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Bring Back Retro Cartoons
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Rating: 1/51

NEW CARROLLTON, MARYLAND -- I remember when I was a kid. I looked forward to getting cable. Cartoon Network had a lot of variety. There were fun cartoons from other decades. Over the years, they put a lot of emphasis on new cartoons and stopped being an all ages channel. Adult Swim was never meant to be on Cartoon Network. The new cartoons they show for kids are too graphic. Kids need to watch retro cartoons instead.

Adult Swim
By -

WASILLA, ALASKA -- Regarding Boondocks: This cartoonist is clearly an angry black man, and his toons featuring "niggah" (repeated boondock dialogue) is self-defeating to equality. In fact, has CN Management reviewed Adult Swim lately? Futurama and Family Guy are great, that's the only reason I tune in, but have you people actually watched Boondocks or "Tom goes to the Mayor"? These programs are THE worst programming I have ever seen, there is absolutely zero entertainment value involved in either of these programs.

Another thing that disturbs me is the evident political messages that Adult Swim espouses between commercials - if you are a admitted Liberal network, then proudly do it. You'll lose a large base of viewers, including myself, but at least you'll be honest - and I think anyone can respect a political position, whether or not they agree with it. I will honestly say that I have been offended by deliberate political messages on Adult Swim. Right or wrong, I have been.

At 36 I think my attitude towards your programming seems bizarre; it seems to me that I am the old man railing against society - but I have discussed this with other electricians on the job and find that my view is completely normal - it's not just me, Boondocks is a prejudiced program that does nothing to promote equality or promote minorities to equality.

"Can't blame this on the white man!" "Damn, Nigga!" These are phrases I just heard as I was typing this on Boondocks. Real nice. Please, Cartoon Network, show some leadership and stop this racial divisiveness that you are espousing. I allow my children to view your network during the day, and I enjoy catching Futurama and the occasional Family Guy during the weeknights. I enjoy "Edgy" viewing, but there are limits. Boondocks and the political comments displayed on your Network during Adult Swim are clearly out of line and should be reined in - not all of your viewers appreciate it.

The cartoon (MAD)
By -

I was watching cartoons with my 3 year old son him and his brother which is 7 was watching MAD but at that time I had no idea what it was about. But anyway when I saw what my children have been watching on cartoon network (MAD) it is not appropriate for any child to be watching. It should be on late. With Adult Swim all they were doing was making fun of everything and doing completely rude things like throwing pimples on people that is so gross. From this day on my kids will not ever be watching this channel which I have already blocked on my t.v. I stopped them before from watching the movie Fred for the same reason.

Cartoons is supposed to be for kids not this, I will never purchase any toys or anything from Cartoon Network ever again so I guess you have lost another $ from this parent. So I suggest that this show be taken off t.v. for good or improve it in someway or another because I would guess I'm not the only parent out here that feels the same way.... Thanks.

Political Garbage
By -

I think it's really sad and low for people with a political agenda to infuse it into a children's cartoon. I was watching an episode with my 5 year old son about how people that don't believe in global warming are idiots and think the world must be flat if the don't agree. WOW is all I have to say. You just lost all money I would have invested in your toys, and ratings from watching your show. It just shows that you aren't interested in making quality TV for kids but pushing your own political agenda. Nice try but not in my home. I hope you figure it out or get new writers.

Where Is Naruto!
By -

I have waited over 4 months for your station to continue the broadcast of Naruto, on Saturday nights. It is one of my, and my families favorite shows to watch as far as family night. I understand the fact of waiting on the English dubbed episodes to come out, BUT WHEN I'M GOING ONLINE AND THEY ARE THERE, IT POSES A PROBLEM! So I have decided to wait another two weeks, if by then your network hasn't continued the broadcast of Naruto. I will boycott your channel, network, website, and anything else with Cartoon Networks name on it.

Why is Adult Swim shows on the Cartoon Network?
By -

Why is a show like Robot Chicken aired on the Cartoon Network? It is a channel for children and I really do not care about the time that the show airs. I don't have anything against the show itself but why air on a kids channel? I heard one of the episodes and could not believe this was on a cartoon channel, this is not for children.

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