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Big O Tires, to the Rescue!!
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BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA -- I had been waiting for 6 days for my tire replacement from Carroll's Tire. I took in my damaged tire on 1/6/10 on Wednesday. Francisco told me the tire would not be in until 1/8, Friday, 2 days later. Wow, they were sure the hell quick to sell me the tires when I got them, I believe in less than an hour maybe 2 they had all 4 along w/road hazard. Well I need one, and I had to wait for days.

Well Friday came, almost gone, I decided to go myself. I gave plenty of time, in fact to much time. 3:41p I get there, only to get an attitude from Francisco. Walking in he tells me that the tire has not come in, that's why he has not called. Needless to say no one paid me for the gas wasted. I said "yeah, you also said Friday, it's after 3:30p, and it isn't here yet." He said "no, shipment has not got in." I asked "is it going to come in today, Friday?" He said "yes," and sent me on my merry way. Told me to wait for his call. Well people Friday came and left.

Saturday morning, I made calls, I for sure as hell did not want to deal, w/ a lying **. See Back in Dec. 09 I straight up caught Francisco trying to rip off my aunt. This is a whole other issue. He tried to charge my aunt for parts she already had on her car. What Francisco didn't know is that I am registered on Ebay Motors. He was mistakenly wrong to think because we are women, he could feed us **. It's not happening. That's another issue I have to let be known on my aunt's part.

I made calls on Saturday 1/9 day 3. There are 2 Carroll's here. I called the other store, to see what can be done. Bottom line one store does not want to hear about the problems one has w/ other. I spoke to Ben, told him what's going on. What did he do? Puts me on hold called Francisco, gets back to me. Tells me that Francisco sincerely apologizes the tire did not come in. Apologizes, yeah right otherwise he would have done that himself on Friday. I told Ben that I wanted to pick up my damaged tire and rim from Francisco, and go buy tire somewhere else. Oh, how quick to tell me that they could not pay me back if I did that. Again, they did not want to hear it.

So what does Ben tell me, "go pick up your tire and rim go off on him (Francisco). Bring it down here. We are nice, we'll treat you better." Better, lol. "OK tell me, is having to wait until Monday 11th treating me better?" They were of no help. I called the main warehouse in Porterville, CA. I placed the order myself, personally I believe Francisco never placed the order at all. Well finally, someone is listening. Gabriel now he heard me out. Bless his big heart.

He told me that he was getting ready to go home. It was late afternoon on Saturday. But after telling him what I been through, he kindly explained that one was in stock. But it was going to take awhile to look for. He was not going to leave until he find it. Have it sent on Monday to Lorenzo, @ Rosedale store. They ship on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Along w/ note for Lorenzo to call me on Monday. I told Gabriel, "that was fine w/ me." Lorenzo was the person that sold me the tires before he was moved to Rosedale store.

Well guess what people, Monday came and left again no call. After the attitude I got for showing up w/o getting a call first teach me not to do that again. Monday, 3:10p I made a call to Big O Tires, I spoke to Brian, asked for exact brand in stock. Quickly, responded yes in fact he had 6 in stock. I told him 1 was needed, I gave him a quick run down.

Please read!!! Brian @ Big O Tires on Mall View Rd. Bakersfield, CA sold me the tire for the same price I paid for @ Carroll's. Thanks so much to everyone @ Big O Tires, for coming to the rescue. That was great service for just one tire. I got 2 calls back from Big O Tires. One let me know someone was sent to get tire. Two, tire was there for me. All within 1hr 15mins. All calls made to and from are to my cell phone.

Now I go to Carroll's Tire Warehouse on Rosedale Hwy. Take Lorenzo the receipt for the tire I bought. Lorenzo is a friend of my husband. That's how I got my tires. Friend of husband, obviously not mine. Lorenzo tells me that he could not pay me for the tire. They don't work that way. ** they don't work at all, if you ask me. In fact, Lorenzo says "your tire came in yesterday, Monday." Lorenzo goes on to say that he called, Francisco, Francisco called back 2 hrs later told him the tire is there. They both called each other, yet no one called me.

That right there told me that Lorenzo got the note from Gabriel. Otherwise why the hell he call Francisco? When I asked Lorenzo why didn't he call me, he quickly threw it off on Francisco. Told me that he can send someone to pick up the tire, install it for me and warrant that one. But couldn't help me for the one I paid for. I got my records/backup documents. Hell I even have the damaged tire.

I'll take this another route, if that don't work I will take to another level. I did call Gabriel on Wednesday, thanked him and assured him he did nothing wrong on his part. He is the only person I can really say did his job. Thanks Gabriel @ Carroll's Tire in Porterville, CA. To all @ Big O Tires, Mall View Rd, Bakersfield CA 93306 I love you man. :)

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