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Warranty NOT Honored
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- You are probably going to think I am a loon for getting steamed up over an iron but hear me out. Dry iron, (irons without steam holes) are not easy to find and are pretty valuable if you do certain crafts. So I was very happy to find an "affordable" one. Unfortunately, it was not affordable but CHEAP. Mine died 11 months after I bought it. Bear in mind this thing is like the holy grail for fusing so it was NEVER dropped or abused in any way. (I am careful with all my tools. I need them to last as long as possible. Plus even cheapo steam irons usually last me 5 - 7 years and I use them nearly daily.)

The CEM warranty clearly states that the company will repair or replace defective products within 18 months of date of purchase. I emailed them to see if they needed a return authorization number and got the following message: “You can send the defective unit to our warehouse at: CEM Global LLC 6950 NW 77 Court Miami, Florida 33166. Att: Customer Service. As stated in the warranty information card, please include a proof of purchase (or a copy) inside the box or else we cannot ship you the new item! You can send it in any box you like if you don't have the original one. As soon as we receive the defective product we will ship you the new one. We will pay for the shipping of the new item to you."

So I packed it up with a copy of my receipt and a copy of the email, hauled it over to the post office and shipped it off to them priority mail. And never heard about it again. I emailed Ariel Pino. I emailed the general customer service email address. I got a bad feeling about this so I called. And called. And called. There is no way to reach a live person so I left a voice mail message. And receive no response.

Guess what the Better Business Bureau rates this company? Yes, you are right, a big fat "F". And 5 unsolved complaints are warranty issues. I guess mine will make it 6. I am really disappointed because I need this tool. And I don't like wasting money, even if it is less than $30. It's the principle of the thing. I am having a very hard time finding a replacement. I had heard a rumor about a $300 import but that is too rich for my blood. :-(

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