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Terrible experience from beginning to end
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Rating: 1/51

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- I wouldn't wish the experience I've had with this dealership on my worst enemy. If I could give them 0 stars I would. First, the dealer "lost" my wire deposit of $8000 for over a week. Then it took them over 2 weeks to ship the car to me. It arrived more than 4 weeks after it was fully paid for.

Then the title and paperwork took another week to arrive. But that was no big deal because the vehicle was in the shop for another 5 days. As soon as I started the vehicle I knew there was a major issue. 1) The water pump was screaming and needed replaced ($650) 2) The rear hatch and the rear door lock actuators were broken ($300ish).

I talked to Frank about these issues and he dismissed it entirely saying that it wasn't making noise when he had it. Whatever, it's my fault for not being there in person to drive the vehicle and taking these peoples' word for it. So I went to the DMV in Nebraska and was sent away because the title was never reassigned to Century Motors from another dealer. I called Gina and was again told that I didn't know what I was talking about and to go back to my DMV (AKA wait in line for another 2 hours during Covid).

I finally got resolution on what needed to be done to make the paperwork right and sent the title back. I called in advance to let them know it would be there the next day WITH prepaid return shipping. I then called 2 days after it arrived to ask for an update and was told they were too busy to look into it today. It is now 7 days after the paperwork arrived on their desks and I called them to ask what was going on.

I have never had a less pleasant conversation in my life. I was accused of lying multiple times, told that I should have handled this sooner about 8 times, and was also told that they were going to harbor my paperwork because they didn't like my attitude. I clarified that I had heard that correctly and Gina promptly walked back that remark and said that it would be fixed and sent back as soon as they can. Finally, Gina said that it is impossible to get in contact with CarMax (the previous dealer) to resolve issues like this. I called CarMax and had the correct person on the phone within 30 seconds.

I told Gina that I would be reviewing this experience before ending the call. She called me right back saying "if you have a complaint just email us" not letting me get a single word in before she hung up on me. This is the ABSOLUTE worst experience I've ever had with not only a dealership, but any business in general. Don't be fooled by their low mileage inventory. This place is AWFUL. I was going to wait to post this review until I had my paperwork back as to avoid them screwing me over again, but at this point I don't believe it is possible for them to treat me any worse. Save your money, stay away.

Beware of Hidden Mechanical Problems
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Rating: 1/51

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- On March 14, 2014, I flew to Fort Lauderdale and met with the manager, Austin. I was looking for a 97 or 98 Lincoln Mark with low miles that was in excellent condition. At the time, this particular car, was the second highest priced similar model listed on any of the major used car sites. I was willing to pay top dollar to receive a low mileage vehicle in excellent shape. Upon arriving, I was told the vehicle was being washed and readied for sale.

After inspection, I noticed that the rear window seal was wavy from sun damage and that the defroster/heater did not operate correctly. I was told the defroster issue just needed to warm up and the seal would cost about $200 to repair. I agreed to reduce my offer by $100. I purchased the vehicle and brought it back to Jacksonville. Since then, I have determined the window seal is not available and $800 to repair. The defroster needed a new blend door actuator and was $700 (5 hours labor just to disassemble dash).

The air conditioner/compressor was completely shot and needed to be replaced, $800. The brake calipers were rusted (one did not operate and one later seized) and the rotors warped, $850. The plug wire harness and boots were completely corroded and needed to be replaced, $250. Additional services including transmission service, radiator service and oil, $225. All total over $3600. I recognize I purchased an old car in "As Is " condition and was prepared to spend some money on servicing it.

However, the most disappointing part about all of this is that Century took active steps to conceal some of these issues, some with safety implications, at the time of sale. Obviously these issues would have had an impact on the value and price of the vehicle. For example, the window seal and defroster issues are apparently common to this vehicle model and well known in the industry. Instead, I was specifically told these were minor issues and even quoted a price of $200.

Also, the AC compressor showed evidence of being recently charged, which allowed it to blow cold air for a couple of days during the purchase period. Upon inspection however, the old compressor had green dye stains all over it, where it had been leaking for some time and obviously known to your maintenance people. Similarly, and most shocking, the brakes had new pads installed over corroded calipers and warped rotors, again concealing the true nature of the condition of the vehicle.

These are all common examples of used car tricks expected from shoddy fly-by-night operators. I expected more. Not only because I specifically was purchasing a low mileage "cream puff" but because Century advertises its company as a dealer that emphasizes customer service and "fully serviced vehicles." Moreover, the owner claims to be President of the trade association. Not a good example for the industry. Needless to say, this experience has left me very disappointed and dissatisfied with Century Motors aka Floridacars1.

Fraud, Lies, Non-Disclosure, Horrible Customer Service And Communications, And So Much More....
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Rating: 1/51

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- *************NOTE TO APPROVER: This review was already published in and

We have also had a very bad experience with Century Motors, Frank and Gina Fuzzy and Austin Bullock. Unlike the unsuspecting victims that Century Motors preys upon, I am a paralegal and held a south Florida dealer license in the past, so let's say I am pretty familiar with the law.
This is not any type of Legal advice as I am not an attorney!!
If anybody needs any contact information for the State Attorney's office, DMV inspectors or the multiple outlets to leave negative reviews for Century Motors please, inbox me for the information as it would not allow URL's.
Understand, they can play games on an individual basis, but multiple complaints to the right places will put an end to their games. All you have to remember is this “Non-Disclosure”.
One of various emails sent to Frank and crew:
Frank (Century Motors):
You lie, cheat and tried to steal from us as you have done to so many unsuspecting victims, and you accuse us of extortion, you are clueless. The truth has no agenda, Frank you told us the truck has no issues it was inspected and test drove, not true!!!
We have picture and video documentation. Of how we received the truck Sunday 1/22/2017 this is a auction vehicle at best and should have never been sold retail. See we also owned a dealership in South Florida in the past and understand the laws. All I can say is you have to be kidding me!!!
(Quote from Frank ; “immaculate, no noticeable defects and drives perfectly”) These damages were never DISCLOSED. Hence “NON DISCLOSURE” Illegal
The dealership knew, or because of the obviousness of the damage and defects should have known that portions of the vehicle had been damaged, and that some of the damage were still not fixed. Frank and Century motors should have known the vehicle was in one or more collisions causing damage to the vehicle. Century motors was aware of this when they sold the vehicle to us.
The Toyota Sequoia was purchased as our business vehicle and now this is impeding on our ability to make a living, we will have to spend hours trying to get this truck where it's safe to drive. we have now lost approximately $3000+ in time, lost wages costs this has been a huge inconvenience and we are going to recover from the damages caused by Frank Fuzzy Century motors fraud.
Needless to say that besides the monies that this truck will cost to be repaired properly we have to take time out of our busy schedule to bring the truck around to all these different places to have the repairs done and lose income because of it.
You were dishonest to us, if you would have been honest from day one we could of weighted the options of the costs of repairs and the cost of the truck to see if it was worth the price or not, $11,900 and having to add another $2500 on top of that, this vehicle is not worth it then.
1. Loud banging noise in front
2.Bad shacking in front
3.Not 1 but 2 broken axles in front
4.Bad ball joints
5.Bald tires in rear
6.Chopped tires in front
7.Front end out of alignment
8 Hit in rear hatch and bumper
9.Rear hatch lock inoperable due to external damage
10 Engine miss was told spark plugs need replacing
11.Rims were spray painted to hide salt pitting wow what else is covered up.

Also remember Century Motors was going to ship without fixing This sequoia with a dangerous lower ball joint recall/defect after the $4000 deposit and a sign contract not to mention the back dated documents oops. Frank who extorting who???
Florida Statute, 501.976(5) is an unfair or deceptive act or practice to:
Represent orally or in writing that a particular vehicle has not sustained structural or substantial skin damage unless the statement is made in good faith and the vehicle has been inspected by the dealer or his agent to determine whether the vehicle has incurred such damage.
Q: What is "auto dealer fraud"? A: "Auto dealer fraud" is a term that describes deceptive and unlawful practices used by automobile dealers, at almost any stage of the vehicle purchase process -- from advertising, to negotiation of vehicle pricing and financing terms. Examples of auto dealer fraud
Include "bait and switch" advertising practices, deceptive inflation of vehicle prices, and failure to disclose information about a vehicle oops
Common Examples of Illegal Practices
Most types of fraudulent activity that take place at auto dealerships can be characterized as either non-disclosures, or affirmative misrepresentations. Non-disclosures occur when a salesperson withholds information affecting the desirability or value of a vehicle. Examples include a failure to inform the customer that the vehicle was previously used as a rental, that it was involved in a collision or sustained other hidden damage, or that the vehicle's warranty has expired.
Proving Fraud and Collecting Damages
A victim of auto dealer fraud will likely find a tort action to be the most effective means of inflicting meaningful retribution upon the dealer and obtaining a significant damage award. To establish a common law claim for fraud, the victim must show that the dealer omitted or misrepresented material facts, resulting in a financial loss for the victim. To qualify as material, the facts at issue must pass the “but for” test. In other words, but for the omitted or misrepresented facts, the customer would not have purchased the vehicle. FACT
Once fraud is proven, the victim may be entitled to various remedies tailored to the specific circumstances, such as being allowed to surrender an unwanted vehicle and having the court order a refund of all payments made toward the purchase. The victim may also be allowed to cancel any outstanding loan balances or obligations, and receive compensation for wrongful repossession of the vehicle, if that occurred. Court costs and attorney fees may be available, and in cases of especially shameful or predatory conduct by the dealer, the victim may be awarded punitive damages.
How sad and pathetic, Frank is it when grown men have no other means of providing for their families but to lie and cheat and steal to make a living.
All criminals are the same Frank; they get greedy, comfortable, brazen and sloppy make they make mistakes and get caught, case and point.
I do have to say thanks Frank, anything over $10k make a much more interesting Tort, thanks!!!
Unlike all your other unsuspecting victims we have the time and resource to see this through and you will be held accountable. See I am a man of my word and I promise you this fight is not going to be worth the few dollars you made on this swindle.
We have been advised from this time forward we conduct any and all communications by email correspondence only, NO PHONE CALLS.
You have 24 hours to reply to this email as to how you are going to handle this pre-meditated fraud before further legal actions are taken. Game On!! And this Bullshit about you offered to buy the truck back and we refused does not excuse from the FRAUD you committed.

Your Deposit Is Meaningless
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Rating: 1/51

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- It took 3 requests for the dealer to send me photos of the vehicle's underside; the first indication of incompetence. I had a friend test drive the Tacoma and I decided to purchase. Frank, the dealer, took my deposit of $500 over the phone 15 minutes after my friend left the dealership. My bank indicates the deposit went through at 11:29 am. I purchased an airline ticket from NY to Florida to arrive two days later. I was happy and excited to have made the purchase.

At 4:00 the dealer emails to say another buyer purchased the truck on eBay, after me and he would honor that purchase over mine. I looked at eBay and the buyer purchased at 3:34 pm. The dealer had over 4 hours to remove the truck from eBay. Gina has since told me they are unable to remove a vehicle from eBay. Then she told me they could have... which is it?

Frank apologized, but would not honor my purchase. I suspect they prefer eBay buyers so they can keep their eBay reviews artificially high as they screw people buying from or elsewhere. That he never removed the vehicle from eBay in the 4 hours after my purchase shows more incompetence. That he didn't honor the sale to me, the first buyer, shows he is an unethical dealer. The right thing to do would be honor the first sale. Everyone would agree on this.

Now I have a $300 plane ticket to nothing. It took over two weeks and a dozen calls and emails to get my deposit back. Frank and Gina offered nothing to make this situation right. Their interests and concerns are only of themselves.

Beware: your deposit means nothing at Century Motors. If they do this, what other questionable practices does Century Motor Car engage in to sell cars? To be fair, I sent this review to Frank and Gina and they had nothing to change.

Used Car Purchase
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Rating: 3/51

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA -- Nice vehicle (SSR) that I am happy with. However there are two items missing that should be included: One, a new hitch package (still in box) that was in the cargo area when I was shown the vehicle, but it was not there when I got home. I called the dealership, and was told by the owner's wife that she had to make an important call and would call me back as soon as she finished that call. Guess it turned out to be a long call because I have yet to get the promised return call weeks later.

Two, the wheel lock key is missing and I am unable to have a nail removed from one of the tires. In fairness to Century Motors please be advised that I have not called them about the missing key. However, considering that they didn't call me back before, I felt like another call to them would be a waste of time.

Truck Sale - Frank Fuzy, Century Motor Sales
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Rating: 4/51

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- Found truck on eBay, called Frank. He indicated $500 to ship to Michigan, and I would have to pay $500 if dissatisfied with vehicle. Truck looked clean, much better than the rust buckets here in Michigan. Bought the truck, had a few issues since the spare didn't ship with the truck, and had front end issues (bad ball joints) - all of which Frank paid for and made straight. Instead of buying local, I look to Century for clean southern vehicles for a small charge of $500 for shipping. Good deal, wouldn't hesitate to buy from Century and Frank again.

Wonderful Used Car Buying Experience!!!
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Rating: 5/51

FLORIDA -- I purchased a vehicle from Century Motors a month ago. When we arrived we walked the entire lot and found the car that we came for. We were not "hounded" by salesman and did not feel pressured AT ALL! They gave us CARFAX report for free and we were allowed to take the car to our own personal mechanic for an inspection. They were very honest and any issues with the vehicle that we pointed out before they fixed. We have had the car for a month now and it is GREAT! They also included a warranty. This was a WONDERFUL used car buying experience!

Awesom Car Dealer - Worth a Drive of over 1300 miles!
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Rating: 5/51

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- The staff and owner are wonderful people to do business with. By providing funding recommendations, replacing tires and facilitating the buying process in advance of our arrival, we were ready to head back to Texas in no time. They are professional and even picked us up from the airport at no additional charge thereby saving us a cab fee. I can't put into words how highly I recommend doing business with this dealership. They could remember if some bumper scuff marks were on the website when we viewed the listing so they had the entire bumper repainted before we got there! It was so nice to feel like family instead of being attacked by a car sales man! Thank Century Motors of South Florida.

Car not model advertised, not serviced, car returned and can't get balance of refund
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Rating: 1/51

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased a car from Frank Fuzy in July 2017. It was advertised as a Buick LeSabre Limited and when I received it found it to be a Custom; valued at thousands less. The car was not serviced, had dirty oil, blower motor full of debris and very loud, dirty interior plus STRONG smell of smoke. After driving it a couple times, found bad transmission. After proving the car series, showing receipts for service, and a letter from a transmission expert, finally got an ok from Century Motors to return the car. I paid the transportation to and from Ohio. They got the car back on September 21. Today is November 25th and I have STILL not received my original $500 deposit back (which they said Austin would return on my credit card) nor the $167 I paid to do the service they were supposed to do before sending it to me.

Car Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

POMPANO, FLORIDA -- Mr. ** promised a near perfect car with 19k miles... on EBay, car a arrived in Jackson, Tn. He demanded I wire the $7000. To avoid paying eBay. Before it got off the truck I could see over spray on the tail pipe. When I got it home I checked oil... NO oil... went to. Chevrolet dealer... oil leak due to **. Dealer stripping plug and trying to Jerry rig plug and shipped car knowing it was leaking oil.

I informed ** of 8 other problems and ask the refund that he guarantees, never heard back from Mr. **... being a retired car dealer this is the worst case of misrepresentation I have seen in 30 years of buying/'selling cars. This guy needs his license revoked.

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