeatedly made mention of recall notices I've gotten from Pontiac. I've been told that they were done. But I still get notices. In April 2010 I was advised that their computer was down to check it, so they just 'assumed' it had been taken care of (That was the "Service Manager's" exact words).

This same time, upon checking out, it noted I needed a new oil filter. (Why didn't someone bring this up to me?) It's rather important to have done. When I brought it to Todd's attention, Todd told me he "didn't know why" I "continued to bring" my car there. I told him that I bought my car from them because they promised to take care of me and I (stupidly) believed them. I could have gotten another dealership to match the oil changes.

I am waiting for the day that Pontiac sends me a customer survey because I will take pride in detailing every single screw-up that Carl Black Roswell has done with servicing the car. I will be buying a new car in the next few months. No complaints about the auto itself, it's the Carl Black Dealership. If Todd has been kept in place there for so long, I cannot be the only one that this has happened to. It has to be something pervasive throughout the organization. I will be using another Chevrolet dealership that won't potentially endanger my life.

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