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DO NOT SHOP AT CELEBRATE EXPRESS! I bought a costume for my grandson and had it shipped to him. This company charged my card twice. This is why people are afraid to shop online. Customer service is terrible there. They do not care about the customer. Customer service department is awful. I have contacted my credit card company and they will be taking care of the situation. My experience with them has been terrible. All I wanted was a costume for my grandson and I got trouble. Lots of time and phone calls and all because they made a mistake and messed up. I will never use Celebrate Express again.

Awful experience all the way around. I just bought my granddaughter's costume at They are almost half the price on shipping and better prices on costumes. I wish I would have ordered from them for my grandson too. I will NEVER shop at Costumes Express again.

I would not shop at Celebrate Express for anything after this experience. I think that the top people there may want to start reading reviews about their company, and checking out the problems that they have. Some people may not look at their credit card statements and I wonder how many times they have messed up orders and people just did not want to deal with the hassle of trying to get it resolved.

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I placed a $100.00 order on 7/19 to be shipped to me before Aug. I received a call telling me that one of the costumes I ordered was not available as promised, unless I wanted to pay more money for "overnight" delivery to receive it two and a half weeks later and still no guarantee it will be at my house in time for my party on 8/11. That is wrong. I called customer service to find out why it was costing me more money for "overnight" delivery when obviously it wasn't overnight. It was their fault that it wasn't going to be here earlier, and still no guarantee it will be here before my party.

I asked for a Supervisor. Jenny got on the phone and proceeded to repeat, like a robot, over and over the company policy. I explained to her that I felt this was wrong. This is a very important day for my family. We recently had several members of our family pass away and this party is for an elderly member. I have family coming from across the nation all dressed in costume. I'm the Hostess. I need to be dressed appropriately. She repeated policy. Which just upset me more. I was fighting tears. I told Jenny that I understood that none of this was important to her, but it was very important to me. She repeated policy.

I told her I understood her company policy but that I also understood it was wrong what they were doing. She repeated policy. I tried to give her some advice, being a customer rep. myself years ago. I told her she should be empathizing with me and apologizing, not repeating company policy to me like I was not able to understand, that just upset me even more. She repeated policy. In the big scheme of things is a costume important? No. Is the $20 more important? No. But with family members dying like they have been, I'm emotional and this day IS important to me.

I'm paying a lot of money for this family reunion by myself so my mother can see her family together possibly for the last time. I'm paying a lot of money for this costume to begin with, and now they are telling me, after they charge me more money they can't even guarantee that it will be here on time. Its wrong. I was getting so upset and she just kept repeating policy.

I said a swear word to her (which was wrong on my part and I usually never lose my tempter like that so for that I apologize to Jenny - after all it is not her company nor her problem, but I was being wronged and she was the robot representing the company. She should have apologized and sympathized with me at least a little.) and she told me she would hang up on me if I swore again. So I told her to go ahead and overcharge me for the costume and send it, but next time to take me out to dinner first. Because I felt wronged here and she wasn't even apologizing or even listening to what I was saying.

I wrong for swearing, I admit it and I apologize for that but this Big Money Company, Inc. (whom I have spent $100 with before this happened and was planning on purchasing from them again next month for another party) is screwing their customers out of money and its wrong. All I wanted at the time was her to empathize and I would have gone along with it without a fuss, but she never said anything.

It is wrong the way big companies are taking their customers, the ones who got them where they are today. And a customer representative should be HUMAN. I'm very upset with this company and the way I was treated. I won't ever use them again. The company CelebrateExpress is also Birthday Express, 1st Wishes and Costume Express. Be warned.

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