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Nightmare! Avoid At All (Your) Cost
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C&C MATTRESS did a BERNIE MADOFF on us. We will tell you what this man did to us in the hope that we can spare someone else the anguish. C&C MATTRESS is a middle-man or broker. He operates out of New Jersey. He fronts his operation through a website that, at first glance, appears to be trustworthy. He pawns himself off as the mattress expert by replying to questions folks send in about mattresses and most of his replies are marketing gibberish.

Unfortunately he is an expert at swindling. His website boasts a guarantee; however, later inspection by authorities reveals it never explains what they guarantee. In our case it was nothing. We paid him over $2100 up front and received a mattress with a gaping opening in the side where the factory failed to seam the sides together.

After they gave us the runaround, we went back and looked closer at his website. We noticed he has a DISCLAIMER that states REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ONCE THE MATTRESS PACKAGING HAS BEEN OPENED. Nice, very clever. They gave us the "oh don't worry, we will take care of it" routine for a few weeks. We didn't even ask for a refund. We told them keep our money and simply asked for a replacement. They continued to ignore us. They finally told us they will not refund or replace the mattress.

So, we have had this Sealy Latex Springfree mattress about 30 days and now the mattress is beginning to fall apart at the opening. Sealy also refused to get involved saying they do not warranty defective stitching. Yep, it says that right on the warranty.

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