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Threats of abuse, threats of credit damage
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KETCHIKAN, ALASKA -- Last year Cellular one shut off my cell phone to get me to come in to their store and buy into their new GSM cell service. I went, told them my phone stopped making and receiving calls. They informed me I had to buy one of their new $300 GSM phones. I did and the phone would not work from my home or place of business (which by the way is in plain view of the cell tower) so I returned the phone and told them to shut off my service that I was moving to Verizon cell service because it worked.

The Cellular One employee then attacked me and threatened to take me out to the parking lot and beat me up! I told them to just shut off my phone since I was no longer under contract and had paid my bill in full, then left their store.

Five months later Cellular One is still billing me plus piling on the late charges and threatening to destroy my credit rating. I have called each month to get this problem fixed but each time I get the run around and they still haven't closed my account! I guess the only thing left for me to do is file assault charges and sue the pants of them!

Danger! Do not do business with Cellular One!

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