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Monthly Fee Shell Game
By -

MOBILE, ALABAMA -- I signed up for the Cellular South $19.99 plan online in September 2010 because the area in MS I go to on the weekends only receives Cellular South signal. I also have AT&T cellular as well as an office phone. So my Cellular South usage should not be that much, as least not what I thought. Since mouth number 2 with Cellular South, my monthly fees has been bouncing up and down, sometimes accurate at $20+ fees and sometimes $50's. I became suspicious and added my cellular usage as listed on my phone. My total minutes did not match what was on the bills.

I called in November 2010 and asked for a complete line item billing. The customer Rep told me it would cost $10 per report. I went to the store in April 2011 and asked if I could get the line item billing online without paying a fee. They told me I need to sign up for some kind of security access and the code would be sent to me by postal mail. I waited 4 weeks, no code in the mail. I went back to the store in June 2011 and after a few calls, they told me I did not need a code after all. I was asked to create a new password to look up the line item billing online. So today (7/2/2011), I tried to look up my bill and see why it was again in the $50+ again. No luck, I could not log in.

I clicked on "forgot ID/PW," and Cellular South sent me a temporary PW. Of course, it did not work. I did that three times. I guess I have to go to the store again. My question is WHY? AT&T let you look up the line item billing without a fee. Bad business practice and poor training for customer service.

WOW! Buyer Beware on Cell South Insurance Plan
By -

Let me start by saying I have been with Cellular South for years - too many to remember. We have a multiple phone plan with 4 phones, unlimited talk, text and data. About 6 months ago, I renewed my plan and upgraded my Blackberry. This week, while using the Blackberry, the mouse/tracker fell off the phone and rolled away. This put me in a position of only being able to answer the phone and call the last caller. I could not navigate through my phone to get to the inbox or directory since the tracker was gone.

I contacted Cellular South to find out what I needed to do to get a new phone and was advised that I have insurance on my plan and they referred me to the insurance carrier. I contacted the insurance carrier, was advised the tracker falling off was a covered claim and was instructed to file a claim. I did. I was told that I had a $150.00 deductible, which I was required to pay via credit card over the phone. It took two days for my new cell phone to arrive and when I logged into the Cellular South to activate the phone, I SAW THAT THE SAME EXACT PHONE COULD BE PURCHASED FOR $89.99!

I contacted the insurance company to advise them I wished to cancel the claim and return the phone (which had never been activated) and was told that "all claims are non-cancellable and non-refundable." The representative said that they are required to tell all claimants that the claim is not refundable and that all conversations are recorded. I asked to hear the recorded conversation and was then advised by the same exact person that the insurance company does not record their calls.

Buyer beware! The insurance company that Cellular South has chosen to represent their customers is unethical and BOGUS! To pay $4.95 per month and then charged $150.00 for a phone I could buy brand new directly from Cellular South for $89.99 makes me question why Cellular South is using this insurance company. Although I am not an attorney, but I am familiar with the insurance laws in most states, rebating and kickbacks come to mind, which is most definitely illegal in the insurance industry within most states.

Provider of Unrivaled Coverage for the Mid-South and Great Service
By -

TAYLORSVILLE, MISSISSIPPI -- If you are living in Mississippi or the surrounding area, I encourage you to consider using Cellular South for your cell phone provider. I have been with this company for over 2 years, and believe me when I tell you that they are unbeatable for their customer service and cell tower coverage.

I will deal with their service first. From the time you walk into their lobby, you know you are in good hands. You are greeted by a friendly representative right away, and signed into their electronic system, which will notify the next available technician of your presence. Usually in 5-10 minutes, your name will be called, and you will be assisted by a well-trained, very accommodating individual who will do everything they can to make sure you are satisfied, not only with your phone, but their customer service as well.

You will find them very workable and very understanding of your problems, and you will be out of their lobby in much less time, with much less annoyance than you will have at any of the competition. I have had experience with two other major cell phone companies, namely AT&T (formerly Cingular) and Alltel, both of which lacked greatly when it came to customer service. I would expound, but this review deals only with Cellular South, and I need not waste your time discussing second-rate companies.

I will now discuss their complete coverage. I am honest when I say that they are the best company in the area for complete coverage, not only in the cities and along all roads, but back in the woods where you would expect to be unreachable. You will find that with this company, very few places are you without service, and when you are it will be only a few minutes until you drive back in a covered area again. AT&T is not even a worthy of comparison in this department.

I am not paid by them to write this, and I was not asked by anyone to write this. If I had been paid, I would have written the same thing I just have. This is the truth and if you have any other experience than what I have just described, please make it known to me. I do ask that you are reasonable and do not complain about something like so many people do, where they refused to pay the bill and the phone company took measures to collect, which makes the phone company terrible. Cell phone companies are just like anyone else: If you don't pay, you get kicked out. Try not paying the light bill one month, and see what happens. Thanks for your time. I hope it has been helpful.

Beware Celluar South Phone Policy
By -

Cellular South had poor cell phone policy. Had phone not working and took to store. The said phone under warranty but warranty did not cover the problem. Said I had to go with same phone since I had it less than 1 year and pay $250. They then suggested get phone protection plan in case it happens again. Well it did 2 months later. This time was told warranty expired since it went back to original phone purchase date (buyer beware). Next was told since problem was not covered by protection plan but if it was there is a $150.00 deductible (buyer beware). Now I am trying to get out of contract to go to a company that values customers.

AVOID Cellular South
By -

Cellular South is the worse company I've ever dealt with. Their customer service people repeat over and over, "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" and then put you on hold while they read the manual and try to help you with your phone. Every customer service person did not know how to operate the phone I had. Not one. They kept me on the phone for an hour and would not switch me to a tech that knew what they were doing. Then their techs tell you they can't fix the problem and to file a warranty claim. When you do, they charge you for the replacement phone instead of it being free saying that they could not duplicate your problem.

On top of this they send you a refurbished phone and not the NEW phone you paid for. So, I paid for a new phone, it didn't work properly, and sent it back at Cellular South's request. They decided my new phone was OK and sent me back a used phone and then charged by $60.00 for this used phone saying my new phone's problem was not under warranty. Con Artist - that's what they all. This is where they make up their money!!! I think this is switch and bait and fraud! BEWARE. Yes the price is cheap, but in the long run you end up paying more.

Disheartened Cell South
By -

SOUTHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI -- We have had Cellular south for several years did not have a problem until 3 months ago when we started working in La. Apparently a Verizon wireless tower picked us up and we never knew we were roaming until they cut our phones off. we paid to get them back on until we got home. I called and they updated our plan and put an order through to take care of the $700 roaming fees. 2nd month still getting a $1300 phone bill apparently they never turned in the order called again went through the whole process again said for us to pay our bill of $400?

We did and they said they would put another order in to take care of the $700 roaming bill. One month later (today) They shut our phones off they said they gave us a credit toward the roaming charges which THEY DID NOT that was the check we sent a month ago for our reg phone bill. I had to give them $732.00 over the phone today and we still owe them $600 +. I cannot discontinue the service. The mane account holder has to do that when he comes back home Friday. I am in the process of contacting a lawyer to get out of this contract.

The coverage map shows that we should have been covered anyway. this is VERY misleading. I guess they consider another cell provider coverage??? Please check into this company before signing with them. I have almost stroked out over this.

Cell Phone Bill for Nearly $500!
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I walked into Cellular South three years ago (2004) when I was 17 to start my service. The unlimited minutes appealed to me, and I thought I'd see what I could do. While being underage and having no ID, the representative signed me into a 2-year contract agreement along with a free phone. For the first two years, it went fine. I would pay my bills, and I even got an upgrade.

In December of 2006, I decided to switch from my original plan of unlimited calls and texts to a cheaper plan of 700 minutes. There are no roll-over minutes, no nights and weekends, and no mobile-to-mobile minutes. It was a strict plan, and I was not used to watching minutes so closely. So I went over, and my bill was over $100. I paid some on it, not all of it, but I WAS paying it. I switched BACK to my old plan of unlimited minutes for $59.99. So they charged me that, plus bogus late fees and taxes. My bill jacked up to $265 in February. At the beginning of February, I had my phone stolen, so I cut off the service.

I inquired about a new phone and they told me there was no phone coverage, and I was going to have to purchase a NEW phone, again over $150. Also, in the store, a representative told me he could not do anything with my bill, he couldn't even tell me how much I would need to put down to turn the phone back on, because, they "don't do bills in the store anymore". So, along with that, my bill for February went up to over $300, and I now needed a new phone.

My phone stayed off. They still charged the unlimited rate plan, along with more late fees on top of other late fees. My bill was now, somehow, $465! I made TWO payments that month, to try to get the fees down! I also finally talk to a representative on the phone who CAN help me, and he switches my phone to a low $9.99 rate plan, at least while my phone is still cut off. He says I am still being charged since I'm still in the contract, no matter if I'm using it or not. He cannot go back and change it for the last two months, where I was charged $60 a month. I am now down to $147.

I go into the store in early May, and decide it is not worth it. I am at my wit's end, paying on a phone I cannot even use. I have paid over $500 in the last few months without even talking on their service. I tell the lady I would like to pay off my $147, and then see about terminating the service. She was very rude and said it would be $175, on top of my other $147.

But wait! She goes to pull up my bill on her computer, which she COULD do in the store. I am not in the system anymore! "Ma'am, what is your phone number again?" I give it to her. "It's not pulling up, you must already be out of the system since you have had your service suspended for so long." What does that mean? She says the early termination fee was already included in one of my bills.

She tells me I do not have to pay it, and I should not be hearing from the company anymore. "But," she says before I leave, "here is the number to the Dept of Revenue, call them and they can tell you." I call and get the same answer from them. No more bills from Cellular South. I am free from the contract, and I've already paid my termination fee.

Then I get a bill in the mail for $195!!! WHAT! So I call, using the automated (really crappy, by the way) service, attempt to enter in my old phone number a few times, and after being denied, I was finally transferred to a representative for assistance. They told me they didn't know who I was talking to, but I never paid the early termination fee. I now owe $195. I asked about the extra $20, tacked onto the original $175 for ending the service, and she said it was "taxes". Taxes for cutting off the service! I talked to the Dept of Revenue again myself this time, and now they are telling me they "only do rebates here".

I don't know what kind of circle I'm being led in, but I don't appreciate the fact that I'm being told by some that I've paid it, and others I haven't. $200 isn't something to just throw around, and if I could just keep the stupid service until my contract is up in August, I'd rather owe them $40 rather than $200. But no, that would be another 2-year contract, and I'll be damned if I get stuck with them again.

DO NOT GIVE CELLULAR SOUTH YOUR BUSINESS! They are losing business BAD because of the way they treat people. Also, they sent me to collections because I wasn't paying enough of the bills at once! AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN TELL ME! So I go to get a new service, and I have to have a $500 deposit!!! THANKS AGAIN! Thanks for letting me get that out.

Not Good Service at All
By -

LUCEDALE, MISSISSIPPI -- The Cellular South in Lucedale MS does not have good service at all. They would not even fix my phone. Then they told me I could not buy a new one. They have no clue what they are doing.

Cellsouth - Just don't!
By -

For those of you thinking about switching service to Cellular South, just don't. Keep shopping. I switched from AT&T thinking service would be a little better. NOT! Worst choice on the market.

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